Blind People Explain Which Features They Find The Most Physically Attractive In A Partner

Blind People Explain Which Features They Find The Most Physically Attractive In A Partner
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For those of us who are not blind, imagining all the daily elements of romantic life can be quite difficult.

In fact, we can't even imagine what the absence of sight feels like, let alone how that interacts with attraction, spontaneous physical intimacy, and, of course, turn-offs.

Thankfully, an inquisitive Redditor came along to help us stay enlightened.

Redditor Brucehasabeard asked:

"Blind people of reddit, what do you find physically attractive in a partner?"

Many blind folks discussed the scent that may not surprise us to hear is so important to romance: touch. But their detailed, nuanced understanding of that sense is illuminating.


"For me it's about, for lack of better description, textures, how does he feel? Is he firm? Fuzzy? Does he mind being touched in such an intense way? Personality is more important but OP stressed physical."

-- Strokedoutbear

A Higher Priority On Conditioning

"My blind cousin had a bit in her vows to her husband about how great his 'silky long hair' felt, so I bet that's a big deal for some blind ladies."

-- Uskonbwu

"More to Explore"

"A blind friend of mine really likes big girls. He says that physically having more to explore with your hands is great."

"I can imagine underweight people feeling pretty poor to the touch."

-- TheyTerkKerJerbs


"Not blind but I have a few blind friends I'm close to, their general consensus is the feel of the person... if that makes sense."

"It's a case of physical touch such as the state of your skin, your build and so on. But also stuff like your default tone of voice and much like anyone they look at the personality."

-- JustNoxus

Others gave more focus to the other senses. Sound and smell can be important too.

Unique, If You're Listening

"As legally blind I enjoy voices of people, helps me remember them better too." -- Cursed_Salad97

"As not legally blind but wearing glasses, I agree, a voice can really make someone more attractive to me. If I'm going to be talking with this person I want their voice to be pleasant." -- Apellosine

Transportive Stenches

"This might sound creepy, but their smell. Recently split up and the smell is something I so vividly crave in my mind. I have this also with my family members, my grandma passed away 5(?) years ago, but I still know exactly her smell and sometimes it makes me sad, but also feel good."

"Second comes how physically soft hugs and embraces feel, if you feel in a very soft and warm place and at the same time feel so very safe."

-- siohtuan

Sound and Smell

"I am legally blind. I'm not really good at recognizing faces but definitely I love listening to people's voices and catching anything that is unique about them. Like accents, stuttering, if it sounds nasally or raspy. Little things like that can help me identify a person so much quicker. I'm not %100 blind but I use adaptive tools like speech-to-text and text-to-speech."

"You know when there is an interview on TV and that person wants to stay anonymous? You know how they blur out their faces? That's how everybody looks like to me. Unless I get very uncomfortably close I cannot identify your face so definitely voices hope so much. You also cannot go wrong with scent."

"I can also tell a person apart by the cologne or perfume they wear."

-- Imamuffinz

And finally, others talked about the thing that matters to just about anybody out here looking for romance: what is the essence of the other person.

Above All

"My preference in order of what I find attractive goes like this, I am not speaking for all blind people this is my own experience. Personality, voice and body type. looks don't generally matter to me, and I prefer thicker people."

"All of these preferences don't have to aline right to make someone attractive to me though, like you can have a slightly less attractive voice and have a kicka** personality,. Basicly when it comes down to what's most important to me is personality."

"I am not to big on smells, not saying that I am down for someone who smells not good, but alot of people tend to layer smells, and I am one for the more human smell of people."

-- Specific_Offer4800

Felt Warmth

"Her voice, her heart, her touch, the way she talks to me, the way she is responding to me, and she is loving, compassionate, sweet, kind, respectful, and she wants to be my friend."

"I love how she includes me in activities with our friends, and she is not making light of my blindness."

"I never felt this kind of love before. Ever."

-- c_dawg93


"I have to like someone's personality. And I ask my friends if the person is good looking—yes blind people do that. I'm short so I prefer people who are tall."

-- platinum-luna

So there you have it, just in case you ever wondered exactly what's going on in the heads of a blind people flirting, necking, or full on making out in public.

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