People Debate Which Song They'd Choose To Play For Aliens To Best Represent Humanity
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Alien invasion movies typically portray extraterrestrials as hostile entities endeavoring to either enslave us by inhabiting the earth or blow it up into smithereens.

But while the very thought of an unsolicited visit from beyond the solar system is terrifying, what if they want nothing more than to get acquainted with us earthlings?

And while our species is getting to know the other, Redditor cocoperrier had an interesting hypothetical he posed to strangers on the internet.

And that was:

"If aliens asked you to pick one song to represent humanity what would you pick?"

People didn't hold back from what they really had to say about our humanity.

An 80s Classic

"Everybody wants to rule the world 👀"

– Vv-V

Getting Along

"Why Can't We Be Friends?"

– theniqk

What A Conservatorship Is

"Toxic - Britney Spears"

"All aliens need to know that this is a traditional ballad from the cradle of civilization."

– brentus86

Our Clock Is Ticking

"The final countdown - Europe. First 80s song I remember hearing, first song I played on the sax (that wasn't part of my learning songs). It's a banger and always will be."

– Wynonna99

Shifting Blame

"We didn't start the fire."

– NirinQuing

Accepting Our Fate

"It's the End of the World as We Know it (and I Feel Fine) by R.E.M."

– mrmitchs

When putting ourselves in a positive light, these songs seemed appropriate.

Hey Now

"You're an all star."

– L0AD13

Two Choices

"Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World.....Would be the aspirational choice."

"Theme from Sanford and Son .....Would be my personal choice."

– KirbyBucketts

It's Quite Bubbly

"The Coke song:"

"I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…I'd like buy the world a Coke and keep it company."

– NorthernStockNoob

Holding On To A Good Thing

"Never gonna give you up."


We Are Winners

"We are the champions of course."

– fantasy2301

These might work best as a playlist to welcome our martian friends.

Timeless Composition

"Beethoven's 9th symphony"

– Smooth-Reality-1434

"I was thinking Beethoven too, but one of the piano sonatas (no. 8?) or quartets (no. 14?)"

– GruckleBuck

"Welcome to the Jungle."

– Soylent-PoP

British Invasion

"Almost all the songs by The Beatles."

– dennis7x

I think there is no better introduction to humanity than the single most-performed song and most-translated song ever.

"It's a Small World (After All)."

The Sherman Brothers' earworm written for Walt Disney succinctly conveys a positive message of peace and brotherhood, and it represents the very essence of the humanity we can only hope to strive for.

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