People Describe The Best Celebrity Interactions They've Ever Had

People Describe The Best Celebrity Interactions They've Ever Had
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Famous people are normal people too.

There are countless videos and stories of famous people granting meetings and giving hugs and they're always heartwarming. So don't be afraid to say hi to your favorite high-profile personality if given the chance!

Redditor u/owen__wilsons__nosewanted to hear all about the times many of us have come face to face with the famous we love by asking:

Who's the most famous person you've interacted with?

I've met a few solid celebrity folks. My favorite being the glorious Joanna Lumley from "AB FAB" fame. She was kind and generous and just as funny as you'd hope she'd be. The complete opposite of her fabulous but hideous character of Patsy. I love you Joanna!

Coffee with Tom

"I had a coffee with Tom Hardy once before he got really famous. It was back in the very early 2000s when he still a struggling actor in London. Seriously nice dude."

- the_littlehobbit

"Can confirm he is a nice dude - met him on his birthday, a few years back when he was famous, outside work. Took the time out to have a convo and take pics."

"Seriously, such a nice and confident man. Even though he was trying to hide behind his beak cap - when he noticed I recognised him he still came up to me and spent about 5 minutes with me and my friend. Felt sorry for his wife as she was waiting around."

- lonelyfool7


sandra bullock stars GIFGiphy

"George Clooney - Chill, friendly guy but the most jarring thing was that the tan is 100% fake."

- fireflyfly3

Good Harry

"My wife's aunt used to own a store in a small town where movies were often filmed. One day a man and woman came in and approached the counter. The woman wanted some specific item, but the aunt wasn't sure if they carried it. After a few questions the man said he was going to look around the shop. Once he was out of earshot, the aunt said, "Your husband looks exactly like Harrison Ford!" The woman said, "Yes, that's because he is Harrison Ford."

- disgruntled_pie

"solid choice"

"I work at a luxury skin care store. Met lots of celebs but my favourite was Jake Gyllenhaal. He was holding an empty cup of ice cream from a local place. I got ballsy and asked him which flavor he got. He said " cookies and cream" to which I replied "solid choice", he then deeply looked into my soul with his beautiful eyes and said "I don't mess around". Praising myself to this day for keeping it professional."

- julesD00

The Climber

GIF by bublyGiphy

"Michael Buble was my youth rock climbing coach/instructor."

- pilsnerpapi84

"Come climb with me let's climb, let's climb away."

- xLiquidx

I'm so happy when hot guys are nice, are those are some hot guys. I love coffee and ice cream. Someone please tell Tom and Jake. I'm waiting by the phone.


Doc Brown GIF by Back to the Future TrilogyGiphy

"Christopher Lloyd. He was my ex-wife's uncle. Came to our wedding. Super nice guy."

- SecretPerspective826

Hey May

"My ex-wife was good friends with Floyd Mayweather Sr. He and his wife would hang out with us on occasion and I did the brakes on their minivan. Really nice guy but you could tell he got hit in the head one too many times. I never met his son though."

- ammodog69


"I met Willem Defoe at a film fest when The Lighthouse came out. I goofed on him by appreciating his performance as Green Goblin in Batman. Then after we watched the film there was an after party event at a museum which I got there pretty early for and Willem showed up early as well. We got to chat a bit and I have to say he's a really nice guy. Also earlier that day I bought an old Tom Clancy book from a thrift store and dropped out of the pages was a mint condition movie ticket for Saving Private Ryan when it was in theaters back in 1998."

"I was telling someone that at this party since I still had the book on me and they freaked out going "Holy crap! Willem Defoe was in that movie! You should get him to sign it!!" I asked if they were sure because that didn't sound right and they were certain. So I approached Willem for a third time that night and got his autograph on the back of the movie ticket."

"Wellll I found out almost immediately after since I decided to Google it that he was not in fact in Saving Private Ryan. It was Platoon that the person I was talking to was thinking of. The ticket still sits in the Tom Clancy book today! I only read the first chapter, really need to get around to reading it 😅 Edit: Here's the Proof!"

- OhTheYearWas1778

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"I got this"

"I was ice skating in NYC at Rockefeller Center and Conan was having lunch in one of the restaurants that face the rink. I took a nasty fall and Conan stands up, applauds and laughs hysterically at me. After I am done skating, I am walking thru the concourse at Rock Center, stop at a Starbucks and order a coffee. The guy behind me puts his hand on my shoulder and says, "I got this." It was Conan. He apologized for laughing at me, buys me a $50 gift card and then calls his assistant who got me a car to drive me home."

- ReganMacNeil1973

The Best

Love You Kiss GIFGiphy

"Robin Williams during an early Ride for the Roses. I was working the shop space and he needed snacks. I just gave them to him."

