People Break Down The Biggest Signs Society Is Messed Up
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We have a skewed view on the treatment of others, thanks to social media, where cancel culture runs prevalent in punishing those who committed a variety of indiscretions.

While there are many acts of kindness not getting the amount of attention they deserve, our society is getting a bad rap because of a lot of negativity portrayed on the news.
Is this indicative of a screwed-up world in which many of us have lost our way?

Curious to hear examples of our seemingly waning humanity, Redditor MJTP4351 asked:
"What’s the biggest thing for you that tells you just how f**ked up society is?"

These Redditors were horrified to see the reactions at the scene of an accident.

An Inconvenienced Passerby

"One time I had a lady yell at me to move my ambulance while I did CPR on her teenage neighbor."

– RRuruurrr


"My ex and I witnessed a bad accident in front of us at an intersection (truck ran a light and t-boned a car). Without thinking, I jumped from the car and ran over to help free the older couple in the car."

"I was struggling to get the door open as I tried to reassure them that everything was going to be fine. I looked up and saw people standing on the sidewalk, filming us. Nobody bothered to come help me until I pointed at a man and told him to. Gotta get those likes I guess."

– DickChodeBalls

People pointed to the mishandling of children as the worst part of a societal problem.

Foster Care System

"Years ago, I was a police officer in a small Texas town. One day, I got a call about a little kid who was running down the middle of the highway."

"When I found him, I had to chase him on foot and grab him to get him out of the roadway. After speaking with him, he told me which foster home he was leaving, but he would not tell me exactly why."

"Now, this kid was about 8 years old. I contacted the on-duty CPS worker and told him about the issues at the house the child was willing to tell me of."

"I also informed him that I was made aware of an older juvenile who was staying there and had been handled for several sexual assaults of a child... of an eight-year-old child... of an eight-year-old boy - just like this one. Apparently, little boys were his targets."

"'WTF was he doing there in the first place ?' I asked. CPS replied, 'Well, we consider him a low risk for repeat offenses, but we've got him in therapy!' I replied: 'Well - THAT'S a relief! I bet whoever is doing a therapy is also the genius that thought it would be a great idea to put him in the same house with another 8 year old boy!'"

"I asked the CPS worker what they were going to do with the runaway I had recovered, and he said, 'I guess we're just going to put him back in the same house.'"

"I said, 'Are you f****** kidding me? - I don't think so!' It took hours and hours of tracking down that guy's supervisor to tell them that that was pure b*******."

"The kid was placed with another home. Probably a group of convicted cannibals for all I know."

"The system is so far gone."

– Aggressive-Dust-8641

A Horrifying Accident

"Cps failing so many kids here where I live, one lived in a meth lab that blew up and cps was Called many times before (edit) won’t forget the day they took their scorched bodies out of the lab, horrible sight burnt into my mind."

– Mysterious_Ask_7895

Lack Of Sufficient Protection

"It's awful of how a children must be extremely abused/neglected before they do something in my country. I think children aren't protected enough worldwide."

– brokebecauseavocado

Where is the respect? Unfortunately, it can't be found here.

What Service Industry People Are Subject To​

"Screaming at people who work in retail."

– lelieep

"And spitting and attacking them... ive started to be excessively polite and nice to wait staff, servers etc. Unless they initiate rudeness then i call them out."

– hastingsnikcox

Lack Of Empathy

"We are going through an empathy crisis. People don’t care about others that they don’t know anymore unless there is something in it for them."

– themourningdoves

A Basic Principle

"People can't follow the simple 'dont be a dick' rule."

– mckhrt

The Depressing Speech

"Every time I’m working w a new client who is applying for disability, I prep them with a speech about 'everyone gets denied at LEAST the first time, if not several times, before they’re approved.' No one believes me because obviously all their medical records prove their disability, right?"

"Nope. The state wants you to beg for it."

– PsychologicalMix2456

When there are no words.

Barrage Of Advertisements

"Consumer culture and countless ads everywhere. When you see those people fighting over a TV on Black Friday you realize how f'ked up we are."

– Lord-AG


"During an official meeting in Karnataka (state in India) a MLA said 'When rape is inevitable lie down and enjoy it.'"

– WildFyreTW

We Are Drones

"The amount of posts i see all over the place with how little jobs care for their employees whether it them being underpaid, overworked, understaffed, or mistreated by their bosses or any combination of this."

– tremors51000


"Rich people doing terrible things and just kinda paying their way to avoid the justice."

– ijustwanttoaskaq123

I still believe there are countless individuals who are inherently good people in our society.

They just aren't getting enough of the spotlight because many people would rather seek satisfaction in witnessing wrongdoers in society facing their comeuppance.

But imagine what highlighting our everyday heroes who do selfless acts for the well-being of others can do for our society.

A whole lot of inspirational good, methinks.

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