Bartenders Break Down The Craziest Things They've Overheard While Making Drinks
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Belly up to the bar folks, 'cause there are some wild tales to be told as you sip your sarsaparilla.

Those who work behind bars meet people from all walks of life and hear a variety of unusual anecdotes.

I never worked as a bartender, but I know they get an earful from babbling patrons who have had one too many to drink.

Curious to hear about the wild life stories shared at bars, Reddit xXSlimi_Gacha009 asked:

"Bartenders of reddit, what was the weirdest/craziest thing you have overheard while making someone's drink?"

Attention Seekers

Patrons say the darnedest things.


"The first restaurant/bar i worked in I was only serving but I frequently was in the section right next to the bar. One day I was busy serving a large group, but the restaurant was mostly empty and a guy behind me at the bar said 'you wanna pet my parrot?' my initial reaction was the same as if a stranger had just come up behind me and touched my shoulders but when I turned around... It really was a guy with a parrot on his shoulder. The parrots name was Bobby and yes both me and the bartender pet him 😂"


Sales Pitch

"I was tending bar during an extremely busy happy hour. The place was mobbed and super noisy. Suddenly, a guy sitting at the bar stands up and announces 'Ladies and gentlemen of the bar, I represent the Acme meat company and we carry a full line of high quality...'. The entire bar goes silent while he continues to do his sales pitch at full volume. For some reason he decided that this was a great time and place to hustle up some business. My manager sprinted over to him and told him knock it off and that kind of thing wasn't allowed in here. So he sat down and resumed drinking."


Favorite A**hole Bartender

"Regular of mine who I hadn't seen in awhile was sitting at the bar when I came in for a shift change."

"I came in the back way and noticed he had crutches leaning against the bar."

"Recently in the news someone hadn't had their shotgun properly secured in their truck and it went off..."

"So I jokingly say, 'you're that f'king idiot who blew off his leg arent you?'"

"The whole bar gets quiet and everyone is mean mugging me."

"My regular starts laughing..."

"Yeah, it was him. I had no idea. I didn't apologize, because as his favorite a**hole bartender those comments were expected of me."

"Poor guy was only 20 couple and blew his leg off close to the hip. No idea how he survived."


Murder Plot

"I was a bartender for about two weeks (filling in for a relative who owned a bar and went on his honeymoon)."

"I heard a guy talking to a woman about murdering her husband. I called the cops, but these patrons were gone before they showed up. This was before cameras, so I just gave my story and that was it."

"Not long after, my uncle calls me saying the cops are looking for me. They interview me about the couple. Apparently, the guy was a hitman for hire and the woman was trying to get some insurance money. She got busted."

"It was actually an episode of 'Forensic Files' back when that was on TV. I remember watching the episode and they said something like 'the couple was overheard discussing the murder in a bar.' I was kind of upset that they didn't mention me. Lol. I was hoping for, 'The awesome bartender overheard them, but couldn't really tell us much. He also pointed at the male in the photo lineup and asked 'Is this him?' as if he was unsure. What a f"king dope.'"

"Edit 1: I spent half of the day reading the descriptions of every episode that's streaming on Netflix and watching the ones that seemed relevant. I didn't figure it out and I'm sorry, but I just don't know which episode it was. I recorded it on a VHS tape years ago, but don't know where that is either. I'm moving, so if I come across it, I'll edit this and let everyone know which one it was."

"Edit 2: As I recall, the hitman wasn't a professional by any means. I think the episode said he was just a local junkie who'd pretty much do anything for his next fix."


Extremely Random

The following conversations were undoubtedly head-turners.


"From a woman to her friend, 'I don't know about you but I just can't poop in a pink bathroom.'"


Proud Pecker

"Someone was boasting about his 'Very small penis! VERY TINY! LIKE MICRO!' he proceeds to lower his pants and show it to his friend 🤷♀️"



Passions are inflamed where alcohol is in the mix.

Ferris Wheel Payment

"A married couple in their fifties arguing how they were going to explain the fact they couldn't pay the remainder of the 3 million euro bill for a Ferris wheel they'd ordered 18 months ago, already put a million deposit on, and who's collection was due at 8am the following morning."


That's Amore

"Man and woman is sitting at the bar. She starts crying and says 'I just want us to have something special'. The guy looked her dead in the eyes and said 'we do have something special, we have sex. We are both married'. 10 minutes later they are making out and she's rubbing him over his pants. I loved slow Wednesdays."


I'm a cheap date.

So whenever I'm halfway through my first – and usually ONLY – glass of cab sav at a bar, I know I'm talking in a stream of consciousness and volunteering embarrassing personal information.

Once, I confided to all the patrons and staff at a bar in Barcelona, France, about my embarrassing college experience. And I apparently gave a wild performance when the DJ played Prince's "Kiss."

I'm still searching this subReddit to see if any of the comments might be referring to me.

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