People Explain Which Dishes They Think Are Completely Overrated
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I don't get the appeal of a bunch of American "breakfast" foods. Pancakes? They might as well be a dessert. Waffles? They're better than pancakes by my estimation... but they might as well be a dessert. All that sugar first thing in the morning can't be good for us––I know it would make (and has made) me feel like hell.

People had lots to say about the foods they just don't get after Redditor mixtape3022 asked the online community,

"What food or dish is overrated?"


"Probably gonna catch some heat from this but bacon. Don't get me wrong: bacon is great, but so many people hype it up as the end all be all of meat when it shouldn't even make the top 10."


I mean... I get it. I enjoy it a lot, but is it necessary on everything? Probably not.

"They're nauseatingly dense..."

"Fully prepared to receive a bunch of hate for this… but pancakes. They're nauseatingly dense and basically tasteless on their own without being drowned in maple syrup. Waffles are better, but I've never been much of a fan of overly sweet breakfast foods. Don't really like French toast, either."


A lot of these "breakfast foods" might as well be dessert. Who can eat something so dense that early in the morning without sending their stomach into a fit?

"But why..."

"Seafood boil. I love seafood. I love boiled seafood. But why mix them all together and boil them in the same spice so now they all taste the same?"


Okay, that's fair. I can see how that would be boring!

"Wife likes them..."

"Scallops. Wife likes them so I cook them and I'm not a bad cook. I can get big fat scallops seared on both sides in a heavy cast iron pan keeping the inside just cooked enough, then make a nice pan sauce to go with it, but I just can't eat them. The smell, texture, etc. is really off-putting."


More scallops for me! I love them––they are sublime. I'd like your wife. Does she need a new friend?

"Had them for the first time..."

"Zucchini fries. Had them for the first time the other day. I guess they aren't bad if you need to do something with your zucchini that's about to go bad but damn man… people rave over these and they just aren't it."


Nothing beats regular fries for me but... I do have a thing for zucchini fries. Done well, they're heavenly.

"Ever since going vegetarian..."

"Meat. Ever since going vegetarian I genuinely don't understand the desire for meat anymore."


Fair! And more and more people are going vegetarian or vegan, so you are definitely not alone.


"Tex-Mex. Basically the same six ingredients in different shapes and every restaurant serves the same things."


I was recently in Texas and can confirm that much of the Tex-Mex cusine was very underwhelming.

"They are such an overpowering flavor..."


They are such an overpowering flavour, and if you don't like it, it'll still ruin every dish it comes into contact with."


Noooo. How dare you.

"Before you ask..."


Before you ask, I have tried it. I've tried different varieties at different price points from different countries, and I still don't understand what's so amazing about it."


Even with that smell? You brave, brave soul.

"It's just too rich..."

"Cheesecake. It's just too rich. It's good for two bites, then I'm full and the idea of eating more is nauseating."


We all have our tastes. But some of you are just plain wrong. I hope you know that. Especially about seafood––sushi in particular. I will defend it with my life!

Have some opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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