Any walk of life will introduce you to extremes of people. Flight attendants will meet extreme travelers. Servers will meet extreme diners.

Therefore, even though your business is more specialized, you are likely to run into an extreme version of your chosen clientele.

u/hunnangelx3 asked:

Wedding planners, what is the weirdest couple you've ever met?

Here were some of those answers.

Why Go Through Step 1?

I worked at a tux place. I was measuring a groom and his best man. The whole time the best man was saying awful things about the bride. Finally the groom said something along the lines of "oh well, that's what divorce is for."


A Forced Marriage

I manage events at the facilities I currently work at and we had a wedding where the groom wore a three piece tux, all white, with banana yellow converse and a banana yellow bow tie; his groomsmen wore all black with banana yellow converse and ties.

Throughout the wedding service the groomsmen would hold up emoji signs reacting to things that were happening (each holding up puke emojis when they kissed).

When it came time to get the rings the best man acted like he had lost it when suddenly a man in the audience stood up and threw a frisbee with the ring taped to it to the groom (they were all avid frisbee golfers). The frisbee was also their guest book signed by everyone who came.

The thing that saddened me is it seemed the bride really did not want to be marrying the groom. One of her bridesmaids came to me before the wedding asking for any snacks for the bride because she felt like she was gonna throw up from crying so much.

I hope the best for them in the future but it was all a little hard to watch.


Maybe It Happened, Maybe Not

I had one girl who wanted the guests to pay for the expenses: She needed 900$ per person.

I don't think she got a single yes to her invitations. She asked me to lower my costs. At that point I kindly asked her to get another person to help her. I don't know what happened after that. Maybe she canceled the thing.


Well, They Are Children

I've had a few weird couples for sure. The one that comes to mind first is one that is getting married later this year. The bride and groom are around 19-20 and they act like children. Like the bride literally will only talk in a baby voice to her parents who hover over everything. They also picked to go with Spider-Man and Beauty and the Beast as their theme. Yes they want both to be depicted and not in a fun adult interpretation of it, but in like wanting to use party supplies that you would use for a kid's birthday.

My venue also rents out a fog machine that can be used for the first dance. We had this one groom that was obsessed with ninjas and wanted to try to "hide" in the fog and jump out and do crazy karate moves and such. It was weird.

Those are the only ones that stand out to me, but I've definitely dealt with a lot of weirdos.


It's The Parents As Usual

Ooh I've had some good ones.

I had the groom who wanted the minister to do the "speak now or forever hold your peace" thing, at which point the groom would reveal the gun holstered on his belt by lifting up his suit jacket. I nixed that immediately. The bride was perfectly normal and sweet and I honestly worried that she was in an abusive relationship.

Then there was the father of the bride who was a very strict Presbyterian and was hosting a dry wedding for 225 guests and reprimanded me for using the words "cocktail hour." Like, yes sir I understand there will be no alcohol served at this wedding but it's still called cocktail hour. He also wanted 225 prime ribs served in 20 minutes which was impossible with the size of our kitchen. He was a condescending a**hole.

Then there was the mother of the groom that pretty clearly didn't like the bride, and didn't want to pay one penny more than she had to for the rehearsal dinner (which turned out to be a rehearsal luncheon). She decided on a deli buffet menu (make your own sandwich style) at $13 per person. Didn't even splurge for the $15 per person version which would have gotten her some potato salad and desserts. She also liked to call me on my cell phone at 7:30am, well before I was in the office. I stopped answering her calls until she would call my office phone.

All in all though most of my couples were perfectly normal and nice. I honestly had more trouble with parents than I did with couples.


Ah, Superfans

I met this couple who was so obsessed with the movie Back to the Future. They rented the original Delorean from the film and the groom entered the ceremony inside the car.

The really weird part was they named their child Calvin. Calvin was the name Marty had he went back in time in the 1950s.


Face.  PALM.

It was a large venue to accommodate around 1500-2000 guests (pretty common in my culture). The theme for all wedding festivities was - don't ask why - 50 Shades of Grey! Right from calling each other "My Mr. Grey" and "My Ms. Steele". Right from masks to fans and colour themes, the entire place was decked up following that theme.

Not to mention, as you enter the venue, there was a pictorial depiction of their journey set to the same theme! I have some great memories explaining this to my super conservative parents!


Heterosexual People, Yo

Former wedding coordinator for a very small, very high end company. You can make a LOT of assumptions just on observing someone's wedding morning.

Most memorable - Not "weird," but "terrible in all ways." Also possibly "socially inept." This bride and groom were clearly both so rich and so entitled their entire lives that they didn't know how to function properly. The bridal party suite (in a penthouse hotel room in downtown Chicago) was silent except for a comment here and there from the bride's mother about it being a big day.

The bride complained about everything - the mimosa being strong, the water being room temp, the bagels being bagels instead of fruit, everything. She didn't respond when I asked her questions, and instead looked at a bridesmaid with annoyance to answer for her. The groom's suite was trashed with liquor bottles and they were walking around in boxers 5 minutes before photos. I told them we had 5 minutes, and the groom drunkenly responded "Hey, HEY, I'm pretty sure I'm really important today. It's not going to happen without me. And it's not happening in five minutes."

And then the guys decided to slide down the back stairwell banister instead of take the elevator to the lobby. One of the groomsmen didn't go with them and told me I "really needed to take control of the guys otherwise why were they paying me?" OH and, and groom's mom came into the suite with her dress, which showed almost all of her boobs, and said "how do I look boys?!" They all hooped and hollered for her. I had to stifle a laugh. 0/10 would not recommend.


The Tipping Point

Oof. I had a couple whose last name, in another language, literally means "Penis." Which was actually really fitting, because they were epic d-.... words for that. Yup.

The guy would hit on me, all the female waitstaff, and even the company's owner's mother (who was 65) whenever his fiancee left the room. Not just harmless flirtations, I mean like legit vulgar propositions.

That wasn't even the worst part though. They had this request that we save all the bottles of beer, wine, and liquor from the event because the husband and his groomsmen were going to melt them down and make dildos out of them in various styles to be used on the bride after they were married.

I just... that was the last wedding I helped coordinate. I left that company as soon as that wedding was done.


Redneck America

Had one couple who left to "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" - her a tiny thing in a pink gingham dress and he about 6'1" in overalls with no shirt

One couple, very young, who wanted to do the dance they had learned in ballroom class but could only do it to Santana's Smooth

One couple, again very young, who had nine bridesmaids in floor length hot pink gown with matching elbow length hot pink gloves and matching hot pink Converse. And they served pink lemonade to drink

One couple who wouldn't let me play any songs but the ones they requested which were all hardcore rap and most of their guests were 60+ year old white people.