People Break Down What Used To Signify Poverty But Now Is A Sign Of Wealth

it is astonishing when we look back at the evolution of the signs of money.

From fashion to food to decor darling, the poor have created and fashioned the style of the rich.

Sadly the rich keep all the coin and steal the style.

If some stogy old dead rich people could see what their generational wealth is buying today... they'd die again.

Redditor Wezard_the_MemeLordwanted to discuss how the representation of money has shifted over time. They asked:

"What used to be a symbol of poor person 50-100 years ago but now literally says 'this guy is really rich?'"

Money has evolved so much over the years. I'm intrigued to see where I fit now.

On Top

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"Before elevators were common, the higher up you lived in a building the poorer you were."

User Deleted

"When I lived in apartments, I would always try to get something on the top floor. Sure, moving is easier on the bottom, but bugs and robberies and upstairs neighbors are less of a problem on the top."


"Too far"

"Handmade clothes made of natural fabrics. 50 years ago, people with money had paisley polyester shirts and bell bottoms."


"Yo. That was me. Early 70's. I had leisure suits. More than one. Navy blue with flared bottoms. Mostly synthetic. My favorite shirt was polyester with a giant collar, opened to the third button. The colors were mostly gold and blue, featuring images of swans. Mostly. Tony Manero would have taken a look and said, 'Too far.'"



"Here in Brazil the floor of most houses is made of ceramic, but not so long ago it was really expensive to have your entire house with ceramic floors, which are usually square, so poor people went to the stores and asked for remains, shards, pieces etc."

"Theoretically they wouldn't be as beautiful as the whole floor but this 'chaotic' and 'rustic' style ended up falling in the taste of the rich, today it is more expensive to pay for a floor made of shards than a floor made in whole and large pieces."


Size Always Mattered

"100 years ago being tan and muscular was a sign that you were poor and had to work all the time. Now being tan and muscular is a sign that you can afford to eat healthy and have the free time for an exercise routine."


"Well, back in olden times, a large, fat person like this was a person of power. A person who had money, who could buy food. A person of respect, like the regional manager of the day. Whereas someone athletic and trim like myself was somebody who worked in the fields, and I was a peasant."


The Burroughs...


"Living in Brooklyn."


"I coulda bought a place in Dumbo before it was Dumbo. For like 2 million. That same building today is worth 25 million. Guess how I'm feelin'? Dumbo."


Ahh Brooklyn. I feel like this thought can define MANY parts of NYC. But yeah, Brooklyn is now unaffordable.

fried or steamed?

Cancel White Rice GIF by John Crist ComedyGiphy

"Brown rice. Used to be poor/prison food in China. Now it's expensive (and healthier) option over white rice."



"Currently very en vogue in Germany are 'natural' construction materials like clay, hemp wool and wood. I had workers on my house from Rumania, and they were all laughing, because they are happy that they don't have to use this dirt and crap back at home anymore, and now they come to Germany just to work with it again for big money."'


The Menu

"Eating brisket. Brisket was consider poor person food. It is the toughest piece of the steer and difficult to cook properly. Now brisket and smoking meats are considered almost gourmet."


"Eating lobster and crab was the same way. They were bottom feeders fit for peasant tastes before it became fashionable to eat."



"Ripped jeans."


"I was in college in the 1980's. I wore a pair of jeans with a hole in the knee home for a visit and my Grandma gave me $5 to buy a new pair. (NOTE: Jeans did not cost $5 in the '80's, but there were a few outlet stores around which sold Levis for $10. I wish that were still true today!)"'


Shades and Color

Wig Hair Style GIF by Reba McEntireGiphy

"Having a tan and hair highlights. People pay good money for those things today but 100 years ago it meant you likely had to work outdoors in rough conditions."


Well now I feel super rich! I'm glad times have changed.

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