Freelance artists are constantly having to deal with buyers who desperately try to buy their work.

All while insisting it isn't as valuable as the artist claims it is.

Reddit user I-Have-A-Headache recently experienced this phenomenon first hand when she was approached by a fan asking if he could buy a $200 painting.

There was just one problem: since the painting depicted an "inappropriate" act, he felt she should be charging him a lot less.

I-Have-A-Headache screen-captured the entire infuriating exchange and shared it to Reddit.


The nameless buyer flies between being interested in and being offended by the painting with suspicious ease.


The buyer tried to haggle I-Have-A-Headache down to around 25% of her asking price.

This was obviously a no-go.


After trying to shame I-Have-A-Headache for her art, the buyer raised their offer to $75.

At that point the artist wisely ended the exchange.


I-Have-A-Headache told Bored Panda this is a rare occurrence for her:

"I don't do commissions per se, I just paint when I have free time (I'm unemployed and taking a semester off school, so I have an incredible amount) and just nonchalantly sell it on my page. People don't usually haggle too much since my prices are usually very fair since this is more of a hobby rather than a means of income."

She was also shocked at this behavior from someone who she'd considered a fan!

"Also I haven't been in the game super long, so I don't get much business anyway. This person was definitely an outlier and had been following my page for a while so I was kind of shocked that they had liked all my posts and would comment such encouraging things yet offer such a small amount of money for one of my more tedious, detailed pieces."

Reddit users were quick to mock the buyer's simultaneous interest and condemnation.

jdredger commented:

"Disgusting. How much?"

rachool2 relayed a similar sentiment:

"its disgusting. ILL TAKE IT"

LittleRedLamps also sounded off:

"This is Michelangelo's David, valued at over $10 million."
"What's he doing?"
"Standing naked."
"Inappropriate. I can do $50."

Like many of us, germaniumest was perplexed by the buyer's behavior:

"Why'd they even want it if they find it so inappropriate? These sardines come up with the dumbest reasons to get a lower price."

pumper911 summed up the outrage of artists everywhere pretty well:

"This is f***ing ridiculous. That's like if I went to the movies and asked for 75% off the ticket prior to going because it's an R rated movie and it's too inappropriate"

Of course, iforgetredditpsswrds has to admire such brazen and insulting negotiations.

"That's some shrewd negotiation tactics."

A bunch of people posted saying they would like to see the painting, but I-Have-A-Headache could offer them only bad news:

"Hi everyone who is here about the painting! Thank you all so much for your interest!!"
"It is amazing seeing so many people curious about my work but unfortunately, unlike my art Instagram/gallery, my reddit is connected to my personal email and gives away some details about myself in my post history."
"Why is this an issue? Because I'm also a local graffiti artist and my paintings in shop resemble some of the graffiti I've done in my city."
"I very well could just be very paranoid but I like to be precautious and if anything were to get traced back to me, I could lose a lot. Sorry!!"

That's when FuzzIVXX put it all together:


H/T - Reddit, Somecards, Bored Panda

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