People Describe The Coolest Thing That's Ever Happened To Them

People Describe The Coolest Thing That's Ever Happened To Them
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"Cool story, bro" ... except for real this time.

Normally when you hear that phrase it's spoken derisively, but today we thought we'd switch it up a bit. Why not? Our timelines and feeds are all so full of doom and gloom, we could all use a good energy shift. So let's vibe.

Reddit user CarltheChamp112 asked:

"What's a really cool thing that happened to you?

So if you needed a break from reading about the cosmic dumpster fire that is Earth, grab your shades and come rock with the cool kids.

A Free Vacation

Family Vacation Drink GIF by Alaska AirlinesGiphy

"I used to wait tables and mentioned to some of my regulars that I was thinking about going on a vacation to Mexico. They owned a second mansion in Puerto Vallarta and offered it up to me."

"I got to stay there for a week! For free!"

"It had a private beach, snorkeling equipment, a car in the garage, walking distance to a resort etc. Best vacation I've ever had."

- Crabtoe

The Movies With A Movie Star

ashton kutcher idea GIFGiphy

"I went to the movies with Ashton Kutcher."

"The short version of the story is that I was working for a limo company; me and another coworker were transporting him and his friend. Their flight got delayed, so he took us all to the movies."

"We saw World War Z."

"This was in Anchorage, AK. I actually have met a decent number of celebrities for someone who lives in Alaska."

"In general, I have weird luck -- it's either REALLY great or comically sh*tty. Keeps life interesting."

- CatherineConstance

More Than $20

Jimmy Fallon Money GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonGiphy

"Found a framed painting I liked at a Goodwill for $20."

"Turns out, it's an original Peter Max worth bit bit more than $20. It was appraised upwards of $15,000."

- thebaldfrenchman

"Peter Max is a huge inspiration for my artwork."

"I have a sweater they made of one of his art pieces from the 80s. This would be an absolute dream to have."

"Muy jealous!"

- Xotaec

I Survived

i live disney GIFGiphy

"My stage 3 pancreatic cancer was found on accident when I was getting a CT scan for something completely unrelated, and I survived!"

"I went to urgent care originally for a UTI, but I was also having strange side/back pain."

"The doctor sent me for a scan to check my appendix. Apparently the pancreatic tumor is what was causing the pain."

"I was 19 at the time and it was a rare type of tumor typically presented in young females, so it was a super bizarre situation."

- cbdbun

Sneaking Around The White House

President Obama Lol GIFGiphy

"I knew a guy who had a son who was secret service at the White House during Obama's term."

"I was able to get a tour of the White House and during the tour the guys son took me and my sister behind the scenes to see the kitchen and flower room."

"It was so cool sneaking around the back halls of the White House."

- hopegotmethrough

My Watch

Relapse Records Watch GIF by Red FangGiphy

"Had my house in Pennsylvania robbed in 2012. They took a watch with my name engraved on the back."

"My father gave me that watch when I graduated high school. He and my brothers also had the same watch."

"Mine was engraved on the back with my name and class year. It was a Bulova Marine Star watch, so nothing expensive but it meant a lot to me."

"Fast forward to 2021. I now live in Oakland, CA."

"I get an invite on LinkedIn from some random guy in Philly, he doesn't really have a built profile, we have no shared connections, so I decline the invite."

"A week or so later, I get a message on Instagram:"

" 'Hi (my name), I'm in possession of a Bulova watch with your name and (HS abbreviation) on it. I googled you and this is how I found you. My number is 215-XXX-XXXX' "

"A few messages back and fourth, I tell him the story, he expressed he wanted to return the watch to me. I offered to pay, he wouldn't have it."

"I gave him my current address and I now have the watch."

"I was blown away that all of this had happened, and how generous one person could be. With so much negativity being projected at us constantly, I thought everyone could use a good story."

