People Share Their All-Time Best Travel Tips That Most People Don't Know

Man at the airport watching a plane taking off

Now that pandemic protocols have been lifted for the most part, inexperienced travelers should take advantage of the time to visit places they've always wanted to see or dreamed of seeing in lockdown.

Unfortunately, a myriad of excuses can delay one's inclination to wanderlust–including a lack of finances and a fear of the unknown.

But thankfully, Reddit is here to prove it can be a great resource for travel information that isn't generally known to the public.

Inspired by a search for wisdom, Redditor HugeDismissal asked:

"What is your best travel tip that most people don't know?"

Know before you go.

Sharing The Journey

"Let your family back home know your travel itinerary."

– DuckFlat

Price Search Hack

"Try searching for flights in the airline’s original language. I once saved $700 booking tickets in Peru by using Spanish rather than English."

– Huge-Recognition-366

Plan B

"When flights get canceled, don’t stand in line to talk to an agent. Call the airline."

– PebbleBeach1919

For packing, it might behoove you to keep these in mind.

Packing Method

"Roll everything, fold nothing."

– ThegatiX

A Perfect Disguise

"For photo equipment or all kind of expensive stuff: put some duct tape on it. If it looks broken, nobody wants to steal it."

– SensitiveDolphin55

Once on a flight, these tips may come in handy.

Take Note

"Three things; 1.) bring an orange. If someone you are sitting next to smells bad you can open the orange up as a natural deodorizer. 2.) Bring a spare pair of socks and change socks after you are settled on your flight, train, etc. Put the sweaty socks away in a plastic bag. Dry socks after a long day of travel feel luxurious. 3.) Stupid and Cheerful. A cop stops you in a foreign country? Stupid and cheerful. Never be belligerent. A border guard says your papers aren’t in order? Stupid and cheerful. The airline says you are too late to board? Stupid and cheerful. Cheerful always works better than aggressive. And it transcends culture. I knew an elderly couple who literally drove across the whole of Africa and “stupid and cheerful” was their advice. It’s far harder to punish someone if they simply claim ignorance and are smiling."

– daveescaped

The Best Travel Companion

"Who you go with is way more important than where you go."

– AliJoof

Once you reach the destination, now what?

Booking Affording Lodging

"The best room in a cheaper hotel is often better than a standard room in a more expensive hotel. When looking for luxury on a budget, don't overlook the cheaper hotels - they often have fantastic suites for what you'd pay for a standard room somewhere pricier."

– distantapplause

Not Like The Romans Do

"Nobody wakes up early. Like you can wake up before dawn and get fantastic golden hour pics when the city is empty then go back for breakfast and a nap before heading out for lunch."

"Like the best city for this is Rome. No one is around and you can get wide shots that would never happen during the day and the lighting is better."

– ActualWhiterabbit

Expert Advice

"If you're asking for an opinion, don't ask the opinion of someone who's being paid to provide it."

"Want to know where the best meal near your hotel is? The cleaner isn't getting a kickback from the nearest steakhouse, but the concierge probably is."

"Want to know the easiest way to get to the airport? The front desk clerk is going to tell you to hire the hotel preferred transfer, but the barman will probably tell you what train to catch for 1/20th of the price."

– dannyr

Now that you have these handy tips jotted down, there are no more excuses to delay travel plans.

The world is your oyster.

So why not take advantage of it?

Because trust me, once you get out of your bubble, you'll be glad you got to experience the wonder of discovery and adventure you can't find by looking at pictures or videos of the places you've been longing to visit.

Any other travel pearls? Let us know in the comments below.

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