People Break Down The Worst Thing You Could Ever Spill

Spillage is an issue. It is an embarrassing issue.

I hate spilling anything.

One of the main reasons is because I don't understand the damage.

I feel like when I'm cleaning a spilled ounce of water, it's an ocean. Liquid is deceptive. And scientifically it makes no sense.

But liquid is not the only thing that can spill over and cause drama.

RedditorMixed-chick_with_catwanted to discuss all the things we need to be more careful around, by asking:

"What's the worst thing you could possibly spill?"

As an ex waiter, wine—red wine specifically—was always the devil.

Do you know what spilling red wine can cost?

I do.

That's why I had a second job.

It's Everywhere

"Glitter." ~ LatterBlood

"I worked in a craft store and some toddler grabbed a glass canister of superfine glitter and threw it on the ground when their mother wasn't looking. It shattered. Glitter and glass everywhere. That aisle was never free of glitter ever again." ~ gentlybeepingheart


Warning: it's not a pretty story...

"An Organic mercury compound called dimethylmercury. It's ^edit: one of the strongest neurotoxin known to us. Even a small drop is enough to cause severe mercury poisoning. What makes it the worst thing to spill is that clean up will be difficult. It can penetrate latex (rubber gloves) and plastic."

"An expert died within 10 months of accidental exposure when a few drops landed on her gloves. The chemical seeped through her gloves and into her skin and caused neurological damage. If you want to read up on her, her name is Karen Wetterhahn. Warning: it's not a pretty story." ~ veryfascinating


"Pretty obviously, chlorine trifluoride." ~ SchillMcGuffin

"I work on systems used to handle aggressively awful chemicals and I always laugh seeing the really boring-looking text about how you can't have sprinklers on chlorine trifluoride ones."

"There's boring-looking text for other crazy things but nothing is funnier than casually seeing reject nazi chemical/incendiary weapons mentioned on a daily basis. There's also a safety bulletin about it talking about how the one time it did spill it burned through a foot of concrete and three feet of gravel." ~ deliciouslyexplosive

Bad Sweets

"Maybe not the absolute worst but powdered freaking sugar. Did it the other day. I'll never find it all. It's coated my entire home." ~ im-choading-you

"One time while at work, my cat somehow opened my cupboard and got into the bag of powdered sugar. When I say it was everywhere I mean everywhere. Kitchen, living room, bedroom even up the sides of the curtains. Looks like he had a great time tossing the bag around, would of loved to have been a fly on the wall to see that. But holly crap was it a pain to clean up." ~ chalrs123


"Nitroglycerin." ~ bnutbutter78

"Unless you're trying to blow up yourself or wherever you spilt it on. That stuff blows up if you look at it the wrong way." ~ Zkenny13


We need to do away with glitter.

It lives forever.

And chemicals?

As if I'm not scared enough.

Be Quiet

"Your guts... Metaphorically and literally speaking at same time." ~ turn_your_compote


Bad Water

"Bong water." ~ twig123456789

"Yeah had a mate whose flat mate kept spilling his. So my friend says 'when we move out you're paying to clean the carpets.' Nasty bugger (nah, he was a sweet guy) just moved out and didn't do it. It almost ruins carpets." ~ hastingsnikcox

"I have a silicone bong and while it's nice that it won't shatter, it's way too tall and top-heavy and i spill it constantly. That smell permeates." ~ plantiewitch

Spoiled Milk

"Never cried over spilt milk until after a 4am breast pumping session. I was still struggling to build up enough stock to go back to work. It was the most oz I had pumped all damn day and it slipped on the counter as I was putting on the lid. Instant devastation." ~ Melbee86

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Save the meal...

"The pot of chili." ~ endofthehold

"Going to a fall picnic in the Appalachian mountains. Brother-in-law driving, his wife (my sister) in the passenger seat, me and my younger sister in the back. They were arguing about something and he whipped the car into a parking area."

