For the most part, survival tips have been taught to us from a young age. We know to call 911 if there's an emergency and to put pressure on a bleeding wound. Boy Scouts know to be always prepared. Hikers know to conserve water, campers know how to build a fire, and anyone who spends a great deal of time outdoors knows how to locate shelter.

However, those skills are pretty basic. If you get into real trouble, you'll need more specific survival skills in order to get yourself out of trouble.

Some people can give you survival tips that can mean the difference between life and death. Others may give you tips that seem to make sense, but will probably only lead to death. It can be a great skill to learn the difference.

That's probably the thought process that led Redditor scarredforlife164 to ask:

"What "survival tips" would probably get you killed?"

Not All Meat Is Safe To Eat

"Saw this on a survival show:

“If you find a dead animal and it’s fairly fresh (flies haven’t set in) its relatively safe to eat because a. It’s fresh b. Nothing has had a chance to spread disease to it by eating.”

"Problem is that if you can’t see a visible reason for death, it’s probably disease that killed the damn thing and you’re about to eat it."

"A girl on Naked and Afraid 40 days quoted the survivalist that said this shortly after finding a bird on the ground of the jungle she was in. The bird was fresh, still warm, flexible etc, just dead."

"She ended up contracting avian tuberculosis, which is apparently really hard to do if you’re not a bird"

– Apprehensive_Oven924

"This is why my parents always told me to not even touch dead animals (exemption: our pets, but we knew why they died). I can't believe that anyone would just eat some random dead animal."

– Nico_MyTrueSelf

The Shock Won't Save You

"Had a coworker try and tell me once the best way to disarm a guy pointing a handgun at your face was to quickly slap his hand holding the pistol because it would "shock him into dropping it". I've never tested the theory but I'm willing to bet any shock would just as likely cause that trigger finger to clench as well."

– ArchaeoFox

The Importance of Water

"Conserving all of your water. If you’re thirsty, drink!"

– getyourcheftogether

"Not drinking your water when lost and thirsty because you're almost out of water. There are lots of people found with water left who were fully dehydrated but to scared to run out of water"

– Logitoh

Don't Let Him Catch Up To You!

"run in a zig zag away from crocodiles, it just tires you out"

– No_Government_3604

Never Arm You Opponent

"Throwing knives were a thing when I was in the Army. If you have a knife and your opponent does not, don’t give it to him or her."


"The enemy cannot push a button...if you disable his hand."

– hardspank916

Report It Right Away

"that you have to wait a certain amount of time before reporting someone missing. no, the second someone is missing, report it"

– karleyh6

No Bear Is One Color

"If its black fight back, if its brown lay down. Brown bears can be black and black bears can be brown"

– random_person4444

Run, Run As Fast As You Can

"Any “learn to fight in a weekend” martial arts tips. Step one: run like a mother f*cker."

– dewayneestes

Don't Drink Cactus Juice


– Consistent_Leopard77

Tornado Tips

"DO NOT lay in a roadside ditch or hide under a bridge during a tornado."

"There's a good chance the tornado will flip your car on top of you in the ditch."

"Under the bridge will turn into a wind tunnel, accelerating the debris that will rip your body to shreds."

– tyleristheman02

Did you learn something? I certainly didn't know black bears could be brown and brown bears could be black. Of course, I prefer not to need to know anything about bears at all!

Survival tips are certainly important to know. Just make sure whatever tips you get are from a reputable source.

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