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Life is moving so fast.

Everytime we get used to something it seems like it evolves and we have to learn more.

I miss CD's. Spotify confuses me.

AOL chat rooms were simple. What the H*LL is Discourse? Or Discontent?

I miss TV just being on channels in the box.

There are so many apps I have cold sweats.

And I can just tap my credit card and pay for things?

It's too much.

But all the things I learned will soon be gone.

Like the OG Toys 'R Us.

Time to say farewell...

Redditor Substantial-Young-85 asked:

"What will die with millennials?"

Remember when cars were driven by people?

That's going the way of the horse and buggy.

To Walls

"I once tried to explain the my niece that phones used to be wired to walls. She's ten (she was six at the time) cell phones are all she's ever known. Among the reasons she guessed as to why they were 'tied' to walls: To stop people from stealing them."


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Without WHAT?!

"Memory of life without internet."


"When I was a kid, we didn't have the internet."


"I remember asking our son one time if he knew how much tablet time I git when I was a kid (he was complaining that he was t getting enough). He guessed 2 hours. I told him 0, because the internet, let alone tablets, weren't really a thing yet. He looks confused and mystified."


Looked it Up?

"Remembering someone’s phone number."


"Still have my 3 best friends numbers memorized, when I haven't needed to use that info for 15+ years, as well as most of my family. Intentionally memorized my boyfriend's in case there's an emergency and I don't have my phone."


"I know my parents' home number and a few friends from high school's telephone numbers. I do not know my wife's telephone number and when I do need it I always look it up on my phone."


Music Tales

"Dubbing cassettes and burning your own mix on CD."


"Ahhhh, waiting by the radio for an hour for them to play your favorite song. You push record at just the right moment. Song plays! Only for the DJ to talk over the last 30 seconds. Sigh. Memories."


"Or somewhere yells into the basement or your room. Followed by “I AM TRYING TO RECORD A TAPE!"



"3.5 inch floppy discs."


"I have a sealed 5 pack box of those in my room, wonder how much they are worth nowadays."



Floppy what? Even I barely remember those. LOL.


"Watching 'whatever was on.' Everything is always on now, you don’t stumble into an interesting (or awful) show because it’s the only thing mildly interesting on TV."


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"that's not right surely"

"A coworker and I were talking a while ago and we started thinking/ talking about how the general population (not the ones going to school for it or people truly interested) most younger and older people don't understand a lot about computers. If it's not app, most people aren't really sure how to get to it on a computer."

"I thought, 'that's not right surely' but when trying to get a younger coworker (different dept) to add a printer he literally asked me "wheres the app I can't find it to add the printer" and I just like stared into the middle distance for a sec before just doing it for him. It was like navigating a computer wasn't something he'd done in his life."

"And he's only like 4 years younger than me. He's glued to a cell phone too so I was like yeah ok this guy should know. Nope. This is only one example though. However, when I really stop and think about it, the window from late 80s-00s were really the testing phase for home computers and most to all websites. So navigating them, learning basic code (OG, Myspace people)."

"And just figuring out computer language (not code just the terms) for normal people... really ended when cell phones became more popular. But it feels weird to have to explain stuff to someone younger than me while simultaneously doing the same thing when they are older. It's kinda frustrating tbh but mostly just mind boggling."



"Playing multi-player video games with split screens in one room."


"Eeehh split screens will probably be a thing forever I mean if Nintendo is still strong and going in the 2080s then we will still have Mario Party."


"We used to do LAN parties. You could hook up to 4 Xboxes to each other any play a couple of people on each one. It was great. Cords running everywhere, but 4 Xboxes running at once mad for some fun times. You'd constantly be yelling back and forth between rooms and mom would lose it."


Travel Finndings

"Knowledge of pre-digital life. An appreciation for sending and receiving letters in the mail. As Arcade Fire put it, we used to wait. Memory of the USA pre 9/11. Using maps and Thomas Guides for road trips. Guys, I’m so old I remember the first time my dad used MapQuest to print out directions for a cross country trip, and how novel it seemed at the time."



"Apparently using a Haynes or a Chilton’s manual to work on your car. I hate using YouTube videos for car maintenance, but it looks like that’s all I have left."


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I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Oh the memories...