People Debate The Things That Shouldn't Exist Anymore But Won't Go Away
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Why do we still hang on to outdated relics?

There are so many day to day items that seemingly have no use.

Just the other day I saw a phone booth.

Like who in the world even carries quaters? Is it still a quater?

Do I know enough numbers by heart so I don't have to look at my cell to dial?

For all of our advancements, society still has a few things to eradicate.

Redditor blankblank wanted to discuss all the things we are over but can't seem to shake.

They asked:

"What doesn't need to exist anymore but won't go away?"

Why are there STILL so many prongs and holes on the sides of televisions? I hate that.


point pointing GIF by Shalita Grant Giphy

"The crack in the door between stalls in a public restroom." ~ -Artrovert


"Double YouTube ads that you can’t skip." ~ DUCK_MAN25

"I have this trick, no app needed, that is if u only watch in mobile because I tried it in PC and it didn't work. When you play a youtube video and there's an ad playing. Click the ad word near the bottom left of the video and and something will pop up saying what's wrong with this ad and you can just choose whatever reason and it'll be gone faster than a 5 second-skip ad." ~ Main_Conference_1921

Zero Use

"Bedbugs. Zero ecological value, and an expensive nightmare to eradicate. I've never had them but I've heard enough horror stories to hope I never will." ~ 8679843_human

"Got them once, took an entire year to eradicate them. Threw away all furniture and mattresses."

"5 years later and I still have 5-6 bags of clothing and bedding in vacuum sealed bags. I check for them EVERYWHERE. It was a nightmare. Pro tip for anyone that might have to deal with them... Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle kills them on contact, just don't mix with a flame. Don't burn your house down." ~ miniperez87

Cheap Problems...

"Those stupid ads about that cheap a** game where you pull the pins to move water or lava." ~ betterbachelor8

"Similarly, "this game no pay to win!" ads I get on Reddit non stop." ~ brainstrain91

"I got an ad from one of those games who seem to have ads absolutely bloody everywhere and on it it said "this game has no ads!" I was just sitting there like hmmm why don't I believe you here bud." ~ catbert359


black veil drama GIF by Underground Giphy

"Expensive coffins and embalming. Just throw me in a hole or burn me when I die. I will not come back as a ghost to haunt anyone, I promise." ~ Goldeverywhere

We're running out of burial room as it is. Cremate more!


tickets GIF by Ticketmaster México Giphy

"Ticketmaster convenience fees 🤢." ~ _eva_rosse_

"Ticketmaster certified re-sale as well. This has ruined ticket prices." ~ DikaCato

forced to file...

"In the US doing taxes every year. The IRS basically has enough information to file your taxes for you. In fact if you don't file your taxes they will do just that. This has been true for decades. The only reason Americans are forced to file taxes is to support the tax preparation industry."

"The system should be that the IRS sends you a statement at the beginning of tax season then you have until a certain deadline to account for anything they can't track. The overwhelming majority of Americans would just take the statement for what it is and either receive a check or pay the outstanding balance. People with more complicated tax situations could then do a more traditional filing." ~ CharonNixHydra


"MLMS = Multi Level Marketing where people sign up to sell a company's products for a commission. You've seen them selling weight loss crap, makeup, essential oils, etc on social media. But they get more money if they recruit more people to also sell the products, basically recruiting their own competition."

"Those recruited people (level 2) have to give up part of their sales commission to their recruiter. But they can also recruit their own competition (level 3) to try to earn it back. This quickly becomes a pyramid scheme of selling crappy products." ~ Saphira9

PILES of numbers...

"Phone books." ~ rebeccamb

"I just inherited a home from an elderly family member that passed away. I just found a HUGE pile of phone books. And he was very tech savvy. He posted on Facebook two days before he died (he was in his 90s), used an iPhone, kept up with army buddies from the war online, but I guess he just couldn’t give up the phone books." ~ jdinpjs



"Credit scores, why is my credit score going down just for having it checked?" ~ auschwitzmyself

Ticketmaster and credit scores... or as I like to call them... the AXIS of evil. More on that later.

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