People Break Down The Countries They Would Absolutely Never Visit

As many wonderful destinations there are to visit around the globe, there are plenty to be avoided.

Top of my list is anywhere with too much nature.

I'm not camping or white water rafting.

And you can keep that zipline madness for crazy people.

Also, why swim in shark-infested waters?

This is my list, but Reddit had a lot of other ideas to throw into the mix to nix.

Redditor Sweet_Polly1 wanted to compare notes on travel plans, so they asked everyone:

"What country would you never visit?"

My motto? Stay at home. Watch Buffy. Sunnydale is safer than the tropics and they've got a hellmouth.

A Failed State



"Don't let Somalia stop your from visiting Somaliland. It's an independent country just beside Somalia. Not recognized by UN. But it is safe to visit. It is so safe people leave their money in the open and no one even thinks of stealing it."


"I was trying to think of the worst country to visit and I'm not sure I could endorse than this one."

"Afghanistan right now might be a bad idea too."


"When we learned about 'failed states' in AP Government, Somolia was the example they always use. Essentially one of the closest examples to anarchy that we have."



"I follow a lot of travel groups, and whenever someone asks for the worst travel experience, an overwhelming amount of people always say Egypt."


"One Youtuber said they seemed so paranoid and disorganized in Egypt. They confiscated his drone, but he had to instruct them to make some sort of receipt system so he'd have a way to get it back."

"They were just putting it in a plastic bag, with no sticker or marking, or anything. Nobody knew the rules, if there were any. He had been to a lot of African and other countries, and never had such a disorganized and hostile time entering a country."





"Having watched all 6 parts of this series on YouTube, I can confidently say it is one of the single most eye-opening series I have ever seen, and I have tremendous respect for the wonderful people in Haiti who don't let the situation drag them down."

"Having said that, I will also likely never visit Haiti, which really is too bad."

"Nearly every video involves the host nearly getting kidnapped, killed, or shaken down and if it wasn't for his top-tier fixer, he would likely not have made it."


"The Haitian revolution was insane. It's disgusting that the country was absolutely bludgeoned with having to pay reparations to France for 'taking their slaves away.' If I recall correctly they were paying until pretty recently."


The goal is money...

"North Korea."


"You shouldn't visit even if you were NOT American."

"North Korea on paper is a country, but in reality it is a criminal organization. The goal is money. All of this other weird s**t like wacky rules and nukes is just to keep people in line and nations on their toes. The goal is money for the top people."

"Visiting North Korea helps them achieve these goals. You perpetuate human suffering for these 'fringe' trips."


Cool Down

Cool Down Season 2 GIF by FriendsGiphy

"All countries in the tropics, they are too hot for my Scandinavian genes."


"Summers are more enjoyable north of the Arctic circle anyway. At least if you can sleep with the lights on, because the sun never sets."


Yeah, the heat in Florida is hot enough. Them tropics are crazy hot.

Not There

"Saudi Arabia."


"Saudi, UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain are on the Absolutely No list for me. Oman is the only country on the Arabian peninsula I would go to. I would like to go to Yemen too, but its currently an active war zone so that's not going to be an option anytime soon."


"Anywhere you can go to prison and/or be tortured for being LGBTQ+ is going to be a no for me. That’s most of the Middle East."


Normal Life?

"Really surprised that Papua New Guinea hasn’t made the list. It’s not Somalia but it’s not far off either."

"A friend worked there briefly and spent the whole time in a heavily guarded gated complex (home), heavily guarded gated compound (work), or being escorted by armed guard in an armoured vehicle. He had to go through a number of debriefing sessions to adjust to the freedoms of normal life when he got back."

"That’s a big no thanks from me."


Mixed Reactions

"I follow some travel subs and India and Egypt often come up as not worth it at all."


"Been to India twice. Easily one of the most amazing places I've been to and I've traveled quite a bit..amazing culture, lovely people, good food, easy travel etc. Yes you can get ripped off but it is not ever much. Traveling as a single woman would have complications though."


"My answer is immediately India. Tons of people, any picture I've ever seen just screams you're coming home with a disease or parasite, not much I care to see, and no beef? Yep you'd have to pay me to visit it."


Hell on Earth

"Mauritania still has slavery. And locusts. All that oceanfront property and it still looks like hell on Earth."


"I've been to Mauritania, Nouckachott is probably the worst thing about the country unless you venture out to the less built areas. They do have some nice vast beaches especially close to the airport and the desert is fascinating, but what's mostly sad is that even if you drive for a few miles away from the populated areas you're still bound to see rubbish and litter all over the place."



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"In today's world? A whole bunch. Even if I wore the local garb and had male escorts I would not feel safe and I would not enjoy my time surrounded by animals who only see me as a sex toy."

"As much as I would LOVE to see what these areas hold, war torn countries, violent countries, places with large cartel presence, countries with a lot of corruption, countries who aren't exactly friends with my country. I love traveling and I love exploring but I also love being whole and alive."


The world is a scary place.

I'm staying home... and if I do travel, I will be consulting tons of guidebooks and first-hand accounts. it seems you can never be too careful.

Well, which destinations would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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