People Share The Craziest Thing Their Boss Has Ever Asked Them To Do
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There is a fine line between doing your job and being asked to an accomplice.

I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a supervisor and thought... "Who did you sleep with for this job?"

Some bosses have no boundaries.

And what may sound like a simple favor or just part of your job description is actually nonsense.

Nonsense they gaslight you into doing.

I know we all have stories...

Redditor thekutsiwanted to hear about all the workplace lunacy a higher up has caused. They asked:

"What's the craziest thing your boss asked you to do?"

I wish some bosses could hear themselves when they speak. They'd be shocked.


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"My old shop owner used to have us techs pour coolant down the toilet instead of disposing of it properly. After enough of us raised a fuss he started dumping it in the street himself."


The Bell

"I used to work at Taco Bell and on the receipt there was a little online survey at the bottom. My manager told me to go through the trashes to find receipts that people had thrown out so that we could fill them out ourselves so our store would get a better rating. I was a stupid 17 year old so of course I did it. We used to give ourselves perfect reviews all the time actually."


On Fire

"Used to deliver pizza for Domino’s on an e-bike. The e-bikes we used had a bunch of wiring underneath the saddles. One day the wiring caught on fire while I was delivering an order, so the fire started burning underneath my bum (also obviously the batteries stopped working so it became very tough to ride the e-bike)."

"Asked the shift manager of that evening if I could get another e-bike to use for the rest of the evening. He told me 'as long as you’re not on fire yourself you’re using this e-bike.' Quit my job shortly after that."


Labor and Delivery

"At the beginning of Covid, most of our pregnant patients were staying at home and not coming to the hospital for minor things such as mild abd pain, UTI, STD checks, etc as they had before because they were scared to come to a hospital. Our census obviously dropped."

"To try to get the census back up, our managers told us that if a patient called asking whether they should come to the hospital or not, we were supposed to just tell them to come no matter what their complaint was, even if it was something that they absolutely did not need to come in for."

"I refused to do this so I’d just transfer any calls to my charge nurse and let them deal with it. Let’s bring an already immunocompromised pregnant patient to the hospital in the very beginning of an unpredictable pandemic for something they don’t really need to come in for, sure. Smh."



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"I had a boss at a fine dining restaurant that would check to see if all his staff had breath mints and then he would make us buy them and if we didn’t, it would be deducted out of our paycheck."


Hospitality bosses can be meglomaniacs. They are obsessed, it's unhealthy.

Not an ATM

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"Worked at a convenience store and my boss actually asked me if he could borrow $1000 to pay for part of the beer delivery because they wouldn't have enough. Quit not long after that."


Mighty Winds

"Used to deliver for Papa John's. One night the weather was cuh-razy, tornado warning and constant lightning/winds. They kept taking orders. The winds were so bad they kept pushing my car out of my lane. One driver was so close to a lightning strike that he was visibly shaken and disoriented when he somehow made it back. They let him sit and recuperate in the manager's office for awhile, but we still had to deliver orders."


No Thanks...

"I was called to cover for a temp who quit on the spot off hours. I responded that I already was 2 whiskeys in and didn’t want to get into my car to drive to the site. He responded that since I was coherent enough to have a conversation with him I was ok to make the 30 minute drive to the office. I told him I wasn’t about to risk a DUI for him and hung up."

User Deleted

Hell No

"A long time ago I worked at a grocery store. They decided to no longer get the cleaners that came in with special gear to clean out the compactor, presumably to make extra money. The compactor began to stink to high heaven. I'm talking rotten meat, produce etc. So they asked me to climb inside and clean it. I laughed at them and said no."

"I told all my co-workers to say no. One did not listen and went in and cleaned it, he had to go home because he stunk so bad and reeked for days afterwards. There is a reason a specialist comes in to clean it, wears a Hazmat suit and has the machine disconnected with another person standing there making sure no one turns it on."


you'll figure it out

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"Run a nursing home laundry room with no experience and no training. I didn't even know how the machines worked. Industrial laundry machines are not like your home washing machine. The extent of my training was having an under qualified supervisor telling me 'you'll figure it out.'"


