The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube

Even television personalities are not immune to normal human bodily functions.

And when those moments happen—they just gotta happen.

Even if it's on Live TV.

During a segment on her self-titled talk show regarding football player Odell Beckham Jr., regarding an arrest warrant out for him after "a video from the LSU locker room shows him slapping the butt of an officer who resisted the urge to punch him," Wendy Williams let out a long, slow fart and continued on like nothing happened.

For streamlined, quality fart time, skip to around 9:25. You shall be rewarded.

Of course, fans noticed—you can't get away with anything on the internet these days.

And they, as one fan put it, are "unable."

People were wondering how the audience must have felt.

Others pointed out this isn't the first time Ms. Williams has been caught red-handed—or rather, red-bootied—farting on live tv.

And her "cover" for it?

Was not so subtle.

Sis, you just plowed on through!


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