The Biggest 'F**k You' Christmas Present Someone Can Give

Gift giving can be hard, especially if you're not sure what the person will like or what they might need.

It's a lot less hard if your goal is to let someone know exactly how much you loathe them, though.

Then you get to get really creative.

Whether it's regifting, getting them something that's obviously from the dollar store or getting their kids the noisiest toy on the planet, there are many evil ways to tick people off with gifts.

Redditor Killmumger asked:

"What's the most 'f**k you' present you can give someone for Christmas?"

Only most of the gift

"Regifting a gift basket but it's obvious that you took out some items that you liked."

- 12thNJ

"Box of mixed chocolates but you’ve picked out all the good ones."

- UsualSuspect907

Oh that's petty

"Once my sister was pissing me off. I got her a $5 gift certificate for a store she was working at. She was pissed."

- aeb1971

"Now that’s an awesome gift! A reminder of the hell that she has to go through every day."

- ryok141

"This is excellent spite. I have a sister and this is the spite we all strive for."

- okeefechris

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

"Regift them what they gave you last year."

- clutteredshovel

"Even better, show up with just a nice gift bag. Take whatever they give you and put it in the gift bag unopened. Then give it back to them."

- qatest

No art for you

"RoseArt craft supplies."

- SparkyMountain

"How dare you give crayons that can't even crayon."

- t_h_o_n_g

"Cra-Z-Art works too."

- metalflygon08

"You monster"

- TenorBanjer

Oooh, gonna need some ice for that burn

"My son gave me a beer mug that said 'ring the bell if you are the best Dad ever'."

"He had removed the bell."

- I-used-to-be-cool-

"Are you sure there was a bell in the first place? Snarkily insulting cards and gifts are pretty common."

- Rapid-Disassembly

"Nah. He had the bell. It was a bike bell."

"He is funny and would have come up with the idea and been laughing all the way up to keeping the straight face as he gave it to me."

- I-used-to-be-cool-

Glitter Hell

"I gave my 4 year old niece a 30-pack of coloured glitter glue. The f**k you was to my husband’s sister in law."

- high5scubadive

Thanks for supporting Planned Parenthood!

"Make a donation in their name to a charity, cause, or organization that is in opposition to their beliefs. Then give them the thank you email/receipt from the donation in a Christmas card or better yet wrap it up in a big box."

- Trick-Silver-4333

"This is an especially big fuck you because the person in whose name you make the donation can’t even deduct it on their taxes. Only the person who actually made the donation can."

- pilesofcleanlaundry

Holy crap do not bring someone's size into it

"A dress deliberately 2 sizes 2 small and then when unwrapping it on Christmas they tell you "it's for motivation" .....f**k you Judy"

- Epic_Cupcake

"MIL gave me a too small shirt and told me the next time she saw me she wanted it to fit me."

- silent_turtle

"Step mom did this every year to me until I went no contact"

- micaub

"Some of the responses here made me laugh, some of them made me roll my eyes, this is the first one that made me go 'what the hell is wrong with people'."

- elmonstro12345

Not quite enough

"A $5 Starbucks gift card. Very few drinks on the menu are less than $5. They’ll most certainly have to pay the difference on the first and only use"

- SortaSticious

"Better yet like a $20 gift card to a really fancy expensive restaurant. Not nearly enough to make a dent in the bill but enough that you would feel bad not using it."

- GetAwayFromMeYouFish

All the noises

"if they are a parent, gift their kids something that makes noise."

- JangoBunBun

"Literally bought my niece and nephew an accordion and a recorder."

- dominationnation

"When my sister's 2nd kid turned 1, I got him a toy key ring/fob that had buttons he could push to make noise. I replaced the cheap batteries with Energizer Lithium and applied Loctite to the screws on the battery door. For good measure, I used a drill to strip the heads of the screws. Then I carefully repackaged it."

"I doubt that damned thing made it all the way back to Arizona from Alabama. Totally worth it, though."

- MrBarraclough

"You evil genius. Thanks for the idea!"

- FlyingTerrier

As you can see, there's quite a bit of variety available for telling someone you can't stand them with gifts. Just get creative, the sky is the limit.

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