When you've saved up all year for a vacation, hearing from your husband that the trip will have to be cut short because he took $800 out of the fund without consulting you could easily become a major point of conflict. One college professor who did just that, however, managed to stay out of the doghouse by explaining the inspiring reason he had dipped into his family's vacation savings.

As the weather was becoming colder and colder, the teacher (known only as James), noticed that one of his students was wearing the same clothes to class everyday. Knowing fashion is often at the bottom of some college student's list of priorities, he paid it no mind for a while. But as temperatures dipped below freezing, and his student continued to wear only a hoodie and sneakers to class, James felt he should check on the young man.

James told his wife the story of what happened in a text exchange shared to Imgur:



It turns out the student was living with his grandpa, who was retired short on cash. The student worked extra shifts at Chic-fil-a to help cover bills, but there was nothing left over weather-appropriate clothing.

Without missing a beat, James offered to take the student and his grandpa out to buy some proper, warm clothes. He had to dip into the vacation fund, but he hoped his wife would understand the $800 was well spent.

The professor's wife texted back her complete support of James's decision, saying:

"We'll talk when I get home but I am so proud of you. See if they have anyone to spend Christmas with, if not we always have room for two more."

Social media users were touched by the professor's generosity.

Facebook: God

Facebook: God

Facebook: God

Facebook: God

Facebook: God

Facebook: God

Making large investments without consulting your partner is normally inadvisable...but in cases like this, I'm sure loving husbands and wives would make an exception.

Well done, James, and keep it up!

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