Person holding passport and credit cards
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When people talk about living life to the fullest and having independent, solo experiences, they often reference the importance of traveling internationally to experience more of the world.

But in the midst of describing the wonders of traveling in another country, they fail to detail the things that could go wrong, or how a local might try to scam an unknowing and unprepared tourist.

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Outdoor dining and coffee in Western Europe
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Just like the items and behaviors that are easily defined as "American," there are some activities and mindsets that are distinctly "European."

From castles to coffee culture, to an overall dismissal of "hustle culture," this combination of characteristics will leave zero doubts in a person's mind that they have entered a European country.

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Person in handcuffs
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Whenever a person is getting ready to travel, one piece of advice they should always listen to is to read up on the local laws of the place they're visiting.

Because there are activities that might be acceptable back home that will land a person in jail in another country.

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People in the United States know that our culture differs from that of other countries, but it is not always obvious how.

Many European countries house historical castles, cars are unnecessary in several cities, Europeans are practically expected to speak more than one language fluently, and of course, the chocolate is a million times better!

There are plenty of other things Europe has that the United States doesn’t. Redditors know what these things are, and are ready to share.

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Americans Break Down The Weirdest Things About Europe
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There's little more exciting than an American's first visit to Europe.

There is so much to take in between the famous sights, the delicious food, and the vastly different cultures and ways of life.

Most American tourists have no problem jumping into some popular customs and activities, such as afternoon tea in England, or a soothing sauna in Finland.

Other customs and behaviors, however, some Americans usually choose to leave to the locals.

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