Cheap Items That Can Make Someone Appear Rich
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Who hasn't had a moment of envy, when they've seen someone walking down the street wearing a stunning dress, a nifty suit, or a luxurious scarf which we know all too well we can't afford?

Until we ask them where they got it, expecting to hear Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman or Oscar De La Renta, and instead learn it came from H&M, Kohls, or Target!

Indeed, sometimes items that cost us very little to purchase can still give off the illusion of being expensive, and as a result, make us seem much wealthier than we are.

All simply owing to how it's worn or used.

Redditor inkweary was curious to hear what things purchased at a discount can give off the illusion of luxury, leading them to ask:
"What's a really cheap item you can buy that can make you look incredibly rich?"

It's All About The Presentation...

"I have a family member who always asks for empties of fancy bottles of alcohol and then just refills them with the cheap stuff."

"You'd be impressed if you look at his bar, but IT'S ALL A SHAM!"- michaelnpdx

Destination is Everything!

"Not exactly an item, but travel."

'Americans grossly overestimate the cost of international travel and think you have tons of money because of it."

"I just spent a few days in a Scandinavian capital."

"Direct flight from NYC was less than $300, and hostel bed was less than $20."

"Most Americans spend far more than that traveling to Miami or Vegas or what-have-you, yet ooooh and aaaah and comment on my finances when they see where I go."- white_genocidist

Ha HA HA...

"Laugh in three bursts."- hotel_air_freshener

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Serving Its Actual Purpose...

"A Butter Cookie tin that has the actual cookies and not sewing materials."- Outerace

How Can You Afford That...

"Join seat-filler clubs for NYC theater shows for like $100/year and you can get tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway shows for $5 a ticket, actually free + $5 processing fee, for up to two tickets per show they offer."

"Then just Instagram or Facebook how cultured you are as you go to shows every day for $5 each."

"Invite someone and tell them it's your treat and they'll think you're loaded."- jesuschin

It Worked For Gatsby...

"Just call everyone 'old sport'."- redberyl

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The Power Of A Perfectly Fitted Blazer...

"I’m late to the party."

"Spend money on getting your clothes tailored."

"I’m a money manager."

"The old school wealth doesn’t wear anything that stands out."

"However, their clothes always have a perfect fit."

"The flashy guy that comes in with the big watch, driving the sports car usually has a ton of debt."

"Money talks."

"Wealth whispers."- Recent_Mirror

Mysterious Origins...

"My colleague has these golden earrings with zirconia drops."

"I thought she either stole them from a grandma or her boyfriend must have given them to her but she told me those were actually really cheap from a drugstore."- Twirlingbarbie

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It's All In The Ambiance...

"Under cabinet lighting."

"I have rechargeable led strips that I bought for $30 on Amazon, held up by magnets."

"They light up the backsplash/counter below and scream 'I had this custom lighting done by an electrician'."- Lunar_Gato

Bar Cart

"Liquor cart. We have a wooden cart that sits in the corner of our house and it always has 3-4 bourbons on it, with cocktail glasses hanging below and a nice decanter. When guests come over thats where we place the napkins and limes and oranges, things to go in a drink. It cost maybe 75$ but looks fancy as hell and we always get compliments on it when we have guests over." - Badlands32

Three times the softness

"Apparently 3-ply toilet paper. One of my friends was at our house last year and after a bathroom trip, she told another friend, "Ooh, they've got money; they've got the good stuff." - User Deleted


"Lab-created diamonds, they say it can even fool professional diamond dealers, it isn't as cheap as what others posted but it can still save a lot of money." - nmagic

Trash Upgrade

"Trash bags for your bathroom trashcan ... instead of grocery bags." - Mountain___Goat

Black Card

"A credit card that is black in color. It doesn't have to be a "black card", just black." - grumpymessi·

"Amazon Prime credit cards are black and made (at least partially) of metal. They're thicker and more hefty than a normal credit card, too. I've gotten lots of comments on mine, although more of the "that's a cool card" variety than the "you must be rich" variety." - Mirrormn

"I know a guy who has the actual Amex black card and it's pretty insane. No spending limits, monthly gifts (like expensive wine or nice headphones, etc.), access to pretty much any airport lounge. That's just the stuff he's told me about."

"Idk if it's as exclusive as it used to be, but he had to spend like $250,000 a year on that card to get invited. (He used to card for business expenses, but he got to keep it for personal use too.)" - tarheel343

Wax Sealed

"We send all of our correspondence out with a big wax seal on it. Looks like we're old money when we send out our Christmas Cards." - Outrageous_Claims

"Monogrammed stationery is also not too expensive. The more understated the design, the better." - RandomRavenclaw87·


"A pineapple. You just also have to buy a time machine that would get you a few centuries back in time and you'll be all set. Rich people used to rent pineapples that would be put on display at parties." - sapunec7854


"I assume anyone with a really weird pet is hiding an immense amount of wealth." - User deleted

Needless to say, someone's wealth and status in no way indicates the type of person they are.

Though, there's also nothing wrong with appearing like you live the high-life, and turning those around you green with envy every once in a while.

Particularly if your entire ensemble cost less than $50.