It's truly inspiring to watch people not care even a little bit and take up all the space they deserve.

And when you see those people, they make an impression.

Redditor subzro84 asked:

What's the best way you've seen someone not give a f***?

Here were some of those answers.

The Scribe Saves The Day

In a meeting with the very arrogant boss of our department and the company executives, there was a question about a major mistake that costs the company a product recall.

Our boss laid the blame on our department, before he was over us, saying we had modified a piece of equipment incorrectly.

One of my co-workers, a very humble man, quietly said to nobody in particular "I have pictures in my notes". Meaning, "I am throwing the boss under the bus in front of every one of his superiors in the company." He hadn't planned this, he just happened to be incredibly meticulous in taking notes and pictures and documented absolutely everything. He proceeded to do so with complete disregard for retribution from our very vengeful boss. It was quite glorious to see someone so haughty and pious get brought down so beautifully by a low-level engineer and his meticulous note/picture taking.


Just A Car, NBD

I once was walking down the street with one of my bosses. Total stoner. Him not me. We go to cross the street at a stop sign and get part way across and the car lurches forward and hits my boss hard enough that he falls onto the hood. He was mid sentence when the car hit him and he literally didn't even skip a beat. He just continued his sentence like nothing at all happened while keeping eye contact with me the entire time! Not only that but when the driver yelled asking if he was ok he didn't even look over...just gave a little hand wave to the driver while still keeping eye contact with me and chatting away.


Karen Taken Down

Had a customer service manager talking to a woman about a return. He'd already told her he couldn't do it a few times. She demanded he get his manager. He, no joke, spins a circle and says, "They said no."


Fight For Your Right To Party

One guy I knew was a pretty good varsity tennis player. Coach gave the no drinking/smoking speech. Something to the effect of you need to choose between partying and tennis. Dude just silently got up and left the team meeting.


We Needed That Tank GONE

I used to be a manager at Petco and we had this fish tank that was very old, it was original to the store and it was being held together by Band-Aids and good intentions. We kept requesting it be replaced, we were putting more money into it than it was worth at this point. but corporate kept saying no, the new tanks cost well over $1,000 and they would rather chuck out a few hundred every month or so, because that made sense.

Well we hired this young punk kid to be aquatic specialist. He was bright but did not have a good background, he was a criminal. He stole guns and was a druggie. I don't know how he got hired on, he was a touch above worthless on a good day. On his first day I jokingly said if he can come up with a way to break this tank I would much appreciate it. Within 2 weeks he broke the tank and showed me how he broke it so it would look like an accident, silicone had been cut in a way that it would leak badly without it being able to be fixed. He didn't even hesitate, didn't even seem remorseful or anything.

Within a month we had a new tank 🤷



I teach pre-kindergarten at a public school. My students are 4 and 5 years old. Last year, I had a rule that no more than 3 kids could be at a learning center at any given time. When we transitioned from carpet time to center time, I would call on the kids who were sitting quietly to pick their centers first. I had two kids sitting next to each other: James, who was sitting quietly waiting to be called on, and Allison, who kept loudly and rather obnoxiously announcing that she wanted to go to the sensory table, which I had just stocked with new toys. Two kids had already chosen to go there, so there was only one spot left.

I called on James first. He walked up to the center chart and I asked him where he wanted to go. He looked at the center chart, then at Allison, then at the center chart, then back at Allison, and while staring straight at her, jammed his finger at the sensory table.

While he was walking away, I said, "wow, James, that's cold man." But I don't think he heard me over Allison's screaming.


Zoom Zoom Zoom

One time there was a horrific wreck on the interstate that had me stuck there in traffic for about 5 hours. About an hour into it, a guy in front of me said "eff this", popped the trunk, pulled out a motorized razor scooter and rode away.

He hadn't come back by the time everyone else started moving.


You Asked Me To

My mum and I didn't get along growing up, partly due to her alcohol dependency. We solely relied on welfare and then I became the main income provider at 15 through part-time jobs, before moving out on my own at 16.

