Woman Livid After Husband Mocks ‘Barely Edible’ Birthday Meal She Made And Orders Food Instead
Not everybody has the cooking skills of a celebrity chef. Heck, not everyone can make microwave ramen without having to call the fire department. Those folks may just need to hang out in other rooms of the house, far from the kitchen. But a nice gesture is a nice gesture. When a bad cook concocts […] More
a graduation cap and a green tassel on a piece of wood
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Earning a college degree, especially a doctorate, takes a heck of a lot of work and definitely requires intelligence. Expertise in your usually narrow field of study definitely doesn't guarantee expertise in other areas — especially common sense, it seems.

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I'll gobble up pretty much anything.

But I do have my limits.

All people have culinary limitations.

Some menus, as fabulously touted as they are, just don't do it for everybody.

Everything popular is not everybody's cup of tea... or cake, for that matter.

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Woman cooking with large pot in kitchen
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We can't all know and be experts in everything, but there are some things that are vital for us to know, like the basics of keeping a clean home and cooking simple, healthy meals.

But a lot of us were raised in households that taught us a lot of those vital basics, leaving us to have to figure them out on our own.

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Teen Balks After Mom Forbids Him From Making Himself Food Unless He Cooks For Older Siblings
As a parent, it’s important to support a child’s growing passions, especially if it’s something they enjoy, can use to relax, and might even see a future in someday. But when there’s a lot of arguing going on in the household, especially among siblings, sometimes parents have to make tough calls, and it isn’t always […] More