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People Share The Creepiest Urban Legends From Their Hometowns
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Local urban legends stem from a variety of sources.

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I am an avid, no obsessed watcher of real life murder and horror tales. I can't look away. When I hear there is a new episode of Dateline NBC or 20/20 I get flushed with excitement. My DVR is chock full of all sorts of television shows from ID Discovery. I have recently learned that I am not alone in my obsession. With the new world of podcasts, it seems everyone, from every age group and walk of life treats these stories like fanatics. And the creepier and unsolved the better. They do nothing for a good night's sleep, but I can sleep when I'm dead, and hopefully not from being featured on Dateline episode myself. And these stories have origins worldwide.

Redditor u/grayfox104 wanted us all to gather round and discuss the eeriest tales of all by asking.... What in your opinion is the creepiest mystery in the world?
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Old wives tales, urban legends, conspiracy theories, and that whole thing about your school being built on a graveyard or there being a pool on the roof - those are all myths. Our personal favorite thing about myths is that they can be absolutely bonkers and some people will still just roll with it.

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Folks love a good urban legend. A scary story to tell in the dark.

There are whole collections of urban legends. There are webpages dedicated to finding out whether or not urban legends are true or false.

Society loves them.

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People From Small Towns Divulge The Crazy Local Story Every Knows About But Doesn't Talk About

Every town, big and small has it's secrets and it's wild tales and cast of characters. All of those pieces of the puzzle combine to make legends and stories passed on through generations. Although they are only tales told in secret and never brought up in proper public. No one wants to discuss what could be when the mystery is still not resolved.

Redditor u/PMForDickGraysonPics wanted to hear stories from everyone about the kooky details in small towns out there by asking them to divulge.... People who live in small towns, what's the story everyone knows but no one likes talking about?

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