People Describe The Trashiest Thing They've Ever Seen
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Trashy behavior rears its head when we least expect it.

It could be at the store, on the street, down an alley, on public transport, or even in your own home. Regardless of the setting, we know it when we see it.

In those moments, all we can do is turn our heads, ask ourselves if we indeed did just see what we think we saw, and then try--as hard as possible--to move on with the day.

Some Redditors shared their most memorable observations of low-brow behavior.

rburgundy69 asked, "What is the trashiest thing you have ever witnessed?"

Often, drugs are at the heart of the moment.

Of course, we understand that drug use, for many, is not some haphazard choice, but the symptom of a legitimate disease.

But there are some cases where it just seems like a whole other level of bizarre.

Read the Room, Man 

"Knew a guy who bragged about doing drugs while visiting Auschwitz. Like he talked about it like it was some accomplishment and would bring it up anytime someone talked about traveling"

-- Wildhogs6531

Wasn't the Plan for That

"Friend of a friend of my roommate came over. Saw the computer duster bottle I use to legit clean my computers of dust. Excitedly says 'you do this too?!' and proceeds to huff a lungfull of computer duster."

"Was not expecting that and was not invited back"

-- oynutta

Many people shared examples that took place in a common setting: retail stores.

Walmart was an especially popular site.

Unequal Labor 

"I watched a family in front of me where the mom was struggling with three really ill-mannered children while trying to check-out. Dad is just playing some BS game on his phone while she is overwhelmed and then asks for twenty bucks."

"While she finishes checking out he immediately walks over to a scratch lotto ticket machine and blows all of it. Then comes back and asks for more before she has even realized what he did. I just instantly thought 'that guy is trash.' "

-- farmerche

Three Step Process

"Morbidly obese woman in an oversized Moo moo dress was browsing clothes at at Belks department store. She stops between two clothing racks, spreads her legs and drops a deuce. A large steaming pile. She then casually looks at clothes for a few more minutes and wanders out of the store."

-- Carbon1te

Public Restrooms?

"I was buying some beer at the corner store and a woman was outside it peeing on some trash while talking loudly on her cell phone saying 'my pu**y is out!!' "

"I also saw a dude shitting against a tiny little tree in the middle of the day outside Barclays Center in Brooklyn. It's very busy there."

-- SkronkHound

"A public breakup outside Westfield mall in White City."

"Hoo boy. It was so loud and bad that I asked my boyfriend at the time if we should call the police for help for them. He didn't want to get involved."

-- Astoriana_

Nothing to See Here 

"I worked retail for a while, one day we had a lady bring in a bag of clothes to return. When she pulled them out and laid them on the counter, roaches scattered everywhere."

"She acted like nothing happened."

-- glum_hedgehog

Mind Your Bins 

"You know those drop off bins where you can leave clothes and household items to be donated to homeless people? A girl I went to college with would throw her trash in those things just because she thought it was funny."

"There's literally a trash bin right next to it, but she threw her trash in the donations anyway. She would also talk about it with pride, as if it was the most hilarious prank of all time."

-- RowRowBooty

Trashy Trash 

"Quite literally trash. I work at a target and I have to say, people will literally throw trash onto the ground because walking 100 feet to the nearest trashcan is too inconvenient."

"I have found everything from fast food, to masks, to even used baby diapers."

-- Kitsune257


"I work in retail so I have plenty of stories on this. Buuut it would have to be a lady walking into the store and slamming the door closed (on purpose, the door closes slowly on it's own) Behind her was a man in a wheelchair who was also wanting to enter the store."

"The lady slammed the door behind her besides holding the door open for him. It looked like she did it on purpose because of the way she was walking (looked confident/proud) along with the proud expression on her face. Someone that the man was with did rush to the door to hold it open for him, thankfully."

-- -Zuine-

As Good a Spot as Any 

"While visiting Florida, my girlfriend and I went to the local Walmart. On our way out we saw a hot pink party bus pull up and an entire wedding party exit."

"They then proceeded to have the wedding ceremony in front of the store."

-- meltingXsnowman

Keeping It All Trapped In 

"Woman in Walmart spraying herself with lysol in her arm pits and down the front of her pants, then put the can back and drove off on her rascal." -- FireMaster2311

"Walmart shoppers are a different breed." -- Tokzillu

"I... it was bad enough that she did this on the armpits and in public and with a product she has not purchased... but there is nothing about Lysol that makes me want to spray it anywhere near my vagina." -- AeolianMelodies

Other times, the trashiness comes at night--with alcohol. Leave it to the liquid courage to bring the boldest, most upsetting behaviors out of even the most responsible among us.

Always Lock Your Doors 

"A group of people I used to work with went out bar hopping. The one closest to management level had to pee."

"She couldn't wait the 20 yards to the next bar, found an unlocked car, pulled up her mini skirt and peed in the passenger seat."

-- KnightofForestsWild


"My cousins and I went to a random girls quince ( a 15 yr olds birthday) and the girls mom was soooooo drunk. She was on the floor with her ass hanging out, literally her pants were below her butt cheeks, trying to be sexy."

"The poor girl was standing there with the face of embarrassment begging her to get up."

-- Owlfu**33

Stacking Up

"I saw a drunk 20 something pretty blonde chick once take a sh** in a bush behind the Fresh Slice in Central City."

"Her friend tried to stop people from seeing, but she was drunk too so she fell down on the shi**er friend."

"That wasn't a great night for them I think."

-- HotlineBirdman

Everyone's Fighting Their Own Battle

"Walking home late on a Saturday night in a town centre, turned a corner and there was a guy getting it on with his date over a wall while her friend was sat next to her puking all over herself"

-- sirrobbiebobson

Keep your head on a swivel out there, people. You never know where or when you'll be forced to witness a thing you'll always wish you hadn't.

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