There are probably some foods that you really like, and eat quite frequently.

But, if you had to eat nothing but that food for the rest of your life, would you still enjoy it?

Redditor CypherPunk77 asked:

"Your worst enemy can only eat one kind of food for the rest of their life. What do you choose for them?"

They'll Be A Little Too Regular

"Haribo Sugarfree Gummy Bears"


"I used to read the hilarious Amazon reviews for these when I was feeling down. I can't seem to find the product page with all the reviews anymore. I can find individual reviews though, but they don't seem to link back to the main page anymore."


"here you go"


"Within 15 minutes of consuming these high powered laxatives, my stomach was making noises that I should have seen as a message from God warning me, 'You should turn back around and go home.'"



"Simple. The hottest pepper around, that way it sucks going in, and coming out."


"Ghost peppers. I'm glad I'm not your biggest enemy."


"Jeez man. That’s like 30 calories per pepper. You’d have to eat about 66 ghost peppers A DAY to survive based on a 2000 calorie intake"


Just Pure Evil

"Something they really love and watch them slowly being repulsed having consume it every day with no alternative..."


"I f**king would die because I did this with grilled cheese. I ate 2 a day every day for 6 weeks because all the other food at the psych ward sucked and now I can’t eat it anymore"



So Sour

"Sauerkraut. As for a drink sauerkraut juice."


"You’re trying to give your worst enemy the worlds healthiest bowels? People do care!"


Only Slightly

"Everything, except it tastes slightly expired."


"The worst part about this is the fact that since it's only slightly expired, they may never realize that they have been cursed, leading to them becoming insane."



"Captain Crunch"


"Their mouth will be in shreds. Eventually it will be too painful to eat any at all."


So Expensive

"Caviar, they’ll go broke trying to eat"


Choose Your Poison

"Whatever they want. They can live with the idea that it was them who chose what to eat the rest of their lives."

"There's no decision they won't regret eventually."


"Woah! Calm down, Satan"


So Dry

"Popeyes biscuits, with nothing to drink."


"My throat constricted just reading this."


"I like to imagine that they would have the same consistency as biting into a ceiling tile"


So Stinky



"Well they say it is an acquired taste, after all."


No matter what you choose, they're likely to come to despise it in the end.

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