These Memes About The Change From August To September Are Hilariously Spot On 😆

September is here! August was sweltering (for many, it was the hottest summer of all time), but, as we all know, when autumn arrives on the 1st of September, the entire world cools off and people immediately switch to Halloween mode. Twitter celebrated this fact with some dynamite memes!

On September 1, the world gets a lot spookier.

People will finally get to wear all their autumn fashions!

It's never too early to prepare for trick-or-treat.

Ok, snow miser.

Not only is Halloween just a stones throw away from September 1—Christmas is also creeping up!

And, of course, everyone loves winter fashion...

Happy September, everyone! Looks like it's time to really start dressin.

H/T - Twitter, Mashable

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