Cat Owners Describe The Funniest Things Their Fur Babies Do

Cat Owners Describe The Funniest Things Their Fur Babies Do
Image by Karin Laurila from Pixabay

Few things make me happier than holding or playing with a cat. It's the best. I don't have a cat (or cats) at the moment, however, because I'm rather enjoying not having to deal with anyone or anything. But the day will come when another cat steals my heart, I just know it!

After Redditor agentium asked the online community, "Cat owners of Reddit, what's the cutest thing your cat does?" people couldn't help but tell us everything in the way that only proud cat owners do.

"If he hasn't seen me for a while..."

If he hasn't seen me for a while he'll plod around the house making 'meep' noises until I answer or he finds me. He then checks that I am who he thinks I am--through sniffing and rubbing me--and then goes back to whatever he was doing.


"This year..."

This year she started sleeping in between my wife and I, propping her little head up against the pillow just like we do. It's the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life - my heart just melts every morning when I wake up and see her there.


"She only jumps on the bed..."

She only jumps on the bed if you invite her up. So she'll just sit there and peak up over the edge of the mattress so you can only see her eyes. From there she'll just wait until you tell her she's invited to jump on the bed.


"My cat will stare at me..."

My cat will stare at me and wait for me to make eye contact, then she'll tilt her head to the side for a second, pause, then flop over onto her back/side and hold her paws in the air, inviting me to rub her belly. When she's had enough, she rapidly flips herself onto her feet, digs into the carpet and launches herself into a run around the house.

Also, every time she poops she then launches herself into an extremely fast sprint around the house while making growling noises. Every. Time. She. Poops.


"Sometimes he even moves..."

When I play the piano, Mr. Kitty's tail "thumps" the floor in exact time with the beat.

Sometimes he even moves his Maine Coon head left and right in precise time with the music.


"My older cat..."

We have a six-month old kitten who always comes to cuddle in the mornings. Pretty much at 7am sharp, he appears and starts snuggling with me, and he'll stay there until I get up, and it's adorable.

My older cat sleeps on her side with one paw over her eyes. The middle cat is just generally a super-sweet natured cat, and even though she's not much of a one for cuddling, her personality is just A* and that makes her cute.


"She has this way of laying down..."

She has this way of laying down where she tucks all her paws in under herself and looks like a meatloaf.


"Whenever something is shifed or added..."

Inspects the apartment. Like, INSPECTS it. We call him our little OSHA inspector.

Whenever something is shifted or added to the apartment, he'll check it from all angles, then plant himself in front of it as if to make sure nobody gets too close and risks injury. When we open closes he races over and goes inside and sniffs all the corners. We joke he's looking for gas leaks or structural damage.

If he misses something we've altered in the apartment but notices later, he'll come into the office and start meowing at us until follow him back to the source of the concern, and look at us as if to say, "What the hell is this? Why didn't I receive the proper forms, in triplicate? I'm out here trying to keep this place from crumbling onto our heads, the least you can do is keep me up to date..."


"We have four..."

We have four, but one of them does this thing where she comes up to me, meows, stands on her back legs with the front legs out, and then I have to pick her up. Then she rides on my shoulder like a parrot until she gets bored. If I put her down too soon, we repeat the meowing and standing thing.


"His purr..."

I have a big ass Maine Coon with little to no voice. He silent meows most of the time, or he chirps. His purr is louder than his meow, it's like a buzz saw.


"Whenever he's in trouble..."

Whenever he's in trouble he'll hide his head under blankets. Makes it hard to stay mad at him even when he knocked my soda on my laptop.


"It's cute."

My little ginger nutcase follows me to my boys primary school when I do drop off.... He then either hangs around in the playground all day, or follows me back home. It's cute.


"When I come home..."

When I come home, my cat greets me by meowing while rolling over, to get me to pet her.

She also likes being picked up.


"He's a stray cat..."

He's a stray cat and when he sees me he'll come up to me when he sees me and roll over to let me pet him. Nothing out of the ordinary for a tame cat but still cute.



Sometimes when I'm sitting on my recliner, one of them will jump on and lay down between me and the armrest.


"She usually ends up..."

She has to be touching me while sleeping.

I got her when she was about 6 months old. She was not a cuddler at all. Over the years she got more comfortable and would sleep against me leg at night. Then a few years ago I messed me knee up bad. I wasn't able to walk properly for about 3 months and was mostly bed bound. She started laying down with me and cuddling against me constantly.

Now she has to be touching me. She usually ends up curled around my legs or hip with her head propped up on whatever body part she curled against. If shes laying away from me she has to stretch her paw out until it's touching me. Right now she's curled against my back.

I love her so much.


"She likes to watch everything I do."

She just follows me everywhere. She likes to watch everything I do. She sits close to me and just observes through her kitty eyes.


"Whenever I get back from work..."

Whenever I get back from work/outings/etc., he jumps up onto the kitchen island and waits for me to get close so he can put his front paws on my chest and rub his face against mine.

He will also (sometimes) groom my entire hand if I start petting him while he's taking a bath.


"Two of my kitties..."

Two of my kitties can pin down a hair scrunchie with a front paw, stretch it upwards with the teeth, then let go just right to shoot it up overhead, then leap to catch it.


"One will always come down..."

I have two cats. One will always come down for dinner whenever me and my family eat. She just walks in, says hello to everyone and sits down to eat her cat food. Then the other one will ask for certain requests by meowing, going towards what he wants, and stares at you for minutes or until you give him what he wants.


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