The Creepiest Ways A Stranger Has Ever Tried To Come On To Them According To Woman
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There are a lot of great things that go along with being a girl. We can grow our hair as long as we like, we can wear clothes generally meant for guys, and we never have to worry about getting judged for getting certain beauty treatments.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows (or sugar, spice, and everything nice). Girls are often held to unfair beauty standards, expected to act in restrictive ways, and sometimes get harassed by strangers when getting hit on.

Now, we’re not saying women can’t be creepy when coming on to a man, but generally, women are the ones who have to deal with men coming on to them in the creepiest of ways.

Curious to find out more, Redditor springreleased asked:

“Women of Reddit: What is the creepiest way that a stranger has tried to come to you?”

Reverse Cinderella

"Not me, but one time I went to a party with a girl I had a huge crush on and some drunk guy started negging her by telling her her shoes made it look like she had horse hoofs instead of feet. Also that her pants were too high. He proposed removing both on her behalf."

– Suspicious_Lynx3066

Not Given A Chance

"Guy who I served in a bar I worked at when I was 18. He told me he was going to "walk behind that bar and finger you until you fucking cum". He was in his 50s."

"He did not finger me, as I threw him out and barred him."

– ElonMusksCarRecovery

"That's one of the reasons why I hate how underpaid people in restaurants are. Idk how a company just allow that, there's been several times where female coworkers asked to hide behind me or pretend I'm their boyfriend just to keep a creepy guy away from them, but they're regulars, so they get to stay. I'm glad you were able to throw him out."

– TylertheDank


"Before I met my husband, there was a guy I knew who liked to break into my car and leave me gifts. Creepy AF."

– Deathangel1976

"So they stopped after you met your husband?"

"Veeeeeeeeeeeery interesting..."

– NightsOW

"Plot twist. It was always your husband and he's always been too embarrassed to tell you."

– occpotato

Not Sure That's A Compliment

"I’m a guy but I have long hair, so a few fellows have gotten confused. One dark night, I was walking my large potato-like German Shepherd mix dog."

"We passed by some shrubs that were very dark. A man stepped out of a shrub and into my path. He looked at my dog, and looked at me, before finally saying, “Beautiful dog, so beautiful.” I thanked the guy, then he looked deep into my eyes and said, “And you look just like your dog.”"

– SlavojVivec69

Following The Leader

"Sat behind me on the bus for weeks, then followed me home to see where I lived. Next day he knocked on my door holding wine and flowers. I was 18, he looked 30s. I slammed the door in his face, thankfully he never came back"

– Apprehensive-Ad4244

"I really want to know what goes through people’s heads when they do this. I had something similar but less extreme."

"I met a man on the bus and he started talking to me which I don’t mind the random conversations (I’ve had interesting and innocent conversations before on the bus). But then he followed me out of the bus even tho it wasn’t his stop. I told him I was meeting my brother and he thankfully didn’t push."

"Another time a “friend” followed me home. He had made some girls uncomfortable by trying to touch/hug them even tho we told him not to do that. He wanted to ask me out by coming to my house but he couldn’t remember which house I entered so I’m also thankful for that."

– I_love_misery

Ew, Ew, Ew!

"once a man attempted to push me down the stairs at the library and then pull me back up by my shoulders when I turned around he smiled and said "i think you owe me a feel?" He even made the boob-grabbing gesture with his hands it was weird and gross."

– No_Number9780

"Holy crap people are disgusting"

– DoggoGamrr

Like Mother, Like Daughter

"Probably this old dude from my mom's facebook contacts whose method of hitting on me was to inform he's sexed my mom before and wants to do the same to me."


– Senrik95

"That's phenomenally disgusting. My mom told me that when a sleazy guy falls out with a girl he slept with, sometimes they'll go for the mom, then the sister, and onto the next girl in her family.

– Krispy_Krane

"Wow! Did he really expect you to respond positively to that!?!"

– Hthrhrry29

"I’m going to hell for laughing at how bad that is. MY GOD"

– wandringstar

Nowhere Is Safe

"My first job out of school, I was a server at this takeaway with a few tables (about 5) for people to sit and eat."

"I used to the Sunday morning shift, the breakfasts were popular."

"This guy (late 40s maybe) comes in as the breakfast rush is ending and makes some small talk and asks me how old I was, I was about to turn 18. He looks me up and down and says "that's old enough" and proceeds to place an order and pay for the Sunday roast - only ready in 3hrs time."

"He spends the time lurking, saying creepy stuff, and not moving from the register counter. I was too scared to leave him alone at the counter but also too scared to leave me alone with him."

"Eventually told my boss and he came and punched the guy."

"He never came back."

"Edit: i remembered another one. I think I was about 21 and I was driving home alone, at night. A pair of cops pulled me over because my new tires somehow looked bald to them. They started asking if I lived alone, if my car was locked, if it locked automatically. They let me go, but I was SO freaked out."

– MzFrazzle

"Are you certain those were cops that pulled you over? I don’t doubt that creepy police exist but that experience makes me wonder if those men even were legit. It all sounds so sketchy."

– paidcatlady

Un-Relaxing Beach Day

"I was alone at the beach & had fallen asleep on my oversized beach towel after surfing all day"

"I woke up to a smiling guy laying right next to me on my own towel asking if I had a nice nap"

– slavicgypsygirl

And now I will never take a nap on the beach again!

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