People Share The Creepiest Urban Legends From Their Hometowns

People Share The Creepiest Urban Legends From Their Hometowns
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Local urban legends stem from a variety of sources.

Many are tales devised by parents to prevent children from going out at night, doing bothersome things, or engaging in risky behaviors.

Some are the product of too many conversations, for too long, surrounding the death of a local figure. And others come from very ancient rituals and traditions that have guided people in that area for generations.

But although the causes may be different, the outcome is the same: a horrifying promise that most don't want to believe, but aren't very interested in exploring far enough to find out for sure.

Lucky for us, some Redditors gathered to share the horrifying stories from their own towns. And we get to enjoy them from the safety of our own computer.

ChrissiTea asked, "What are the creepiest urban legends from your area?"

Of course, creepy kids came up quite a lot. The death of such a young person with so much potential causes people to believe that they still have more to do--even if it is from outside of the flesh.

A Janitorial Secret 

"We have a chair that's been untouched since the 1960s in our schools boiler room. The janitor swears that a boy got locked down there by these other kids the day before summer break and died from the heat."

"He claims that the chair moves and that the door handle moves like he's still there trying to get out."

-- KTsDefacement

How the Legends Form 

"There's one that I'm actually connected to."

"There was this friend I had in third grade, he was cool and we had a lot of the same interests, he always sat with me at lunch and played with me during recess."

"One day he was acting weird, he said that there were 'Bugs in his brain' I asked him if he was okay but he never responded; I didn't see him at lunch or recess either. He didn't come to school for 3 days, so I asked the teacher what happened to him, and she just said 'It's not your business.'"

"I never saw him again."

"Afterwards, other kids in my class started making up bullsh** stories about how he ran into the woods and drowned in the lake, or got kidnapped by an escaped convict, and as his friend I was obviously very offended by these kids making horror stories out of this guy I really cared about."

"Now 10 years later, the kids in my town are still perpetuating these myths, I just think it's crazy that this generation of kids who were literally infants when this happened are still talking about it like it's an urban myth, none of them know the true story, and neither do I, but they sure as hell don't know that I knew this kid who they believe these legends about."

-- Sox_The_Fox2002

Proof, or Coincidence?

"There's an enormous wooden railroad trestle not too far from me (tracks are still in use) and the legend goes that one day in the 1940s when the area was super rural, a teenage boy decided to kill himself."

"As the road passing under the trestle was the only way to access the houses beyond it at that time, he elected to hang himself from the beam directly above the road so his parents would be forced to see him when they returned home."

"I normally don't believe in this sort of thing, but if you look closely you can still see marks in the timber above the road that looks suspicious like a rope rubbed against it."

"Draw your own conclusions...."

-- 97PG8NS

Other legends seemed to involve the road. And it's not a huge surprise.

With so many chaotic, tragic events occurring behind the wheel, there's no shortage of ghost stories kicking around out there too.

Good Ghosts

"We have 3 mysterious men in a car called The Gaurdians (yes that's what we call them) along Montana highway 464."

"People have told experiences where they have car trouble and three men in a car drive up and help them out. Other people talk about headlights that disappear in places where they shouldn't disappear."

"We also have a Native American in a jean jacket and jeans who materializes in front of cars before they can swerve out of the way. When the driver checks for a victim, no body is found."

-- ninjasoul534

The Opposite of an Ambulance 

"I live in Romania and as a kid the most common legend was the 'black ambulance' that would steal kids and harvest their organs and that kids' bodies were to be found a few days later abandoned on a field with some money for the funeral."

"Also, in my town, our parents would never let us go to the cinema because there was this legend about a man who wound put AIDS-infected needles on the seats."

-- mikeynbn

Road Bear Dogs 

"Black Shucks; big, black, ghostly/demonic dogs with glowing red eyes that are supposed to be omens of death. They generally appear on roads at night. There's apparently a few around town and some drag chains too."

"Also one is actually a bear, but I have no idea why we have a ghostly demonic bear because we don't even have normal bears in this country."

-- Numerous_Emus

Finally, there are other legends that involve the bizarre behaviors of creatures, real and imagined.

Even a 25-foot Sturgeon is Scary 

"Flathead Lake Monster"

"The Flathead Lake in western Montana is the largest body of fresh water this side of the Great Lakes. 18 miles wide, 26 miles long, 400+ feet deep. People have seen the FLM breach the surface looking like the back of a serpent type creature. My theory is there are some monstrous 25 foot long sturgeons hiding out down there, but who knows......"

-- Cloggerdogger

Looming Chants  

"The Huaka'ipo, also known as the Night Marchers, are the spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors who have been cursed to march the islands for eternity. The night marchers are said to march in a single line, often carrying torches and weapons while chanting and playing drums."

"To protect yourself, you must lie on the ground face down in respect. Otherwise, the Night Marchers will kill you. Or so they say..."

-- lixtrado

Porous Humans 

"I'll have to roughly translate it from Arabic so bear with me."

"We call it 'the caller.' It is told that in the middle of the night it calls your name and forces you to follow its voice, until you reach a body of water, it then pulls you under forcing water into every single hole in your body no matter how small and of course then drowning you."

"I think this was made up so kids do go on a swim at night."

"( If anyone is interested its originally an Egyptian urban legend. Here's the Arabic name 'النداهه')"

-- ChadTheMagnificent

Haunted Horses 

"Not my current area, but one of the primary schools I went to had a few trees in the back corner of the field with a mountain of dirt. There were rumours that it was haunted with horses (of all things lol) there was one black horse that was evil. And if you sat under the trees and closed your eyes, you could hear the horses."

"It wasn't until I was older that I found out the school was built on an old racing ground and it closed down after one of the jockeys poisoned a competitors black horse."

-- mediastoosocial

The scary thing about it all? There are countless more stories just like these, hailing from countless towns across the world.

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