Life is difficult to live and bare witness to. There are moments and situations that are seared vividly into all of us. The things we can never unsee. Whether it be a moment of violence or tragedy or heartbreak, it'll be something we all wish we could change. That's why it's always best to have others to share with. Reach out. Especially to loved one and professionals.

Redditor u/ThisDudeDaShawn wanted to know what unspeakable acts of life we've witnessed by asking.... What is something you wish you never saw or heard?

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Eat carrots!! They keep the eyes strong... so they say! One day we will all, maybe need glasses, it's a hardship but not a shame. Just life.

Redditor u/araarq wanted to know who was willing to admit who needed some vision help, by asking.... People with glasses, when did you realize you needed them?

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Seeing is a gift. Most of us feel that the sense of sight is a given. But so many people lose the ability to see, which is tragic. Being able to see then suddenly not is a hell unto itself, whether permanent or temporary. IaF you're reading this.... BE GRATEFUL!!

Redditor u/HiddenLayer5 wanted to hear from those who have lost their gift of sight by asking... People who could see but went blind, what's it like? Is it like being in perpetual darkness or something else?

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@LEGO_Group/Twitter and @Momotaroichiban/Twitter

LEGO is making strides towards educational and not just imagination-driven toys.

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An eleven-year-old golden retriever named Charlie lost his eyesight due to glaucoma, but a new friend is giving him a renewed leash on life and helping him look on the bright side.

Charlie's owners Adam and Chelsea Stipe from Mooresville, North Carolina, made the difficult decision to have his left eye removed in 2016 due to the pain caused by the glaucoma.

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