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How mischievous do you get whenever you want to get back at someone in the spirit of fun.

Newsbreak suggested that an empty parking ticket would do.

Imagine walking up to your parked vehicle and seeing the dreaded envelope wedged underneath the windshield wiper.

Your heart would sink despite being aware of the fact you weren't in violation of anything.

As far as you know, your day is ruined knowing you have to drain your wallet for a petty offense. Until you see the bogus citation up close. Curses! You've been had.

Redditor randomlyshowedup – who may or may not aspire to prank someone in the near future – asked strangers on the Reddit:

"What's a great way to ruins someone's day, with a surprisingly small amount of effort?"

So Loquacious

"After they've excitedly told you about something ask them "Why do you have to talk so much?"


Most Unwanted Response

"In a similar vein, after going off enthusiastically about something, just to have them respond with 'oh.'


"Exactly, I feel like everyones had that situation where they're speaking about something they're feeling passionate about only to have the other person be like 'oh, right...' changes subject. If your brain doesn't then bank that memory to bring out whenever you're feeling insecure idk if you're even human."


Clothing Critique

"Say 'cute pajamas' when they're wearing normal clothes."


Urgent Texts

"'We need to talk' texts then don't respond."


"Are you my ex?"


Spark Paranoia

"Stare at a random spot on their shirt or face and when they ask what, go, 'uh, nothing. Don't worry about. You're fine.'"


Throw Them Off

"set blinking to manual."


Prank 'Em

"Wait until they go to make a cup of tea, when the kettle's nice and hot pour their water away and refill with cold and switch it off. They'll think it's boiled by quickly touching the warm kettle, then make a cold tea."


Influence Fatigue

"Tell em they look tired. Always ruins mine because my brain flips and says 'you know what, i AM tired' and proceeds to kill the boot process. Its Particularly effective if they have a beauty routine they skipped that morning."



"Hide their left shoe."


Fake Treasures

"Head to the beach with a sack of BB's. Scatter them around for the metal detectorists to find!k"



"Call the person's work and tell whoever answers the phone that you're a parole officer. Then tell them you're following up on the person. May ruin more than a day."


Tweet Of The Day

"Hey did you catch what the president tweeted this morning?"


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