People Break Down Their Absolute Favorite 'Lazy Meals'
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"Lazy meals" around here usually just mean grazing some deli meats out of the drawer - let's keep it totally real.

Between my ADHD and my super busy schedule, cooking is one of those necessary evils that annoys me daily. "We have to do this AGAIN?!" pretty commonly gets sighed when someone asks me what's to eat.

So I've gotten good at both non-cooking, as above, and meals that taste amazing, might take a long time, but don't necessarily require a lot of effort or supervision (looking at you, picadillo, slow roasts, and baked pasta dishes.)

Reddit user centstwo asked:

"What's your go-to lazy meal?"

Not only do I feel better about the whole grazing thing, but I'm taking notes on some of these people's ideas. All I'm seeing here are time saving tips.

On Deck

Rainbow Pizza GIF Giphy

"I keep a cheap frozen pizza on deck for the laziest of meals."

"I just get the 3 meat pizza and add whatever shredded cheese I have on hand before I pop it in."

- ADamnTroll2

"We call this the 'emergency pizza' in my house."

- MultiPass21

"I do this, or rather I intend to do this."

"Unfortunately I end up eating them because I want to eat them, and not when I'm feeling lazy."

- nonresponsive

"Get yourself a pizza stone, you will not regret it."

- farlos75

Store Spätzle

"Lentils with Spätzle (traditional german noodle made from eggs) - store-bought."

"I'm sadly not one of those who can afford making anything from scratch. But on the other hand I think spätzle are pretty much the easiest type of pasta to make from scratch."

- Tschnitzl-sama

Your Melty Majesty

"Grilled cheese sandwich"

- NorthernRoost

"Or a quesadilla, depending whether bread or tortilla are closer to hand."

- Porrick

"With Tomato Soup."

- rufev

"Add ham"

- Fubared259

"That's not a grilled cheese, that's a melt."

- agreeingstorm9

True Laziness

frozen anna sleeping GIF Giphy

"Sleep. True laziness is being too lazy to even eat."

- Kind-Replacement5788

"I used to not know if I was more tired or hungry. So I would make a hot dog, eat it in bed and fall asleep."

- estherober

"Coffee will take the hunger edge off, too. Gonna go do that now since I’m too lazy to eat."

- mashtartz

"If you’re tired and hungry…. Staying awake to eat you’ll still be tired. Go to sleep and you won’t be hungry."

"Residency with a toddler pro tips- sleep always wins"

- Mxhashim

Cereal Snacking

"Honey Nut Cheerios."

"I eat the entire box in bed with a box fan running."

- CPOP1-slash-CPOP0

"Cinnamon Toast Crunch, in a red solo cup, covered with milk. No spoon necessary."

- Iamjimmym

"I like the regular Cheerios but I add my own honey if I’m having it with milk, and if no milk can eat it with my hands without honey and without getting sticky."

- gahiolo


"Scrambled eggs and cheese wrapped in a warm tortilla"

- Relative-Language-55

"This is my breakfast lmao"

- Marble____

"This is the correct answer."

- little_mushroom_

"Ha - made this for myself, husband, and and oldest child just today for lunch. Good stuff, yo."

- MagpieMandible

Nothing On It, Nothing In It

"Hawaiian Bread, nothing on it, nothing with it, just bread."

- -bonkbonk-

"As a kid I would sneak and eat them just plain. Hits the spot."

- OklahomaIsWhere86

"My 2 year old son watched me eat a whole bag one day."

"Now it's his favorite snack and he cries for it like you'd expect a toddler to cry for sweets."

- No-Smoke3180

Jazz It Up

bam yes GIF Giphy

"There is a nearby supermarket that sells smoked shredded pork. When you get it home its cold and not very good, so what I do is fry it in a pan with diced onions + garlic. It is delicious and takes like 4 minutes to make."

"There are these delicious challah buns I used, but they keep catching on fire in the toaster."

- ooo-ooo-oooyea

It Just Keeps Getting Worse

"Hotdogs. Like sad hotdogs"

"Out the can into boiling water and the bun is put in the microwave for 10secs then just a little bit of sauce."

"Yes, I said can. Ye Olde Oak brand."

"I'm a Brit to make this whole hot dog situation worse."

- RedRoodle27


- Alright_Hamilton


"Pepperoni chips."

"Line a plate with paper towels. Cover the plate in pepperonis, while they’re only partly overlapping."

"Put in microwave for 2-2 1/2 mins."

- jscncfl

Now that you've heard from the chefs of Reddit, it's your turn. What's your go-to meal for when serious cooking is too much to ask?

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