People Break Down The First Things They Would Buy If They Became A Billionaire

When I was little, I used to imagine all the things I would buy if I were a billionaire: a fancy car with a driver to go with it (because I was too young to drive back then), a huge mansion with 50 bedrooms, and a personal chef who would cook me pizza anytime I wanted.

While those aren’t the things I want anymore (well, I still do want the house… and the driver), I still have a list of things I would buy if I were a billionaire.

Redditors do as well, and they’re ready to share what the first things on those lists.

It all started when Redditor TrinityLisbon asked:

“If you suddenly became a billionaire, what's the first thing you would buy?”

Some people chose decadence.

The Good Life

“Someone to rub my feet while I eat $5,000 lobster tails drenched in truffle butter.”

– 8inchSalvattore

Spend It All In One Place

"I’m finally gonna try that Avocado toast I’ve heard so much about."

– Tigerchestnut13

"Aaaaaand it’s gone"

– Woolbuckle

Eat And Eat And Eat

"If we were to say literally the first thing, I’m thinking a crazy expensive dinner. I live in NYC. There would be something freeing about walking into a Michelin star restaurant and buying a $500pp tasting menu maybe with another $200pp wine pairing plus dessert, and not caring about the cost. I would drop several grand on an amazing meal and not think twice about it."

– Runningaroundnyc

"From the perspective of a lifelong cook who's tired of figuring out what to make for supper, I'd hire a top notch chef and not deal with having to prepare meals, ever. Enjoy amazing food all the time."

– DamnDame

Others were ready with the humor.

What Kind?


– HuguenotPirate

"Yes! The House of Representatives! Maybe the Senate too…"

– NorthNorthAmerican

"I feel like Hugh Laurie is still worth more than that"

– Flimsy_Finger4291

A Lot Of Green

"I would go do a mega grocery shop. Buy like four heads of broccoli."

– butt-sandwich

"Baller. Stop stuntin' on us."


"I think you could afford to splurge a little bit..."

"You can finally buy some lettuce!"

– ApricotPenguin

A Whole Country!

"Italy. Definitely Italy"

– honeydewslayer

"You would buy Italy? I'm not an expert but I think it would cost more than a billion."

– MatureHotwife

Some were practical.

My Shiny Teeth And Me

"I'd fix my teeth. Buy a new roof."

– GeekyBookWorm87

"Teeth are my first lottery win priority as well. I’m lucky I have dental insurance- but I still can’t afford the copays on the major work I need done. That and the anxiety I have around being in a dentist chair. With too much money to care what it would cost I could hire a good cosmetic dentist that could put me under twilight anesthesia and I’d wake up and be done with it."

– Taxitaxitaxi33

Pay It Off

"Debt. Pay off all my and my family’s debt, mortgages, credit cards etc Then I’d pay off my friends and keep going Then I’d buy myself something nice"

– azmr_x_3

The Real Necessities

"The first thing I'd buy if I became a billionaire would be a personal assistant to help me manage all of my newfound wealth. And maybe a lifetime supply of pizza, because let's face it, money can't buy happiness, but it can buy pizza, which is pretty close."

– Azekan7370

Still others were thinking of all the good deeds the money could do.

Education Above All

"Start a school for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds who have the drive to succeed. Remove as many barriers to their academic success as possible and track their outcomes. Small classes, full lab activities, teaching assistants, nutrition and health support…coaches, subject specialist teachers, arts programs… I would need a strong team to plan, organize, develop a program. I’ve considered this for a while"

– troutinthemilk

For Those Who Need It

"My state collects $25 million per year for bus fares. First thing I'd do is pay all bus fares for the next 10 years. I figure that will help with global warming, traffic, cleaner air, less oil wars and decrease the power of people like the ones who caused 9/11 and the invasion of Ukraine."

"And most of all, would put money in the pockets of the people who need it most. Thus it would be a great contributor to state commerce."

"Plus, I'd offer double that amount to expand bus service thruout more of my state."

– Adventurous_Oil_5805

Many Thanks (To Family)

"I'd buy my parents their dream ranch. I owe them the world."

– thespeculatorinator2

"My mum a house"

– Key-Ad-264

"I'd buy my mom and my MIL and myself and my bros a house."

– MangoBanana2012

"That house is gonna be crowded"

– ThunderAndSadness

But of course, there's nothing wrong with using money to make life a little bit easier.

No More Chores

"Hire a housekeeper, nutritionist, chef & personal trainer. That way I always have a clean home, tasty nutritious meals & a really personalized workout plan"

– theimpetusme

“I'd get a chauffeur too. I f*cking hate driving.”

– LatexHorseboy

Now those are people who know how to live!

What would you do with the money? Let us know in the comments below!

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