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Death is a sad and unfortunate part of life, and it is inescapable. Also, death can be a very difficult situation to make peace with. And it can be even more harrowing when it's a death we didn't see coming, like in our favorite movie or novel. Who amongst hasn't been deeply affected by the death of a person that doesn't exist? I love Kate Winslet, she is one of my favorite actresses, but I still can't forgive her for not sharing that door with Jack. The memory haunts me. "Never let go." How about... "Here let me make some space?!"

Redditor u/JJsWorkshop wanted everyone to share about which fake deaths may have mattered more than real ones by asking... What fictional death hurt you the most?

A fictional death can often be too much to handle. Maybe because our entertainment is suppose to be an escape from the already harrowing parts of life. But we become so attached to these "people" that feel like kin, so when they expire, they leave a hole in our souls. And we shared such a brief time with them.

X is gone...

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Professor X in Logan. Like damn, a guy like that didn't deserve to go out in such a violent way. Such an accomplished and well respected man didn't deserve to be buried in some unmarked hole in the side of the road.

Never thought i could feel so bad for a fictional character.



The Iron Giant. "I go. You stay. No following"... just tears.


Finally someone that remembers the existence of this movie.


Death Exposure

The girl from Bridge to Terabithia probably. What still wrecks me though is Euphemia's dying moments.


I wrote a paper on that a couple years ago, about how books like Bridge to Terabithia are many kid's first exposure to death and how used properly it can be a useful tool in childhood development. Unfortunately, when a lot of teachers teach the book they tend to draw on the wrong conclusions and don't necessarily take the time to unpack Leslie's death that they should.


I Can't

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Artax in The Neverending Story or Mufasa in the original Lion King.


Oh Fork

Chidi Anagonye in The Good Place.


Agreed. Still one of the best series finales in my opinion though. Saw an interview with the cast I think immediately after where they said they wanted to end it the way life typically ends for our loved ones... With us feeling it was too soon to end and wishing there was just a little more to share. Really underrated show.


Oof. A few of those were rough. I remember the first time I encountered half of them. I still have nightmares thanks to "The Neverending Story." I've never been right around horses because of that scene. Who else feels like sharing more somber endings to ruin my day?

Oh Lizzie...

"Just look at the flowers Lizzie".


I was so struck by this episode... the most soul-crushing moment for me is when Carol and Tyrus find Lizzie with Mika, and Tyrus takes Lizzie and Judith inside. There's just this moment where Carol is watching them, and there's a bit of really sad but not melodramatic music, and Carol just breaks down sobbing.



Maes Hughes. Not even so much the death as the funeral.


Maybe an unpopular opinion (?) but I thought Hughes death was sadder in FMA than Brotherhood. True, I did watch the original series before Brotherhood so it was more of a shock but I feel like FMA did give a little more time to the character before his death.


Bye Mom

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Little Foot's mom in the Land Before Time. Gutted.


I'm Down

Carl's wife from UP. Never even heard her talk but damn I still tear up at the end of that scene.


Me starting to watch up: Great, a Pixar film about a man who flies his house with balloons!

Me 6 minutes later: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!?! :'(


Oh Joyce

sad buffy the vampire slayer GIF Giphy

Joyce and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

"Mom? Mom? ...Mommy?"

"Your shirt-"

Instant tears. STILL.


I am still unable to process Joyce's passing in Buffy. I won't speak of it in public without tissues nearby. And don't get me started on Tara. No matter how much these deaths hurt though, it's all a testament to great writing and great storytelling, which makes it all worth it.

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Typically, I would write an intro about my own experiences with the weird kids at school, but I WAS the weird kid in school. Not in a bad way, more like a “I had a John Waters phase” when I was 16 and everyone knew it. So like, cool-weird. At least I hope so.

Schools aren’t always so lucky to have the cool kinds of weird kids though. The spectrum of weird extends even further than that, and can sometimes end up very disasterous.

U/Imaginary_East5786 asked: What was the weirdest thing the weird kid did at school?

​Let’s start with the grossest of the gross. Because why not.

Was it worth it?

peeing ralph wiggum GIF Giphy

He heard that you'd automatically get suspended if you peed your pants at school. He wanted to find out if it was true, peed his pants, got suspended.


Scientific method:

> Observation: 'I've heard that by peeing your pants you will be suspended'

> Hypothesis: If I pee my pants I will be suspended

> Experiment: I peed my pants and I got suspended

> Conclusion: If I pee my pants I get suspended


Uhhh what was the intention here?

He got mad that he didn't understand how to play a game at lunchtime so he started hitting and punching the nearest person to him, who happened to be me. When I shoved him away and asked him what the hell was he doing, he whipped his unit.out, charged at me and when I shoved him away from me again he started crying and ran away with his member still sticking out.


​Next ones up are the lowkey (or even highkey) disturbing stories. These weird kids can get a little scary.

Boom theret.

At my middle school, someone decided to get a little attention with a good old fashioned bomb threat. Except they thought that a bomb threat meant literally writing "bomb threat" somewhere. Worse yet, they misspelled the f*ck out of it, and wrote "boom theret."

So we had to go on a brief, very awkward lockdown while the police checked the perimeter for booms.


I hope there was no overlap in the columns.

Serial Killer Halloween GIF by GIPHY CAM Giphy

She wrote a list of all the girls and boys she wanted to kiss and murder and then casually passed it out on the playground.


2 separate lists or just the 1?


Same list 2 columns lol.


Holy crap.

Had the weird kid in high school ask the teacher to use the bathroom. She said no and this dude legit stabbed his hand with a pencil. Went all the way through then asked if he could*t was wild.

This was Pearl High School in Mississippi. This was the school Luke Woodham shot and killed his girlfriend and her friend at the school. This kid stabbed himself with the pencil about 2 months after that happened. This was late 1997.


​Most of the time, however, the weird kids are pretty d*mn funny.

Ok, but this takes a lot of skill.

Had a kid nicknamed "cheeseburger" in the grade ahead of me in high school. He got his nickname because when it was time for his class to go to lunch, he snuck into the roof and crawled his way into the cafeteria, dropped down and proceeded to steal all the cheeseburger put out for lunch. Unfortunately they caught him in the act and sent him to the principal's office.

A year later he was caught stealing a teacher's computer, and in the process of being arrested he bit the officers hand, getting him sent to juvi never to be heard of again.


Every school had the cat girl.

cat dragging GIF Giphy

The weird kid at my highschool tied a string around his pencil case and pulled out around the halls pretending it was a dog. He still lives in my hometown. I think unemployed.

Oh also weird girl in middle school acted like a cat. She would meow and hiss at people, lick the water fountain and rub her body on the teacher's legs. In 8th grade. I have no idea where she ended up.



Weird kid in elementary was a self proclaimed alien. Once, while waiting for the bus, she told me "On my planet we eat people like you" and proceeded to bite me. We later became friends in high school and she used to give me massages during lunch break in the quad. Just realized now she was likely tenderizing me.


I was exactly this kind of weird.

He didn't say much, but if asked, he would go to the front of the class and perform Tip-Toe Through the Tulips with all of the emotion and volume of Tiny Tim, holding nothing back.

The last I heard, he became an energy trader, made a ton of money and married well.


I can definitely relate to that last one. In middle school, my English teacher would let me go to the front of the class and perform monologues or songs from Broadway musicals. Weird, but that’s what happens when schools cut funding for the arts and the theatre kids have no outlet.

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