People Break Down Which Things Scream 'I'm Only Pretending To Be Rich'

Just because someone wears luxury clothing and jewelry, it does not necessarily mean they are wealthy.

As strangers on the internet have pointed out, some people like making a big deal about appearing rich – even though their bank accounts don't reflect that.

I remember wearing a sweatshirt from the GAP with the giant logo indicating where I got it and was mocked for it because it wasn't a "fancy" brand. Geez.

People can be so judgy in today's superficial society. And for the record, that pullover was not that cheap.

Curious to hear what strangers had to say, Redditor rock4lite asked:

"What screams, 'I am pretending to be rich?'"

Lacking Taste

"90% of the people here don't seem to get that you can be rich AND have bad taste."


"If you already have a bad taste, it won't suddenly become good just because you're rich. And at the same time - taste is subjective so to what extent should anyone care on whether they have a good or a bad taste, right? (I am in agreement with you btw. Just wanted to add to your comment)"


Holding $$$

"People who post pictures of them holding money."


"If you are holding the money, it isn't that much money."


Flashing The Brand

"Posting on social media the expensive stuff you buy and clearly showing the logo."


Posh Hotel

"My aunt does this all the time. That and photos of her 'expensive' vacations. She works for an airline and gets heavily discounted (sometimes free) flights."

"2 years ago she posted photos of herself and her husband staying at some crazy high end famous hotel (like $1k+ a night for basic rooms). The actual story behind it was that they were staying with a relative the whole week and she pressured her husband to pay for a single night there. But then post the photos like she was staying there the whole time."

"Her entire personality is pretending she is rich. In reality they are struggling because she is draining their life savings."


Flaunting It

"People who live in low income areas but spend their money on expensive clothes, shoes and jewelry that are Louis Vuitton just to flex on those who don't have it."


Expensive Wheels

"Don't forget their new sport car or Jeeps parked outside their mobile home. If my neighbor sold their three Jeeps their home might not fly away during tornado season with a foundation built under it."



"Coming from a car guy who would gladly own certain cars rather than a house. Sometimes the car just means more than a house would."

"There's actually a few people who have done this before too. From what I remember, one who was technically homeless in order to buy a Bugatti Veyron (I think he owns some business too though). There's also a YouTube who owns a R-32 GT-R and lives in what is the size of a shed."

"Just depends where your priorities lie."


"I Got This"

"Making a big deal out of paying something for someone. People who are well off might pay for things for you but they will try and be as chill and low key about it as they can. People who want you to notice and feel grateful or impressed by them are just trying to show off."


Excessive Accessories

"Wearing too much jewelry."

"'Jewelry is meant to adorn you, not make you look rich' - Coco Chanel"


"Mr. T would like a word with you."


mr t dancing GIFGiphy

Damaged Goods

"Having a newer model car and driving around with the collision damage. Like bro, you were able to 'buy' a new car but can't afford to get it fixed or the deductible to get it fixed?"

"Taking pictures and selfies with other people's nice stuff. (E.g. cars, liquor, table service at a club, etc)"


What's In Your Wallet?

"Reminds me of the time my coworker brought in her new $400 designer wallet that her 'boyfriend' (she didn't actually have a boyfriend) bought for her."

"I told her 'That's cool, but I'd rather have a $5 wallet, and $395 to put in that wallet.'"


Shots For Everyone!

"Dropping $250 cash to buy a round of overpriced shots (Patron, Hennessy, etc). They always want to carry the tray and hand out shots to all their friends and whomever is nearby. As a bartender I see this all the time, yet their card gets declined when they try to start a tab because it doesn't have the $5 on it for the preauth. The people with actual money take a quiet table, order, and subtlety hand me their card saying they have this round."


Dramatic Accessories

"The flashy jewelry. Upperclass jewelry is typically more subtle and understated. They have all their own weird kinds of trying to flex, but I never see it with the large flashy jewelry."


The Jetsetter

"Goes on holiday to Dubai exclusively and drives a brand new Mercedes."

"Bruh you're a labourer and your car is on finance and Dubai is a glittered tacky dust hole. You can get return flights for like 400 quid so ya not fooling anyone with your cropped skinny white jeans, no socks and country club looking shirt."

"What's funny is 99% of people knows someone like this."


It's All In The Delivery

"When your last name is Bucket, and you pronounce it like, 'Bouquet.'"


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