People Share The Best Hacks To Spice Up A Grilled Cheese Sandwich
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What's the ultimate comfort food?

In the United States and Canada, grilled cheese will make a lot of people's lists.

With United Kingdom variants referred to as a toastie, toasted cheese or Welsh rarebit, the combination of bread and melted cheese in a portable package is popular in many areas of the world.

But how do people improve on perfection?

Redditor Apprehensive-Wolf999 asked:

"How do you add a little razzle dazzle to a grilled cheese sandwich?"

Anti-Vampire Version

"Butter the bread with garlic butter."

- NotNinjalord5

"Roasted garlic butter!"

"You can take a clove and mash it into butter, then spread it on the bread."

- Meowmers246



"Unpopular opinion here, but if you grate the cheese it melts a lot better than if you do slices."

- Parks-G

Patience Is A Virtue

"Just cooking it properly makes all the difference."

"Low and slow."

"Cooking it fast and hard just makes a toasted cheese sandwich."

- Cmonredditalready

"Everyone in college used to hate the cafeteria food. Except me."

"They had grilled cheese down to a science and I have not been able to get a grilled cheese that good anywhere else."

- CasualDNDPlayer

"It's the even heat of a giant grill."

- Cmonredditalready


Indian Touch

"I put some Indian mango pickle in there."

- crispyfade

​A Bit Of Pep

"Black pepper, I'm telling you it just makes a difference. And a damn good one."

- AnaDicoski

"Oh yea! Total gamechanger for me!"

- mibuikus


Mix It Up

"Swap cheeses."

More bite? Sharp cheddar. Spice? Pepper jack. More creamy? Swiss."

"Mix and match to dial in your perfect flavor. Just be careful if you experiment with softer cheeses."

- JanxAngel

Cheesy Crispy Crust

"Add some parmesan cheese to the outside."

"You start by having enough fat (butter, margarine, mayo, whatever your preference is) on the outside of the bread that the parmesan will stick.

"Also, don't blast it with heat; keep the heat low so that the bread and the cheese toast nicely. This also helps with getting the cheese on the inside to melt."

- GrumpyCatStevens

"I melt the cheese in the pan, similar to making a crisp, and drop the bread on it as soon as it starts to melt."

"Depending on the timing, I'll sometimes cook the sandwich most of the way and drop it into the toasting cheese."

- hobbesx


Change It Up

"Change bread."

"My go to is sourdough, but rye and pumpernickel can give good results, just be sure to balance your cheese choices against the stronger flavors."

"Nothing says both slices have to be the same bread either."

- JanxAngel

Bread or Cheese?

"Multiple fancy cheeses."

- y2k_zeitgeist

"Honestly the bread is more important than the cheese, and if you choose the wrong cheese you get a greasy mess."

"Low moisture cheeses like Gouda work well."

- Due-Cartographer-702

"Cheese is most certainly more important than the bread."

- GarbageTheClown

"I would like to argue that both are equally important."

- beepboopdata


Just The Right Surface

"Cook it in a cast iron pan."

"Turn the heat on 3. Let it heat up for a few minutes."

"Put a generous pat of real butter in the pan, not on the bread."

"Let it melt then put the sandwich on top of the melted butter."

- JanxAngel

About That Blend

"I'm a big fan of really sharp cheeses, so I like mixing Old Croc aged white cheddar, parmesan, and either Kerrygold white cheddar or Vermont sharp white cheddar."

- Ashley9225

"My go to has been a Cheddar-Gruyere."

- Jallorn

"Not exactly 'fancy', but recently I did 2 slices kraft singles, along with a generous layer of shredded cheddar/mozzarella mix."

"Made a huge difference, and the bit of mozzarella gave the cheese a really satisfying slight chewyness to the cheese."

- ill_Skillz



"Add a fried egg and mayo the insides of the bread."

- Feeling-Insurance-38

Bread Spreads

"I put mustard on the inside of the bread almost all the time."

"Sometimes I have put some homemade pickled onions—well drained."

"Or some diced up pickles—sometimes dill, sometimes kosher dill, sometimes sweet, or sometimes a mix."

"I have never used premade relish though."

- tanukis_parachute

"Grey Poupon is amazing with grilled cheese... take it from me."

- grilldcheese2


Crunchy Cheese

"Cheese cracker in the middle."

"Take shredded cheese put it on a non stick pan and burn it until it’s a solid cracker."

"Stick that in the middle of 2 regular cheese slices in the sandwich."

"Yum. Also bacon."

- inigos_left_hand

With A Side Of Dipping Soup

"Sourdough bread and a good dill pickle on the side, or a bowl cream of mushroom soup."

- lilfey333

"Tomato soup for us tomato soup people too! Dip the grilled cheese in it and take a bite."

- NathanClaire

"I thought so too, but then I thought about how mozzarella sticks function and started using a little bowl of Lucini Tuscan Marinara Organic Sauce for dipping instead and it’s an upgrade."

- J_Sto

"Sour dough bread. Lots of butter. White cheddar, orange cheddar, Parmesan, and gruyere.

"Add prosciutto and basil too to really kick it up a notch. Cook each side to a nice medium brown."

- TigerMcNicklaus



"Make it with Swiss cheese & cinnamon raisin bread."

"Trust the process."

- bakedpotat00


"Worcestershire sauce."

- batmamiam

"You put a few drops inside, on top of the cheese."

"Prepare to achieve nirvana."

- Bull_Goose_Loony

"Spread a little mustard with that and you almost have Welsh rarebit."

- MuscaMurum



"Sometimes I make them pizza grilled cheese."

"Mozzarella with pepperoni sammiched between, with some pizza seasoning on the butter as it cooks."

- whyisreplicainmyname

In A Jam

"Pair the right cheese (nice aged white cheddar) with a cranberry jam."

"Adds some sweet and tart to it. It's incredible."

- canuckwithasig

"A cheeser with some jelly is fucking gooooooood. I lay down a challenge any time the topic comes up in conversation."

"Give me any random combo of bread, cheese, and jam/jelly types and I will make it and eat it and it will taste good."

"The most bizarre combo so far I think was Challah with goat cheese and pepper jelly, and it was waaaaaaay tastier than I thought it was gonna be."

- M_TobogganPHD

"We have a wild berry here kind of like a cranberry. We call them partridge berries.

"They make a great semi-sweet and tart jam that works great with an old white cheddar on some nice home made bread."

- canuckwithasig


If You Know, You Know

"Commodity cheese will always be the secret to the best grilled cheese ever."

- LakotaGrl


It seems there are a lot of unique takes on the classic.

Do you have a favorite that didn't make the list?

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