People Share The Weirdest Food Combinations They've Ever Come Up With

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Freddy G/Unsplash

Why go spend tons of money on eating out when there are plenty of options at home that can constitute a meal?

Many people on a budget are very resourceful when it comes to food options that can be found in the back of their fridges and pantries–granted anything found hasn't spoiled.

You too can save your hard-earned money by manifesting your inner chef and creating palatable meals.

For those who've thought outside the box and put together a delicious concoction, Redditor wildwoodflower_ asked:

"What's a food combo you love that people think you're weird for?"

People slapped two ingredients together to come up with quick and easy masterpieces.

Jamming Out

"Not me but a close friend: fried eggs with strawberry jam"

– Temporary-Patient-47

Crunchy And A-Peel-ing

"One of my grandmothers used to like stuffing a few pretzel sticks down a banana. Salt and the crunch with the banana is a surprisingly decent mix of texture and flavor. She called it 'Bananas with bones.'"

– EffyewMoney

A Potent Combo

"I used to eat tuna and spicy v8 like every day my first year in college. It gave me some paint peeling gas that almost killed my roommate. 20 years later, I still get sh*t for that."

– TrickyXT

Pacific Northwest Delight

"Seattle dogs are my jam, hotdog with cream cheese and caramelized onions"

– giggles________

These basic ingredients can be the perfect foundation for anything cheap and delectable.

Quintessential Ingredient

"So the general consensus here is peanut butter + anything."

– Lonely_Custard_5838

British Savory Condiment

"Being British you can divide the country with Marmite with anything."

– oldhandnewmind

It's A Wrap!

"I like making PB&J with tortillas, I spread it on then roll it up, it reminds me of those Smuckers uncrustables but better."

– Dude_Baby

Try Not To Sneeze

"Cottage cheese with a sh*t ton of ground black pepper mixed in, used as a dip for potato chips."

"Mmm it’s been too long since I’ve had this."

– Quirky_Word

It's Their Jam

"Sausage McMuffin with hash brown and grape jelly."

"I assumed this was pretty common, but I have never come across another person who does this. most people think it's gross."

– run66

Two different snacks came together and delighted the palates of these Redditors.

Sweet And Savory

"Chili with a cinnamon roll."

– MrDover2112

Tasty And Tangy

"Brownies with orange juice."

"Also havarti cheese and corn (I was high when I discovered this)"

– cookiedux

As a kid, my husband liked to eat sandwiches consisting of bologna and peanut butter together.

I winced, but he swears by it.

I just have to believe him because that combo doesn't make any sense to me at all.

But hey, to each their own.

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