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Anyone who has experienced a kidney stone will know just how painful and horrible the passing process can be.

Not to mention, going to the hospital in those circumstances (or any, really) is never on anyone's list of to-do's.

Anna Kendrick recently had to experience just this.

The actress recently experienced her first kidney stone while in Atlanta.

She described the experience as:

"when [she] was at [her] most vulnerable and terrified."

However, despite the fear and discomfort she experienced, she made sure to thank the numerous medical staff who helped her through the tough time.

In a series of Tweets mid-day yesterday, the Pitch Perfect actress recognized the doctors and nurses she met by name.

Kendrick named the personnel who particularly struck her during her hospital stay.

She also shared that when she was getting the "heavy shit right before [she] went under", she joked:

"If I die, clear my search history."


Last, Anna explained that she was afraid that her pain wasn't actually anything at all and that she was overreacting, but that the women she named put her at ease during the anxiety-ridden time.

People are in awe of the fact that the movie star took the time to not only thank her doctors and nurses, but that she remembered their names.

Others are sending the actress wishes of a speedy recovery.

Be sure to thank your doctors, and especially your nurses, for all of their hard work and dedication.


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