Bedroom Decorations That Make Someone Instantly Unattractive
Shashi Chaturvedula/Unsplash

Your bedroom is a reflection of who you are. It's the heart of your dwelling, with an aesthetic that is personal and at which you are at your most vulnerable, physically, and emotionally.

So when it's finally time to share the space with a romantic partner, either one of these things is bound to happen.

You'll most likely have an erotic experience charged by mutual passion, or the person you lured into your sexy lair will take one look at your collection of vintage dolls and politely nope out of there.

Curious to hear about bedroom aesthetics and their influence on people, Redditor kyle21irvin asked:

"What is a bedroom decoration that makes somebody unattractive?"

These are decorations for some, living nightmares for others.

Liquid Dreamz

"piss bottles in the corner of their room."

"speaking from experience."

"don't ask."

– Lunahdjd

"Eww- my bf when I was a teen (now ex bf) used to do this because his room was in the basement and he was too lazy to go upstairs. Once cause you’re sleeping? Ok but get rid of it the next day. No- he started using regular cups from the kitchen and just leaving them in his room. It stunk and molded."

"I said something about it and he flipped out on me and said I embarrassed him (it was just us in the room). He progressively got worse, super narcissistic, gaslighting and emotionally abusive."

"So many signs I should have listened to but he already had me gaslighted. Horrible horrible time in my life."


We Got Company

"Dolls. Lots of dolls. Dolls that just stare at you. Dolls that judge your soul. Dolls that become possessed."

– SpaceDave83

Where The Bodies Go

"A blue 55 gallon barrel in the corner."

– ConservativeAdmin

What occupies the walls of a bedroom says a lot about a narcissist...or a horn dog.

His Altar

"Knew a guy that had a framed professional photo of himself, shirtless, over the top of his bed. 🙄"

– Low-Flamingo-9835


"If you’re a guy and you have too many posters of bikini-clad women on your walls, that’s a huge turn-off."

– Leeser

Tenacious Lover

"pictures of their ex."

– N47an131

These odd scenarios raised eyebrows.

Leave A Mark

"White butcher paper covering the entire backside of bedroom door. A black sharpie dangling on an attached string. Please don’t forget to sign as you exit ladies."

– Big_Category4439

A Wrong Impression

"The first night I brought my partner back to my apartment, I was telling him some stories about my dachsund (who lived at my mom's house). He saw a dachsund plushie sitting on the TV and thought that was what I was talking about."

"Later, when he met my dog, he said 'oh, what a relief! I thought you were crazy!'"

– Patiod

A Grip On Love

"Handlebars on the headboard."

– Optimal_Bad_8965

Bad Illumination

"Fluorescent lights. It makes everyone unattractive."

– festus1187

The Empire Strikes Back

"I once hooked up with a girl who, it turned out, kept a lifesize Star Wars stormtrooper mannequin in her bedroom."

"I have never been harder before or since."

- Toblerone05

Recycle Them

"Using old liquor bottles as decoration. Not special ones, but the kind that just show off that they drink excessively."

- Kimberlylynn2003

"Ugh yes my ex-boyfriend's friend collected monster energy cans and thought it was the epitome of aesthetic interior design to display them on a shelf."


Is that art?

"A former roommate had several paintings of crying women in his room. One very large and amateurish... Brought a lot of women home though 🤷🏼♂️"


Nothing Is Just As Bad

"How about lack of decoration? Because a matress on the floor is not attractive."

- biomech36

We all have our unique tastes that inspire the look of our bedrooms, and I don't judge anyone's personal aesthetic within reason.

But huge turn-offs for me are bad hygiene and untidiness.

As an example of the latter, I would say rolling over onto a plate of dried SpaghettiOs just as things are getting heated is not something I would say is an element of a romantic evening.

Yeah, it was over before the pants even came off.

"I have to respond to this text," said I, as excused myself when my phone wasn't even in the same room.

Leave your dirty dishes in the sink, or wash them while you're there, people.