- The_Nauticus

​God Contributes To The Delinquency Of Minors

Happy Hour Drinking GIFGiphy

"One time when I was 14 I was being a smart-@ss trying to get my dad to buy me a couple beers."

"I looked up at the sky and said 'God, for f*cks sake, if you're there please bring me some cold ones!' Very Christian of me."

"But I sh*t you not about 15 minutes later our neighbor from down the road pulls up to our house and shouts to my dad:"
" 'Hey Mike, I got something for you for catching my dogs when they got loose the other day!' and then he pulls off and goes to his house."

"About 10 mins later he rolls back up with a cold 30 pack of cold beers."

"My dad let me have one since he was in complete shock."

"Anyways, my God gives me beer even when I'm underage."


The Launch

Dab On Ya Outer Space GIF by NASAGiphy


"I'm working with the company Worldview and I got chosen to go to space for free in 2023. I have my ticket and everything!"

"This probably sounds so unbelievable, but I work in social media and I'm basically one of the ambassadors for its first launch."

- Dangerous-Horse-9644

Coveralls Guy

taking back sunday emo GIFGiphy

"The lead singer of the punk band I went to see in concert stopped the show to get me a drink from the bar."

"I was around 19 or 20 and went to visit a friend of mine in a small city west of Toronto. We decided to go to a local bar that night to hang out and watch this punk band that had a song in current rotation on MuchMusic."

"I was feeling kind of angsty that night so we sat in kind of a secluded part of the bar, near a fire exit with a set of stairs to stay away from people."

"We were quietly enjoying our night, waiting for the band, catching up, drinking a beer when suddenly this cute guy in a pair of coveralls came almost racing by us and out the fire door, I assumed to smoke or do whatever."

"A few minutes later he re-appeared, raced by our table, then stopped and turned around, saying to us 'you never saw me!' "

"My friend and I continued to catch up when, about 30 minutes later, the guy returned and headed out the fire door again. This time, before he headed out he looked at us and said 'remember, you never saw me.' "

"Now, I thought this guy was cute and he had been somewhat amusing earlier - but this friend and I were really close and I hadn't seen her in a long time, so I was totally immersed in our conversation and not really worried about coverall guy."

"So when he spoke to me I was confused and merely replied 'What? Whatever man' before turning back to my friend."

"This time when coverall guy came back from the stairwell he stopped at our table and offered to buy us both a drink for keeping his secret. We said thank you, told him what we were drinking, and thought that would be the last of it."

"Instead, for the next several hours, he disappeared and reappeared several times, always bringing new beer and never speaking other than me saying thank you and him saying you're welcome."

"Finally it was time for the headlining band to hit the stage. My friend and I left our table and stood on the balcony, watching the stage."

"Whiiiiich means we had an excellent view when coverall guy got onstage and revealed himself to be the lead singer."

"The band played their first song and it was awesome - really loud and full of energy - the crowd was loving it. Then the song ended and coverall guy grabbed the mic and started walking around the stage, talking to the audience and asking if everyone was having a good time."

"Then he started telling them about how he'd been buying drinks all night for this girl, and she wouldn't give him the time of day. He pointed at me and said, 'And there she is! You ready for another drink?' "

"I said yes so he left the stage, approached the bar, ordered me a drink, brought it to me upstairs, then returned back downstairs to the stage and resumed the show."

"It was a cool night."

- OK-Associate-7894

Eight Years Later

schitts creek crying GIF by CBCGiphy

"A few years ago I had a pretty strong post-natal depression. I decided the best way to try and beat it was to focus on something other than kids."

"There was not much I could do since I was staying home with my three kids, so I just thought I might try writing a novel."

"Eight years later I'm a pretty famous writer in my country and live solely from literature."

- WreckityWreck

Welp, that last one is particularly inspirational all things considered.

Being able to change your whole situation IS really cool!

Did any of these stories stick out to you or remind you of a cool thing that happened in your own life? Sound off!

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