Men Share The Creepiest Thing A Woman Has Ever Said To Them

We're all well aware of the weird, horrible, predatory things men do when attracted to women. But what about when women are the culprits?

Though it seems that, statistically, men are problematic at a WAY higher rate than women, there are certainly times where the person bringing the creepy vibes is, indeed, the woman.

Some men of Reddit gathered to share the most bizarre and uncomfortable things a woman has ever said.

AidenTheGamer14 asked, "Men of Reddit, what is the creepiest thing a girl has ever said or done to you?"

For some, it was the stalkers.

The cryptic behavior and frightening detective work of ex-lovers can be unparalleled.

Some Light Sleuthing

"Found out my address from the phone book, this was the 90s, sat outside my house for multiple nights, all night just watching my house, I live in the middle of the woods miles outside of town."

"We only had one date and agreed to leave it at that. I found out sometime later what she had been doing."

-- crooky50-dc

Plot Twist

"Girl I was dating asked if I had changed the locks since breaking up with my ex months prior. I'm like 'No, but she wasn't a crazy person so I never worried about it.' She says if I don't change the locks she ain't comfortable sleeping over, so I change the locks."

"This ex sends me an angry text the next day 'So you changed your locks huh? Real nice a**hole.' So she had been coming over this whole time and doing who knows what."

-- Joey42601

She Stopped at Nothing

"She kept writing me letters at every address I lived at during that five-year period. If she didn't have the address she'd send them care of my parents. The most memorable is the one where she told me she was married and 'he's a great guy but he's not you.' "

"Once not long after I'd moved to a new address I came home and found a box of cookies she'd FedExed to me. Eventually I moved to a new state. I knew from her return addresses that she lived and worked there, and was worried we'd run into each other but realized that was pretty unlikely."

"Then after less than a year, she found me through a blog I was keeping and left a message on my voicemail demanding we meet. I posted a message to her on my blog telling her to stop harrassing me or I'd call the police (up to that point I'd been ignoring her, hoping she'd take the hint). That night she called, I repeated my threat to bring the authorities in, and I haven't heard from her since."

-- JedLeland

Others dealt with the creepiness on the internet. With so many avenues of communication all around us, uncomfortable comments can come from all directions.

Phony Warnings

"Someone I considered a friend started to grow feelings for me, but when she found out I had a girlfriend and I didn't feel the same for her she found out who my girlfriend was somehow. She then DM'd her and tried to tell her that I was cheating on her with her."

"Luckily I was with her when she got that DM so I could explain the situation and then we blocked her. Next day she DM'd her again from an alt account."

-- PoopyAstronaut

Reddit Users Share Their Best 'It's A Small World After All' Experience

Worst Kind of Pen Pal

"I started a new job, and I shared a small office with a woman my age (and a couple other people). She was kinda cute but also weird and super naïve (she grew up in a very rural area). She'd flirt with me a lot, but I wasn't interested."

"So she started sending me emails."

"They were super long, detailing her whole day. And she sent them to me every day. I never responded. Then one day she sent me this long email confessing her love. I replied with the (very obvious) reasons why it wouldn't work and asked her to stop sending me emails every day. She didn't."

"They kept coming. This went on for months. I asked her in person and online to stop, but I still got these email memoirs every day. Eventually I had another female office mate who was her friend have a talk with her. Finally the emails stopped."

-- RPShep

That's A Lot of Passwords

"I've had a girl create about 50 different Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram accounts all to try to get me to friend her. I've never met this woman in person and yet every few weeks I'll get a handful of friend requests from her"

-- keldog361

Terminal Catfish

"Met this girl online and talked to her a bit. I did started to like her."

"Later found out that the pic she showed me of herself was actually a pic of her friend who had passed away due to cancer."

-- Immortal1h1

Poor Host

In my early 20's I was at a party and the hosting woman full-on tried to reach down my pants to grab my business."

"Strange, yes, what made it creepy is that we were right in front of her mother, who was cheering her on."

-- BauranGaruda

Breaking Out the Scroll

"After 6 months from our breakup, my ex called me because she wanted to see me. It seemed strange to me but I accepted. When we met she was friendly and all..."

"Then at a certain point she pulls a sheet in which there was written a list of all men she fu**ed after our relationship and she read it all to me, with accurate description of every sexual intercourse. Well it was an awkward moment."

-- Omoi_

Getaway Vehicle

"I was going to head home after a night out and a I was getting into my taxi a girl jumped in after me. I asked what they were doing and she said 'I'm coming home with you.' "

"Nope. Taxi driver helped me and she got out the car eventually when I shot down her advances."

-- Stuf404

Others were stunned by the things a woman did in person. Everything seemed to be going great, until it wasn't.

Dog-Based Assumptions

"She thought it was suspicious a single guy had a female dog" -- DivineSwine_

"I think it is suspicious that this was her first thought on having a dog." -- Amegami

"I had a girl in college accuse me of being gay...because I was a grown man with a pet cat." -- esoteric_enigma

A Strange Errand

"Hung out with some friends and they brought someone I haven't met yet. we ended up hooking up. Right after she asked where the used condom was, she grabbed it and said she was going to throw it away. walked past the trash and went upstairs."

"Needless to say I was pretty nervous about getting a call 9 months from then. I think I'm in the clear, still creeped me out tho."

-- dootdootdootie

Old School Courtship

"This didn't happen to me but when my dad was at sleep away camp as a teenager, this girl had a crush on him so she snuck into his cabin and folded and reorganized all his clothes." -- purplepanthersfc

"She was checking to see if they were made of boyfriend material" -- InjuredAtWork

Third Party Assessment

"Maybe not creepy in a sense, but it freaked me out. I'm in the school hallway - schools been over for an hour, but my mother works there so I waited. I'm getting something from my locker, and this one girl walks up to me in the empty hallway - angrily looking - and takes my hand, and places it on her a** and goes 'does this feel fake?' "

"I was 13 at the time, and the whole thing freaked me out for a while."

-- MonsterBrother

Again, it's important to read this thread and remember that this is a bias sample, solely focused on the incidents where a woman did act creepy.

But, yes, it happens out there.

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