Air B&B Hosts Share The Rudest Thing A Guest Has Done In Their Home

Air B&B Hosts Share The Rudest Thing A Guest Has Done In Their Home
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There's always the element of the unknown when it comes to booking an AirBNB. Is the apartment owned by a serial killer? Are the people booking the apartment serial killers? Are both of you serial killers about to have a stand-off? Who knows. But here are some of the craziest stories from AirB&B hosts (but not the serial killer kind).

u/Aura_Blaze_Official asked: People who rent out their houses for Air B&B, what is the rudest, most fucked up thing a guest has done in your home?

What terrible renters.

Not me but my sister.

She was visiting her boyfriend who lived in France at the time, and figured it was a good idea to put her apartment on air b&b.

There were 2 guys that ended up renting it for 9 days of the 3ish weeks she would be gone. Day 2 she got complaints from neighbours about garbage being thrown out the window, she lives on the 5th floor. She tried getting them to stop, when that didn't work she tried getting them to leave, didn't work either ofc.

She ended up calling our parents to get them to help with calling the police as she was still in another country. When the officer showed up they spit in his face and tried punching him. He got reinforcements and got them removed, idk what happened to them afterwards sadly.

As a side note: Air b&b was surprisingly helpful, and even handled all the legal things with the guys still paying for the full 9 day stay, without more than a quick call to describe what was happening.


Now THAT'S creepy.


Found a web cam in the bathroom. Not well hidden, can't really prove which guest it was, but it scared the **** out of me because I'd probably be liable if a guest found it.



Steal the cable for the tv. The next guests asked about the tv not working, and upon inspection we found that the physical cable from the tv to the cable was missing - taken by the previous guests.



That's so scary!

1st time was my last time.

But, rented to a young lady and her 5 year old son. Was supposed to be an overnight then she would return in a week for a second night.

We met the lady and her son, showed her around, she told us she would likely be gone by noon at the latest.

Wife and I showed up at house around 1:30 to clean up. Her car was still in the driveway, we knocked on the door, the little boy answers. Tells us his mommy won't wake up.

We found her lying on the floor next to the bed.

Apparently she had a heart attack in the night and tried to get to her cell phone.

The cops contacted her family, they came and got the little boy.

Lots of tears and emotion.

Wife and I decided that we didn't want that ever again. So, we took it off the site.


They must have read the Necronomicon.


Rented our holiday cabin out to come back to a disgusting smell of death, I don't know how else to describe it but we found 6 dead deer dragged underneath the house and like propped up to look demonic.

We rented it out to 5, 20 year old boys. Would love to know what really happened that weekend.



My sister rents out a unit that's attached to 2 other units. She told me about a guy who was a first time renter on the app. He seemed nice enough, but she got complaints from the neighbors about partying and loud music late at night.

She spoke to him the next day, he was super chill about it, but when he left, she found a mess. Beer cans and food everywhere and on top of that he spilled beer all over the mattress so she had to get a new one. She charged him for it and wasn't sure if he was gonna pay up, but he did. Wasn't super bad, but it was incredibly stressful for her.



Had a guest from NYC stay in our VRBO apt for a week. She was a bit snooty and bragged that she was coming to sell high end seafood to high end restaurants. She asked me to make sure and accept a large package of frozen seafood that was being overnighted to the house prior to her arrival. I did and put it in her apartment. She arrived and we didn't see her until the day she left. She told told all went well and she got several new clients. Then she presented us with a HUGE fillet of Tuna as a gift.

Once she left we went in to the unit to start cleaning and prepping for new guests arriving a few days later. The place was FILTHY! She threw her trash on the floor rather than in the trash cans. All of the washcloths were missing from the linen closet but none were in the laundry pile. I found three bloody wash clothes under a paper towel in the bathroom trash. It was the only thing in it. There was this bad smell and we couldn't figure out where it was coming from. After a thorough search we found it. She had been broiling seafood in the oven. That new oven was disgusting! The inside was caked in grease, fish scales and god knows what else. It took me one entire afternoon to get it clean.


Why do people suck so much?


A friend of mine rented out his condo to a family for 3 months solid. When the rental period was up, they refused to leave and he had to call the police out to get them to go.

Then he found out they had ruined the flooring in the kitchen by keeping a dog water bowl on the floor and letting water just get trapped under it until it soaked in day after day, week after week.

He said the kitchen looked like they'd been running a commercial restaurant because there was no way normal family meals could have accounted for the amount of grease and curry staining the walls.

They'd also left rotting food on the counters that had maggots crawling on it.

The kicker was he filed a complaint with AirBNB demanding a full refund of his 3 months rent because he wasn't happy with the rental.



Not me personally but there was an article in the newspaper of my hometown about an Air B&B that was turned into a brothel for about two weeks. When the owner returned home he still had men show up at his door looking for the girls.


Did they think it was Fabreeze?

Relative of mine has an AirBnb - Tenant decided they didn't like the place for some reason and took a can of emergency bear mace and sprayed all over the AirBnB before leaving.

Relative had to clean the place, eyes stinging the whole time, before a new AirBnb Tenant was to show up the next day.


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