People Break Down Their Biggest Complaints About Apartment Living

People Break Down Their Biggest Complaints About Apartment Living
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I love apartments. If said apartments have several bedrooms, no roommates and a view. Let's be honest, apartments usually are an integral part of city living. And thanks to COVID we can admit that city living and apartment dwelling has gotten difficult. And was maybe always a tad overrated.

Apartments come with a lot of headaches. Plus a majority of apartments are all about the rent. Paying and paying and paying out money to never own a space of your own. Who agrees?

Redditoru/FourSeasons1972wantedall of us to discuss dwellings. Who else needs more space, by asking:

What do you hate most about apartment living?

I have had several apartments over the course of my NYC living. I've been lucky a lot. But the bane of my existence is still, finding roommates that are stable. Why is that so arduous a task?

Too Loud

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"Everytime my neighbors have sex I have to re-evaluate my life decisions."

- ninja_comedian

I hear you...

"Noise above, below and next to me."

- GWC-Youtube

"I hate hearing other people's music, especially bass. Drives me freaking insane. I lived in an apartment once where the neighbor left his radio on blasting through the speakers at all times. It was always on this local country station, and you would think that country wouldn't have that much bass, but OH YOU ARE WRONG. Also the voice of the dj's would cut through and I would hear "mhm mhmmhh mmm mhmmm mmnmhmh..." of the bass end of their voices rattling the walls."

- davewtameloncamp

Just Breath

"Not being able to relax in a backyard or outside in general… If I want to walk around and enjoy the sunset and the silence, there's always dozens of people making a racket with their phone calls or their children or loud music ruining the magic."

- Mini-Heart-Attack

"Yes, I've learnt to go to the forest. Fortunately it's only about 2.5km away, so not much legwork required."

- Dagda_the_Druid


"Having to use laundromats (or machines located elsewhere in your rental building) when there's no laundry facility within your unit. It's annoying when some laundry machine-users tie up the facility by going off somewhere and just leaving their laundry in the machines long after the cycles are done."

- Back2Bach


Encouragement Dog Poop GIFGiphy

"Neighbors who do not pick up after their dogs and poop is everywhere."

- Ionic-0regano-47I37

See, this is why I have to find a way to live alone, unless with a lover. And neighbors are the worst. At least with homes people seem to be a bit more tranquil.

Too Loud

homer simpson GIFGiphy

"The building fire alarm! So many people still don't seem to get that if you burn something like toast, don't open your front door and let the smoke into the freaking hallway!"

- hazydaze7


"Always hated being beholden to a landlord. You only have as much freedom in your own home as they decide you can have. Want to get a pet? Better check with your landlord. Want your significant other to move in with you? Better check with your landlord. Neighbors too loud? Better hope your landlord is willing to do something about it."

- hooch

The Great Outdoors

"No garden or outdoor space at all. It feels very hemmed in at times. Also too many neighbours - potentially upstairs, downstairs, each side."

- DustySaloon5

"I had a small patio and mount brackets for long, rectangular planters. I also got a vertical rack for the planters to save space/use indoors. I'm happy with it but the excessive heat nuked some of my plants this year. Just got 5 tomatoes and 3 jalapeños! But I am jealous of my parents who have a sprawling, hand made 2 garden bed set up."

- NorthKoreanJesus

My Nose is Dead

"The smells in the hall."

- ShitronPaid4MyCamper

"My complex hired a trash collection service that we get charged extra for and isn't optional. They only come Mon-Thur at 8pm. So of course all of my neighbors put their trash outside their door Friday morning. Best part is I live in a desert."

"So all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday until 8pm I get to smell all of my neighbors garbage that has been baking in 100+ degree heat. And these bastards want to charge almost $1700/month for a 1 bedroom. Not to mention all of the stains on the floors in the hallway from liquid leaking out of peoples trash bags. Can't wait for my rent to skyrocket regardless of all of that when my lease is up."

- SnootchieBoochies69

Me Time

disturb daffy duck GIF by Looney TunesGiphy

"No privacy. When I moved into my apartment, my neighbor told me everything she knew about everyone who lived there."

- pwnytalez

I just want to live in peace. If that peace includes an apartment, so be it. But I really like a home, with a pool. In my dreams.

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