People Imagine Which Crimes They Would Absolutely Legalize
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Have you ever been arrested for something and thought... "well this is just silly?"

Yes we need laws and rules, but let's be honest a lot of "crimes" need to be re-examined.

Or maybe I just want to be naughty.

All kidding aside, too many people are sitting in jails for crimes that make no sense.

It's not right.

One Redditorwanted to hear about what illegal activities we'd love to indulge in. They asked:

"If you had to legalize a crime, what would it be?"

Shoplifting and weed. Let's start there.


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"Being able to walk with a salmon suspiciously."


"The Salmon Act of 1986 made it illegal in England, Wales, and Scotland to 'handle salmon in suspicious circumstances.'”



"I’d legalize putting bikes in pools in California."


"Honestly, water biking is a great exercise and should totally be legal everywhere."


"Ding ding ding! you win!"


Hey Spud

"Selling Unlicensed potatoes."


"As a potato myself, I agree."


"WTF is a licensed potato?"


Speak Loud!

"The UK government has effectively banned protests so I'm gonna go for that."


"here’s an article that explains it a bit. basically over here the police will now have more power to control protests. they can impose more measures, make sure people are ‘not being loud’ etc."


"Yeah super glad America doesn't have that. Right to protest is in our DNA. No matter how annoying, it’s necessary."


by death

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"Executing politicians for treason for any crimes or abuses of power while in office. Iirc treason and sabotage are both punishable by death according to the constitution."


Salmon? Really? Can I carry tuna or a nice cut of mahi?

Cheers all Day

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"The ability to purchase alcohol at any hour of day, on any day of the week. How many of you have gone out late at night to buy beer only to be turned away because the alcohol section is closed, or not being able to buy any at all on Sunday? (in some places)."


It's Food

"Feeding homeless people."


"I am guessing it is to discourage some psychos from feeding them sh*t (both metaphorical and literal). Reddit taught me about a cop, who gave a homeless guy a literal crap sandwich."


"It keeps people from poisoning them."



"Magic mushrooms."


"I was enrolled in a clinical trial using psilocybin as a treatment for depression. After decades of treatment resistant depression, I'm depression-free. Even if it's temporary, I'm so grateful and I can't wait until everyone has access to this incredible drug."


"I am hoping that weed legalization can open the doors for mushrooms."


Bringing the End

"I know it's controversial, but I would say Euthanasia (for very bad illnesses and elderly, if they're miserable and don't want to go on anymore). Afaik it is legal in some countries, such as Switzerland. Just wanted to add I'm not American and therefore can't relate to all the comments telling me about situations in US states, but don't get me wrong, it's interesting nonetheless. :) "



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"Sex work. I'm not interested in it, but it appears to be an arbitrary law that would be a waste of time to enforce."

"Adults can have sex for money in front of the camera for all to see, but once the camera is removed, it becomes illegal? It doesn't make much sense. The only reason it's illegal, I believe, is that the government hasn't found a method to tax it."


Sex work is real work. Let these people be.

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