- masomenus


"Nick Offerman. It was my bachelor party and we happen to be eating at the same bratwurst restaurant. As he was leaving we asked if he was open to take some pictures. I had asked him if he had any marriage advice. And this is what he said. 1. You're doing the right thing. 2. She is always right. 3. EAT LOTS OF SAUSAGES."

- Patchypiper


"I spilled my drink on Billy Idol. He didn't notice. I was standing behind him at the time. Somebody bumped into me and about half the liquid in my cup splashed on his back. He was wearing a leather jacket, so he didn't feel it. I casually walked away."

"ETA: I was horrified when the drink got on him. I expected him to turn around, real angry. I had just enough time to think "Oh well, getting my a@s kicked by Billy Idol will be a good story at least." When I realized he didn't notice, I thought I'd best be going.

- TheRealHiFiLoClass


winning sugar ray GIF by The Meredith Vieira ShowGiphy

"I met Mark McGrath at Warped Tour. He spilled HIS daiquiri on me, and then bought me one because he felt bad and/or he thought it was my drink. He was very drunk. I was 17."

- paetrixus


"Prince! He was at a professional salsa contest, at a place called, The Mayan, early 2000s. I ran up to him after, in my heels, stopped in front of him, two huge bodyguards on each side, but I froze. He looked at me and said..."you're adorable", they kept walking. Lol!"

- CalifNative73

"I met him twice. Used to work at The Beverly Hills Hotel and he was a guest. First time, I was called to his room to help him set up his in-room studio gear. We didn't chat at all (he actually stayed in the small anteroom and didn't come out. It was about 10 pm and I had just ended my shift, made a special trip to come back when the concierge called me).

"He just said "thank you" softly from behind a door when I told him I was finished. A couple weeks later I get a call from the concierge telling me Mr Armstrong (that was the name he used) asked for me by name. Went to his private bungalow, he warmly greeted me and I helped connect his laptop to WiFi."

- coldcherrysoup

Sir David!

"I was a student picking up waitering jobs in London. I worked a shift at the British museum where they were opening a new exhibit. The Queen was invited to come and open the exhibit. There was a lot of buzz about the Queen coming, and security was everywhere. However the real VIP in attendance was Sir David Attenborough. I saw him inconspicuously arrive and slip into the crowd. I went straight up to him and offered him a drink."

"Just as I spoke to him the Queen was announced and everyone started to line up to be greeted (like that scene from Mr Bean). So he turned and said to me "I don't want to be caught with a drink in my hand by the queen" and he chuckled. The Queen only spoke a single word to everyone except when she got to him. She stopped and they chatted and laughed for 5 minutes before she continued down the line. Sir David, what a legend!"

- NippleTwisted

She loves my shoes!!

"Hell if I know. I am NOTORIOUS for not recognizing celebrities. It's why my boss sent me on all the runs involving famous people. Now I did recognize Dolly Parton immediately so I'll go with her. She was always so awesome. She always got a kick out of my shoes lol. "Girl I don't know how you run up and down steps all day totin' them bags!"

"(I was big on those towering platform shoes that were popular in those days. They actually weren't bad at all to run around in 13 hours a day while toting massive hotbags full of food.)"

- maddomesticscientist

Tiny Dancer

elton john b-b-b-b-b-benny and the jets GIFGiphy

"I met Elton John on a plane. People don't believe me because, why tf would Sir Elton be flying commercial. He bought every ticket in first class and when I walked by I did a double take and he gave me a smile and a nod."

- Seasonalchange

The Giant!

"I was a teenage boy in the nineties with a backstage pass to a wrestling show. Big Show asks me, ever so politely, to get him and the announcer guy some cigarettes. I'm too young to buy cigarettes. I don't know where to buy cigarettes. But when a freaking GIANT asks for cigarettes, you figure out a way. I ran across the parking lot of the packed Silverdome arena to the gas station to buy cigarettes. He shook my hand for it and gave me entirely too much for a tip along with an autograph that I was too intimidated to ask for. Great dude."

- Neinbozobozobozo

So Humble...

"J Cole... This was a few months before he dropped 2014 FHD. He basically had a free concert in my city and after the concert My friend and I went to restaurant to watch a fight and have dinner. 20 mins later J Cole walked in and both us freaked out. He and his manger Ib noticed and joined us at the bar to watch the fight and have dinner. One of the best hour of my life. He covered for our dinner and appreciated the convo we had. I ended up meeting him again 4 years later and he still remembered me. One of the most humble guys I've ever met."

- BallIzLyfe95


Keanu Reeves Reaction GIFGiphy

"Keanu Reeves stayed at my mom's bed and breakfast for a weekend in the mid 90's. He was traveling with his band before shooting speed. He was awesome, we showed him around town and played video games together."

- ishitmypants1s

It's always encouraging when the ones we idolize are worth the worship. Never forget where you came from, a motto some of them seem to remember. And God Bless Robin Williams.

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