It was the same argument every day, I would bank transfer the rental and utility payments but refused to hand over cash because she'd spend it on liquor. She began throwing objects and flipping out, and eventually said "Fine, if you don't care about money, why don't you just cut up my credit cards?" in a baiting sort of way. She handed me scissors and two credit cards.

I just stared at them blankly and being a teenager, then cut up her credit cards.

She absolutely lost it. My brother lazily looked over at the scissors she handed me and said "What exactly did you expect?"


Maybe Not Being A Jerk Is The Way To Go

I worked for a company that had went public after operating as a private company for 18 years. 4 months after going public our company was caught fabricating the financial statements for our quarterly reports (from acquiring 72 companies in one year). This put an extremely large strain on our accounting department... they were required to work overtime (almost 70 hrs a week) to try and "fix" the corruption that had taken place.

Well, the accountants started complaining that they were spending less time with their families and were not being treated well. So, the CEO held an emergency meeting. In that meeting he told the accounting department that all departments are working hard and if anyone is unhappy, they can leave. The entire accounting department of 14 employees got up and left. It was super awkward. About 2 months later the CEO stepped down and 2 years later the company was sold to a competitor for next to nothing after jumping from executives to executives.


This Is Normal I Guess

I was on an internship that was a train wreck. I started later than some of the other interns. Turns out our main office space would flood when it rained. I came in to find the lobby and office with an inch of standing water.

One of the other interns walked in, looked at all the water, sighed, sloshed over to his computer, picked up his power strip, flicked the water off, sat down, turned his computer on, and started working. Dude barely seemed to notice.


Makin' Bakin' Pancakes

I just told this story but one of my high school teachers was 24/7 not give a single f*ck. A student brought in an electric griddle and started cooking sausages and pancakes in the middle of class, and when the teacher asked him wtf he was doing, he said he was cooking sausages and pancakes, and the teacher basically went, "oh, okay".


Was It Cool, Bruh?

When I came out as gay, I decided to come out to each of my siblings individually. By the time I got to my younger brother he just said "cool" and went back to what he was doing. Like most of my family he's very religious, so he does believe that homosexuality is a sin, but in that moment, he didn't feel like he had to remind me that like some of my family did.


Just Went DOWN

In high school football my teammate absolutely DESTROYED a kid on a punt return, both were full sprint straight into each other and my teammate was a state gold medal winner in 4 sprints, he ran over this kid and just got up... Stepped over the kid who hadn't moved yet... And walked back to the huddle like nothing happened one of the biggest hits I've ever seen. We found out the kid was hospitalized with a head injury for a week, I felt really bad for him.


Melissa's Priorities Were Solid

In 7th grade track tryouts the coach said "this isn't a club to lose weight or get skinny." and this girl Melissa sighed and walked out.



Had a teacher in high school lose his patience with our class. He stopped teaching and made it clear he couldn't be bothered any longer, if we didn't want to learn he didn't want to teach and he had better things to do. He made it clear he wasn't fussed as he already had his degree😉 with that he walked out got in his car and went to see a movie leaving everyone sitting there for 3 hours. Hell of a way to put a point across!


We ALL Got One!

A guy in my class in secondary school was sitting eating chewits and clearly not paying any attention during a maths lesson. The teacher finally called him out in the way he always calls out people eating, "If you're going to eat, you have to give something to everyone". The guy turned around and pulled five packets of chewits out of his bag, then wasted the next ten minutes of the class opening each pack and handing one sweet to each person in the room, finishing with the teacher.


Nom Nom Nom

At my previous company, we had a meeting to discuss the loss of funding from an investor. The CEO was laying into us and saying our fault even though he was the one to cause this. During his angry paragraph about no loyalty, our co-worker pulls out a massive bag of Doritos. She doesn't even try to be quiet. She rips it open and begins eating loudly. The CEO starts screaming at her so she then offers him some and everyone else. We all take some. The CEO says he'll report us to the owner. We then leave him alone and go back to work. The owner sent private emails to all of us to thank us for handling the situation properly. CEO was fired a couple of days later due to losing us an investor by being rude and racist.