Everyone spends too much time going through life jealous of what other people have.

For some reason we've been trained to believe we are less than if we don't measure up in perfection.

There is no greener grass people.

Gender for example. People have been a bit jelly of other people's perceived "gender gifts" for generations.

First of all, in this day and age of gender freedom, being jealous seems arbitrary for certain aspects.

Anatomy is anatomy yes, those are details we can discuss.

Let's chat...

Redditor Debravest wanted to hear about what aspects of other people's gender some of us envy. They asked:

"People Confess Which Things They Are Most Jealous Of Another Gender About?"

My envy is superficial.

Women always get the man I want.

I'm jealous of that.

But that could be an internal issue on my end.


"Not having periods." ~ grungeisforever

"This for sure. Been dealing with extremely painful cramps the last two days and it’s the first thing I thought of haha." ~ KristyPlays


When you gotta go...

"Being able to pee practically anywhere." ~ BroadBaker5101

"I was out on a super long walk with my dog this morning and REALLY had to pee. We were in a wooded area near the river, didn’t see anyone nearby, and there is a railroad bridge there."

"When down under the railroad bridge to an isolated corner and popped a squat. Just as I’m standing up a guy walks around the corner and just gives me a disgusted look before turning around." ~ jeswesky


"Not having sudden erections." ~ Goatgamer1016

"Here’s a random fact I know. If you want to get rid of an unwanted erection, flex a random muscle. All the blood will flow from your boner to the muscle." ~ Rhett12344

Hold Me

"Unsolicited hugs, cuddling without romance." ~ pranthlar

"YES. If a straight biological girl can hug their friends without it being lesbian, then i can hug my friends as a biological male without it being gay." ~ Amy_AroAce

"I’ve seen this comment a lot in this thread. I lost my best friend in the world last year and reading all these comments makes me so grateful that we hugged and said we loved each other any time we said goodbye. I miss him so much." ~ turndownforjesus

Oh Baby...

"Multiple orgasms." ~ edgemebaby

"I really wanna know how sex feels as a female." ~ doviid


Everybody needs hugs and a little love.

And if anyone has anything to say against it... give them a hug.


"Not having to shave everywhere. 😫" ~ gillgreen


Size Up!

"Being physically stronger and higher stamina. I really like to work but is always told that I can’t handle it." ~ gracewyte

"It usually results in more injuries. I worked for about 15 years in warehousing, slowly ground my body down to uselessness. I eventually injured myself so badly that I couldn't do heavy lifting, but for the longest time I still tried, and even people who knew I was injured still expected me to."

"Eventually I wrapped my mind around the fact that I just couldn't lift heavy things anymore, stopped trying, and my body actually started to heal. I now wake up pain free most mornings, and I can enjoy activities that I gave up years ago because I was just too broken down to do them."

"People still look at me first when they want something heavy lifted, but unless it's very close family I refuse." ~ Feinberg

The Looks

"Not having people look at you suspiciously when you take your daughter to the park. Don't get me wrong-- as a dude I appreciate that it takes incredibly little for me to be considered a 'good dad' while for women it takes incredibly little for them to be considered a 'bad mom.'"

"I just wish that I didn't literally have some random witch go up to my daughter and ask her if she felt safe while I was keeping an eye on her. I didn't even know what to say... but my daughter did, 'my daddy says not to talk to weirdos'."

"We use weirdo and strangers somewhat interchangeably in our home. I bought her ice cream afterwards." ~ phenerganandpoprocks

More Air

"Sun dresses in summer. They look so cool and comfortable!." ~ biscorama

"Usually when I wear a dress during summer my thighs will be sweaty because of the heat and them brushing against each other under the dress will make me uncomfortable and even be painful sometimes, so it might not be as good as it seems :/ (I'm not exactly skinny though so it's probably related)." ~ Dionysus_worshipper


"POCKETS! Actual freaking pockets in pants that hold more than a damn quarter."

"ETA. Wow I did not think this would blow up the way it did! Thank you all! And thank you for for my first award!!!" ~ Stonygirl87


When it comes to clothes... wear what you want.

We're in a new day with fashion.

Don't let gender hold back your fashion and freedom.

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