People Break Down Which Professions They Think Are Way Overpaid

People Break Down Which Professions They Think Are Way Overpaid

We know that there is a wage problem in the USA. We know that there are more worldwide, where high stress, high labor jobs are not compensated equally to CEOs and Wall Street bankers, and a relative few are content to hoard all of the wealth in society.

That would change if we paid people what their labor is worth, which comes with identifying what jobs are overpaid and which jobs are underpaid.

Redditor WidePeepobiz asked:

"Respectfully, what job do you think people are overpaid?"

Here were some of those answers.

Living In A College World

"The 8 vice chancellors of my university that never do anything."-Ok-Succotash-1552

"This same statement can be applied much much deeper to college administrative staff as a whole."

"Lots of unnecessary staff taking up space, and not actually doing much, all while hammering checks."-HBPilot

Clown Clown Clown

"Clowns they get paid thousands for what they do I'm out here doing it for free"-gamergodslayer

"I love your joke, but my brain didn't process it as one right away and I work for a clown, so I got a smidge annoyed because I know how much work they put in"-devils_cherry

Does 'The Circle' Pay Its Influencers?

"I don't really like influencers, but they get paid based on how much they can sell essentially."

"If a company believes that the influencer will generate thousands in sales, they'll happily pay them thousands and still make a happy profit. It's sh*tty but it's not surprising."-sail10694

It is really odd to consider the disparity in income in some people who tire themselves out for work on a daily basis, and people who do nothing and making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Love An Editorial

"Journalists who write articles like:"

"'Why killing my dog taught me a lot about forgiveness'"

"'Are nannys paid too much to take care of my kids?'"

"'Why this national tragedy is about me actually'"--Poison_Ivy-

Snooki Money

"Reality TV stars. The cast of Jersey Shore are making anywhere from $80,000 to $150,000 per episode."-bangersnmash13

"At its peak. They started at like $2k per episode."

"Outside game winners and the very occasional show that gets big, the overwhelming majority aren't going to do much better than a working to middle class income, often in exchange for having sh*tty moments of their life aired on national television."

"As for the big stars... They're profitable. You can take a risk and try to swap some out, but that's a risk."-Fadnn6

American Football Is More Monetized Than Anything Else

"During my time at uni our football coach was the highest paid state employee in the state. (It was a public school)."

"The rest of the university staff and professors were on year 3+ of a pay freeze. And our tuition was hiked. And we never even won. Ridiculous!"-heardbutnotseen2

Here's To A Good Agent

"Real estate agents. Especially now with prices so high and inventory so low. Getting 3% of a high priced property for a week's worth of work is a pretty sweet deal."

"There's flat fee agents out there and I hope it becomes the standard in the future."-Kaelosian

"Idk... We had a bad agent who sold us a sh*t house and an amazing agent who took her time with us to make sure we got what was right for us."

"6mo later she texted me to ask how our daughter was doing and if we were still happy with the house."

"She also paid for a cleaning lady to come through our old place and clean up before our first showing and bought all 10 of us dinner on moving day. A good agent can be worth every penny."-Squirelle

In the USA, it's also a giant spotlight on exactly what American culture has been conditioned into believing is "worth it."

Someone Save Us :)

"Hospital administrators. They are the reason healthcare costs so much in America. Since the 90's, the number of them has increased LOGARITHMICALLY, while the number of doctors has remained fairly constant."

"Those administrators get paid 6-7 figures and have never seen a single patient in their lives!!"-lmeptcreddit


"There are some who make a ridiculously stupid amount of money."

"One pastor in Greenville, SC (Google Pastor John Gray) made enough to buy his wife a $200,000 car.... While they were already living in a $1.8 million house furnished by the church."

"Admittedly, that's the exception rather than the rule. I know Catholic priests are usually paid a below-average salary for their local area (but the church usually provides housing on top of it), and a lot of pastors over smaller churches usually work a normal 9-5 job to pay the bills."

"It's the ones over mega-churches who make a sh*t ton of money."-JMS1991

Enough Bailing Out The Gamblers

"Wall Street executives who are privatizing profits and socializing losses. It is a disgusting practice, and it keeps on happening. The government is mostly responsible for this however."

"Wall Street banks and companies can take huge risks with their own money."

"It's their right because it's their company. Fine. But when the risky investments go to hell, as they do when taking extreme risks, then the government should never bail them out!"

"Because if it does, you just incentivize these companies to do the same thing all over again! This is still happening..(I'm sure the revolving door in employment between Goldman Sachs et al and the government has nothing to do with it)"

"I don't even have a problem with people being filthy rich or anything like that as long as they came by it fairly. But this above described ongoing scenario is a criminal misuse of taxpayer money!"-PureMidgetry

Money is not distributed equally in this society. That's just a sad, difficult fact.

But in order to have any hope of fixing it, we must examine exactly where our money is going. Can we redistribute wealth so that people get paid what their labor is worth and always make enough money to make ends meet?

Or are we content to let a small population hoard all of the wealth?

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