We want to keep an eye on everything all the time.

Security cameras, monitors and notifications ping to our phone alerts all day long.
While security is important—and you want to know if someone is breaking into your home or not—it's still unnerving to see someone walking by your door at 3 o'clock in the morning in their underwear carrying a decapitated stuffed animal and a baseball bat.

Reddit user, wigglytunadiddler, wanted to hear about the horrifying security recordings when they asked:

"Redditors who have a Ring doorbell, what’s the creepiest thing you have caught on it?"

Sometimes it's not an outright terrifying video you catch on your doorbell camera, but that doesn't mean it's any less difficult to explain or understand.

Spreading The Magic

"Not really creepy but there’s a serial gnomer in my neighborhood being caught on doorbell cameras. She’s dropping off gnomes on the unsuspected and walks away."


"Is this some sort of euphemism or is this lady just going around leaving garden gnomes everywhere?"


"She’s just showing up to houses at night and leaving little garden gnomes for people. Apparently she made it into a very small section of the local news. She’s making progress with her army"


Nice Plants. Good Plants.

"Not super creepy, but there is a guy that pets my plants sometimes."


"Those damn vegetarians."


When You're The Center Of Attention

"I was drunk as f-ck watching my parents house when they were on vacation, woke up the next morning to a video my mom sent me, I was taking out the trash and dropped my phone in with the trash..."

"I'm in my boxers trying to get my phone out of the trash can... my drunk ass falls into the garbage can and I had a hell of a time getting myself out. I remember none of it. My mom proceeds to send that video to the rest of my family... and extend family.. and some family friends."

"Scary, no... but pretty hilarious"


Interfering In Young Love

"My neighbor's teenage daughter's boyfriend hiding behind my car waiting for her to leave to go to her "friend's" house for the night. Yeah, I showed her parents."


Burn The WHOLE House Down

"Not really creepy (at least to me) but kinda bizarrely funny. The time we were out of town and at like 10pm we got the “There is a person at your front door” notification and of course immediately opened up the app, because who in the hell was at the house that late. Get on the live camera view to find the motion sensor was triggered by a spider lowering itself down from the roof right in front of the camera"


What the doorbell camera is supposed to do is let you know who's at the door, what they want and allow you to make the choice if you want to open and confront it or not.

However, there are those times when what you see at the door is too bizarre to leave shut.

A Friend Came To Visit

"At 5ish in the morning, sun was just starting to come up and it's the middle of winter. My husband half asleep answers the doorbell on his phone in bed next to me. It's a toddler wearing nothing but a pj top and underwear. Husband says 'hello?' Toddler says 'can (my son's name) come out to play?' Husband still half asleep says 'not right now maybe later'."

"About 3 mins later husband suddenly sits up as the reality of the situation dawn's on him and he rushes out of the house to track down a wandering toddler walking barefoot in the streets in freezing weather."

"Turns out my son's toddler friend from daycare who's been to our house once for a playdate just walked straight out his front door undetected and memorized the route to our house."

"For me it was the possibility of his little journey ending very differently than it did in a number of terrifying scenarios that still haunts me."


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Wrong House, Bro

"I was out of state and my brother who lives with me was two hours away visiting our parents. A guy came to the door and he was on the phone with someone saying "Dude I'm at your house now where are you?" (It was not dudes house) He literally checked the door and tried to come in, I guess Dude told him to go ahead in."

"He's still in the phone saying "Man I'm telling you your door is locked. Don't you have a black truck in the driveway?" Coincidence that it is the same thing my brother drives. And this is why from that day forward I keep my front door locked even when I'm home and I'm going in and out of the house all day."


A Conversation To Forget

"My little brother is a sleepwalker, this one time he snuck out of the house (while still asleep)."

"My sister said she heard someone talking just outside the door, went to look and saw my brother sat on the porch couch apparently having a conversation with my [not there] grandpa. She says he was telling my grandpa 'I love you' and 'I’m going to miss you'.”

"My dad got him back inside the house without waking him up and nobody gave much thought into what just had happened until a couple hours later when my uncle called telling us my grandpa had passed away while asleep."

"My little brother says he doesn’t remember anything but we got it on video, we can’t hear what he’s saying too clearly but he was definitely talking to someone and he sure as heck said 'I’m going to miss you' at least twice."


Probably Looking To Charge You For Your Lawn Maintenance

"6 people standing about 10 feet from my door and just staring at my house this past September."

"They were there muttering to each other for almost 20 minutes before going to the next house on the row and muttering there too."

"My girlfriend thinks they were the HOA, but I don't totally believe that."


And then there's stories like these, encounters with horrifying, potentially life-ending situations, narrowly avoided because your doorbell alerted you.

An Unwanted Visitor

"My mom saw a guy wandering around her yard with a baseball bat in hand late at night. Her, my brother, and our Great Dane went out to ask him what the f-ck he thought he was doing. Guy immediately ran off."

"Used to think security cameras at home were weird. Now I know they can give you a head start in case someone shady is about."


Took Part Of The House As Evidence

"the lady next door completely naked and passed out on the front door, so I called the cops, she got arrested for public drunkenness and indecent exposure and they took the doorbell as evidence"


The Sounds Of Chaos

"Had mine detect the sound of someone screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night. Was only like 2 seconds then stopped and didn't happen again."

"Then there was the time there was a shootout across the street and it picked up the sounds of gunshots. I could hear the crack of the bullets on the opposite side of the house, but sadly not on camera."


Sounds Of Boom

"A chemical plant blew up a few miles from my house and you could hear the a distant explosion and see an orange glow on mine"


Wanting To Introduce You To His Friend?

"Around 6:00am an obviously homeless man rang our doorbell a few times. He began to reach his hands into his pants and talk to his penis."

"After a few seconds he then tried to climb through a cracked window above the door. It was too tall and he gave up immediately. He then walked around the side porch, put all of his belongings nicely in a corner, and left. Never saw him again."


Keep your eyes on the world around you.

Obviously, do what's best for you and your family to keep yourselves safe, but be ready to act.

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