"The pot of chili at my sister's feet toppled over and emptied all over her feet and the floor mat. Thankfully it wasn't scalding hot and there was plenty of food from other family members to eat at the picnic." ~ NagromTrebloc


"A good drink." ~ yepotabog

"I dropped a full bottle of whiskey. Was thinking of going back the next day to put flowers there. I still have the bottleneck that was never opened. I now hold the box from the bottom." ~ scapegoat_88


Dumping Ground

"Oil into the sea." ~ spillymcspillings

"There is worse substances getting into the sea than oil, oil is actually one of the better things cuz it floats to the top its possible to clean up." ~ texasstrawhat

"Yea, but how much of it is being cleaned when compared to how much is dumped? Corporations need to take responsibility, and when the economy collapses next, some people will be desperate and angry enough to make them take responsibility." ~ Vlad-V2-Vladimir

Oh the pines...

"Pine-Sol. Back when I worked retail, a customer spilled an entire bottle of Pine-Sol - a floor cleaner that is supposed to be diluted in water before using - across several aisles. Turns out that undiluted Pine-Sol turns tile floors into an ice rink, does not like to be absorbed by paper towels or powder, and stinks to high heaven."

"I wish anyone complaining about retail workers quitting en masse could time-travel back to 2014 to join me for the evening I spent trying to clean up that crap as customers yelled at me for trying to redirect them so they wouldn't slip and fall while I was trying not to hurl from the intense stench." ~ tvgirl48


"There's a definitive answer to this - some of the worst smelling substances ever - BTW anything this guy won't work with you wouldn't want to spill :-)." ~ epl239


"I once spilled a whole gallon of milk into the carpet of my car in the middle of the summer. It was not good at all." ~ Representative_Bad57

Disgusted Nick Miller GIF by New GirlGiphy


"Fish sauce. My old roommate's daughter dropped a whole liter bottle of it on a ceramic floor right next to the fridge. It went under the fridge, got into the grout, stank for months." ~ beerandboogie

So Sticky

"Honey is quite annoying to deal with." ~ DimensionalLynx169

"Especially when it’s a large glass jar of honey dropped on a ceramic tile floor and you have a 2 yr old toddler demanding to know what you’re doing under the kitchen table." ~ mineandme

Into the Earth

"A micro black hole, just large enough to accrete matter faster than it loses it to Hawking radiation. It’s so dense, it’ll drop through the Earth’s crust and mantle like a bowling ball through a fog bank, and gradually swallow the planet from the inside out." ~ bonos_bovine_muse


"At our brewery we have a chemical called PAA (Peracetic acid) used for sanitizing and if you get it on you, your skin turns white and feels like you're getting stung by fire ants." ~ Gat_Gat_Habitat

Sounds Fancy

"Lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH4) wouldn’t be fun. It’s powerful enough to rip off any proton bonded to an electronegative atom. Also, when it reacts it releases a lot of heat and hydrogen gas." ~ ApprehensivePick2989

Reaction GIFGiphy

"clean it up"

"A gallon of organic mercury, it's so toxic that even breathing in fumes will kill you. To 'clean it up' you'd need to bury the whole building in a concrete dome and fill it with concrete." ~ jerrythecactus

Like a door knob...

"My dad worked in the Air Force in the 90's. He worked on Nuclear Missiles. He said that there was a small bottle of 'tridium' that went into each missile. Occasionally they would have to remove the bottle of tridium from the missile to perform maintenance."

"My dad said the bottle looked just like a small circular door knob. He said one time they played a trick on a guy by dropping a door knob. If they had actually dropped the bottle of tridium, everyone who was present would've died." ~ Minimalcharges

It's Everywhere!

"As someone who has worked in restaurants for 8 years, ranch dressing. When you spill it, it’s always a massive amount and it is almost impossible to fully clean up." ~ Latenight-crybaby

Walk slow.

Spill nothing.

And never... NEVER waste alcohol!

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