Traveling the globe can be fun.

It's something many people do and should do, if you can afford it.

But there are places we may want to be a little cautious about.

You don't want to give in to gossip, but doing research on geography should be vital.

Otherwise, you'll be saying,

"I'll skip that trip."

Redditor JeffLaRue asked about the destinations many people are choosing to avoid due to what they've heard about visiting:

"What city will you NEVER visit based on it's reputation?"

I have a long list... just because. I'm a homebody.


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"Some comments: I won’t go to Mogadishu because I don’t want to be skinned alive."

"Other comments: I won’t go to Cape Cod because I hear the crab cakes aren’t what they used to be."


The Real

"Kingston, Jamaica. The saying goes 'If you don’t have business in Kingston, you have no business in Kingston.'"


"I went to Kingston on a cruise once, and tried wandering off from the shopping district the cruise bus took us to so I could see the 'Real Kingston.'"

"I got like one block away and this shopkeeper came out and physically restrained me from going any further, saying 'you better get back to your tour, you go any further and they're gonna chop you up.'"


I say the same...

"Port-au-Prince. Not being murdered is my favorite thing."


"I say the same. The people are warm and welcoming in their poor state. I responded to Port-au-prince in January of 2010 for relief work after the earthquake, we were searching for injured persons in a shantyville close to the harbour, we had armed peacekeeping personnel from the UN along."

"There were gangs roaming the area, armed with AK-47's, guys that had been freed from a prison north of the airport. There was tension in the air... Haiti has its demons, that is a fact."


exposure risks...

"There's a town way north of Perth where I live in Western Australia called Wittenoom, that I would refuse to step foot anywhere near, purely because of the history of it and the asbestos exposure risks. I have no idea how there are still people living there, let alone the hundreds of tourists that go through there on their travels in the north."


On the Road

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"Gallup, New Mexico according to truck drivers."


"Story time. I live in Albuquerque and I played rugby in high school. We went to Gallup to play exactly one time. We had to walk the 'field' to pick out glass and needles out of the dirt. It was awful."


I'm glad I only go from couch to chair.

Bad news down there...

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"Juarez, Mexico. Bad news down there. Had a co-worker go down there with his wife to-be in order to deal with some immigration issues. He got cornered by a bad group of guys, they took his new truck, then held him for ransom 5 months before finally letting him go."


Two Weeks

"Caracas, Venezuela. I’ve heard that if you hear motorcycles, it’s either gangs or cops, either way, you’re getting robbed (or kidnapped)."


"I spent two weeks in Caracas in 2006 or 2007 and had a wonderful time. We had locals with us and were in safe areas though. Except I liked this local girl and followed her into downtown where she took me to some sketchy park and ran off (to buy drugs I later learned). I ended up basically helping a local dealer practice his English."

"He approached me and started asking me questions and trying to speak English. He had a visible gun in his waste-band and was stopping to sell people on his product every 5 minutes, but was otherwise super friendly. I think him taking a shine to me was what kept me safe as an obvious American all alone. Not sure though. Maybe it was just a better time to be there as an American."



"As a resident of NC, never going to Fayetteville."


"Fayetteville is what happens outside every military base everywhere. Pawn shops strip clubs used car dealers. tattoo shops etc stacked on every inch of road near base. Outside that cheap houses because we used to pay soldiers s**t. Eventually it accidentally turns into a city."


Don't Go!

"Cairo. Apparently one of the worst places in the world to go if you're a tourist. At least, if people on reddit I've seen complaining are to be believed."


"I worked somewhat near Egypt and had a number of coworkers (we are all males and military contractors) who visited there thinking it was just a stigma about the harassing. Every single one of them said they would never go back and a number mentioned how you would have to be insane to visit as a woman."


Too Hot

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"Dubai. Not a fan of 120 degrees with nearly 100% humidity."


"I went there one time and the heat was horrible. It was so bad I'd walk into shops occasionally to cool down. The burj Khalifa was a cool thing to experience, and the mall there is like 4 stories and so big they have small vehicles like golf carts to move people if needed."


Well... this helps narrow down travel plans.