Things That Are Considered Basic Knowledge That Many People Don't Know

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Once we're "all grown up," we like to think we know all there really is to know in life.

But sometimes it's startling how much a person still has to learn.

Already cringing, Redditor ej1273 asked:

"What's considered basic knowledge that many people don't know?"

Road Safety

"I feel like it is a common sentiment that all semi-drivers are good drivers because they have to get licensed and whatnot."

"This is not true anymore. I mean, they still have to get licenses but the industry is in such dire need of drivers that they're just kinda hand waving a lot of s**t and now we have a bunch of idiots driving huge murder trucks."

- CopeH1984

Car Signals

"When your turn signal starts blinking at 2x speed, it's a warning that one of your turn signal bulbs is out."

- gbarfoot

Car Health Checks

"Check your tire pressure. Every time you get your oil changed, you need to check all five tires. Yes, all FIVE! The average car on the road has five, the four on the ground and a spare."

"That spare will do f**k-all for you if you have a flat, and it’s been at 2 PSI for a year."

"While we’re at it, make sure your jack, wrench, lug nut key, and possibly some gloves are always in the car."

- pauliep13

Building Things

"Measure twice, cut once."

- ahughes918

Paying Taxes

"Not everything is a tax write-off. I'm convinced 99% of people have absolutely no understanding of tax credits and just parrot what other people tell them."

- ShawshankException

More Taxes

"Tax brackets, oh my god. The number of times I've heard some mal-educated idiot act as though earning more money will result in less money in their pockets because they'll go into a higher tax bracket is scary. And to think these people vote, and sit on juries... Absolutely terrifying."

- TerritoryTracks


"Antibiotics don’t work on viruses."

- Trick-Grade-9164

Staying Warm

"Drinking alcohol makes a person FEEL warmer but you're much more susceptible to freezing to death."

"The reason that it was given to people when they were found freezing was actually because they had been found. And opening up the blood vessels to get blood into the extremities helped prevent frostbite."

"So you could say that alcohol decreases your chance of frostbite, but increases your chance of dying. If you know how long you have until help arrives, you can use this to your advantage."

- Picker-Rick

Shopping Etiquette

"It is very easy to not block the whole aisle with your cart at the grocery store."

- AnaisGiovanna

Public Transport Manners

"That forgetting your headphones doesn't mean we want to hear you scrolling through TikTok on the bus."

- maddog232323

No Money Back

"How not to fall for a very obvious scam on the internet."

- FlashTheorie


"Yelling louder doesn’t make you more correct."

- Longjumping_event_59

Essential Home Care

"Where their water shutoff is in their house."

- MakennaTalia

Healthy Diet

"Low-calorie food doesn't mean healthy food."

"Vegan doesn't mean healthy."

"Fats aren't unhealthy."

- david_bragg

For the Love of Grammar

"How to use there, their, and they’re."

- paulboyrom

While these were all basic concepts to some people, it was surprising how many people did not know some of them. And ironically, some of them could really make someone's life easier.

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