“clean up”

"Worked at a sh**ty college town pizza place that paid me $5/H plus tips under the table. It would get insanely busy on days when there were football games and boss required all hands on deck. 12+ hour days were not uncommon when there was a game."

"I got to the store at 10am (2 hours before opening) and worked until 3am the following day. By the time 2am rolls around and the crowds finally die down and we start closing shop and cleaning up, my boss pulls back the entire front counter (which was on wheels) to reveal dozens of little roaches scattering everywhere."

"He gave me a broom and told me to 'clean up' the roaches. I waited for him to go out back to smoke his cigarette, I took everything from the tip jar, and left. Never went back."


Shark Bait

"My boss had me put together a remote control inflatable shark in a closet in secret. I work in a sales office with a pretty fun culture (well now I’m mostly remote and it’s actually a lot less fun ). I have no idea where they sound this shark but he had me put it together in the marketing departments closet to surprise everyone."

"It actually was very hard to get together so the most ridiculous part was the amount of actual work I was missing. And had to grab my boss for a 2nd set of eyes like 3 or 4 times."


Little Floofs...

"Ex boss. He asked me to kill a litter of kittens by throwing them over an embankment. I was driving the front end loader over to a pile of bark chips that we had covered up for quite some time. I pulled back the plastic cover and see a fuzzy grey pile. It turned out to be a fresh litter of kittens (eyes haven't even opened)."

"I phoned it in to my boss and he said that there was no time to help them, and to just toss them over the embankment because we had customers waiting. I scoffed, hung up the phone and immediately called my girlfriend to come pick up the little floofs to take them to the local shelter."

"He's an ex boss for a reason. Honestly I was not surprised that he asked me to do that. The dude was a complete f**king prick. He's confided so much nasty crap to me that I could write a book. I found a picture of the little ones that I took before they were rescued."


'on call'

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"Would we like to go 'on call' (for free) if the one person scheduled for the Saturday shift needs help or calls in sick. A weekend away for a team building exercise paid for by ourselves, including travel, accommodation, food & expenses. In our own time. No thank you."


4 big jugs...

"My boss at a grocery/retail store told me to pour 4 big jugs of this industrial glass cleaner down the sink drain in one of two public washrooms, they’ve been in the back so many years one chewed through the plastic and melted all the paint off the shelf, honestly don’t know how I didn’t damage my vision with the chemicals in the air, long story short I ended up with a few chemical burns on my arms and hands with not as little as an apology."


Keep it Running...

"Worked at Disney World at Space Mountain for 4 months on an internship. Long story short one day we found a LOT of human crap in the waiting line. After we made the appropriate calls to have it cleaned up the supervisor that was there told me not to stop the line and keep the ride running."

"After the supervisor left I immediately called the front of the line and told them to stop letting people in. Same supervisor also told me I 'should have kept the ride running' one day after I hit the e-stop in the unload area because I heard what only could be described as a tank of CO2 breaking open any time I sent a cart through."



"To jump into a cardboard compactor to un-jam it."


"I had a manager who used make fun of me because I emphatically said no to doing this exact thing. Absolutely the f**k I will not. They went on about safe guards and how i wouldn’t get hurt, or I was afraid of the 'ghost' in the compactor. No, but malfunctions do happen, all the goddamn time. No. I won’t do it."



come again over it GIFGiphy

"I stock overnight at Walmart. The average speed 1 pallet of goods takes to stock is roughly an hour and a half for the dairy section when you work on it by yourself. My boss asked for it to be done in 20 minutes."



"I worked at an independent retailer. The owner pocketed a lot of money and never wanted to spend anything. We had a massive rat infestation. Instead of getting help my boss had me create a position just for wiping rat pee and crap off of beer six backs before being put out."



"Dress up in an animal mascot costume and snowboard down a slope because the usual guy had got messed up drunk the night before and they were worried he was going to vomit inside the costume again. I’d never been on a snowboard in my life."


I hate bosses. Except the ones here on this website.

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